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Ich bräuchte Hilfe bei Friends and Family where you live usw aber als Blog!


Und über das Austrian School System halt alles im Blog!

Title : Friends and family


Today's Post is all about Life here.

I see myself living a boring life. But when others hear of the different school system we have here

They find it pretty cool

So let's dive in

First things first our weekdays are Monday to Friday. And our weekends are Saturdays and sundays.... alot of countries dont have that

Kindergarten where I live is similar to most of them around the world except we dont do much learning during our kg years. It all come down to learning the basics for instance learning how to share,

Or perhaps learning that after you finish your food you must put you plate away and clean your place.

Then we have school

Schools in austria are unlike the schools in America and differ quite alot from the american system

Our school is divided in two. The primary years known as "Volksschule" and the secondary years know as "gymnasium"

The primary years are 4 years which is sort of similar to the elementary school in the american system

Middle school and highschool are all included in the gymnasium.

We do have one similarity to the american system. That is, that the gymnasium it self is divided into two

The lower part and the so called upper part

Unter stufe and ober stude in german



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