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Achieve learning success with professional tutoring!

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Chemistry tutoring

We have professional certified chemistry tutors that specialise in tutoring!

Private chemistry tutoring at GoStudent - this is how it works!


Calm and focused learning atmosphere

The tutor is able to concentrate 100% on the student during the chemistry lessons.


Tailor-made arithmetic exercises and mock exams

Customised exercises and goal-oriented tutoring for lasting learning success.


Greater flexibility in

Private chemistry lessons can be booked and rebooked by students at any time. The tutoring will adapt to all the student's personal circumstances.


Achieve learning success with tutoring

Our chemistry tutoring not only helps your child to get better grades; it also increases their general learning and receptiveness.

What makes our tutors unique

The right chemistry between tutor and student is crucial for learning success. A good chemistry tutor understands the strengths and weaknesses of their students and takes these into account in their teaching methods.

To make sure that each student gets the right chemistry tutor, we analyse different criteria such as age, gender, preferences, knowledge level and personality.


Private chemistry tutoring at GoStudent - More than 5,000 families trust us!

At GoStudent, we believe that chemistry tutoring should be tailored to each individual student. For this reason, we focus on teaching chemistry in an individual learning environment.

We have the possibility to respond to the individual needs of each student and support students in their learning success in chemistry. Tutors are able to give their full attention to the student during the chemistry tutoring

The tutor takes time for the student's questions and is ideally placed to contribute to the achievement of chemistry learning goals. Distractions are avoided, enabling chemistry tutoring to take place without long diversions.


What are the benefits of private chemistry tutoring?

Learning materials and an individualised learning plan
Individual tutoring promotes the receptiveness and concentration of each student, enabling them to achieve rapid learning success in chemistry. Our tutors provide learning materials for each student. For this purpose, arithmetic exercises, mock exams and customised exercise sheets are used!

Our learning materials provide the right support in chemistry and serve as a good alternative to classic chemistry books that students use in the classroom. Our tailor-made learning plan provides the right structure for the learning process.

Realistic goals are set so that students can improve their chemistry grades in the shortest possible time


Flexible chemistry tutoring

Chemistry tutoring is characterised by the fact that chemistry lessons are interactive, opening up a whole new way of learning. At GoStudent, we adapt to the respective chemistry level and find the right solution for each student.

Flexible time management gives students the sense that they are taking their chemistry learning routine into their own hands. In the long run, this leads to greater motivation to learn and ultimately chemistry success.

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Achieve learning success with chemistry tutoring

Our chemistry tutoring not only helps your child to get better grades; it also increases their general learning and receptiveness. We can select the best tutor for your child from more than 1,000 tutors based on a wide range of criteria.

This way, your child is encouraged and challenged in chemistry to the perfect extent. With tailor-made tasks, exercises and tests, our tutors are able to complement school material and thus help your child to constantly improve their performance, ultimately leading to better chemistry grades. We do not simply put the chemistry book in front of our students' faces. We complement their school and create realistic learning goals and strategies.

With individual learning and worksheets, homework and tests, we address your child's weaknesses in chemistry and achieve sustainable results.


Better chemistry grades with professional tutoring

What applies to sport also applies to tutoring: practice makes perfect. Our tutors will focus on your child and will support them in achieving their chemistry goals.

We pay particular attention to ensuring that the chemistry lessons are always comprehensible and that we both go over old chemistry material and constantly seek to cover new ground. Chemistry grades can only be improved over the long run with a tailor-made learning plan and a perfectly coordinated tutor.

The first session is free of charge!
Try GoStudent risk-free without any obligations with a free trial chemistry lesson from the comfort of your own home. We offer a free lesson to get to know you in advance and to find the right tutor for you. Our professional chemistry tutors are really looking forward to meeting you!


GoStudent has helped many students reach their full potential in chemistry. Your child can be next!

Super tutoring!!!

The tutoring is really highly recommended! Our daughter benefits from tutoring for GCSE chemistry with Xenia. She explains the material very clearly and in an easy-to-understand way using examples.

Our tutor is Julian Johnson

Our tutor is Julian Johnson, I can only recommend him. My son has never liked chemistry so much. Absolutely fantastic!

From C to A

I am very pleased with my daughter's development in chemistry. She has improved by 2 grades within a short time. Registration, support and the tutors are great.

We are very happy

We are very happy. Everything works. Started with organising a session and ended with increased motivation. My daughter doesn't really enjoy chemistry, but the chemistry tutoring is fun and she really likes it.

Our daughter thinks it's great, so do we

Hello, our 11 year old daughter in Year 7 is taking private chemistry lessons. Tutoring happens twice a week, and can also be done on weekends. We had tried classic tutoring before where the students go and learn in small groups. My daughter never liked that, neither did we. By contrast, GoStudent is very practical and uncomplicated.

Only the very best experience so far

We've only had the very best experience so far. Amazing support for parents and students alike. Absolute transparency. The lessons are obviously fun, because our child says they've found the perfect tutor. Up until this point, chemistry was rather tormenting...not anymore!

Thank you very much

Thank you very much. My daughter has never been so enthusiastic and happy about chemistry.

Everyone is incredibly kind and helpful

Everyone is incredibly kind and helpful! You can ask anything and always receive an immediate response. My daughter hates chemistry, but she loves tutoring.

Thanks to GoStudent, my girls have gotten started...

Thanks to GoStudent, my girls have gotten started with chemistry again. Big thanks to Minna!

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