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Account Manager (Spain)

Madrid, Madrid, Spain


Tus tareas: 

  • Llamar a padres y estudiantes españoles que necesiten tutorías y explicarles cómo funciona GoStudent y nuestro servicio.
  • Comprender las necesidades de los estudiantes, emparejarlos con el tutor ideal y organizar sesiones de prueba. 
  • Convencer a los clientes potenciales de comprar paquetes de diferentes precios / duraciones.
  • Ayudar a tus nuevos clientes a aprovechar al máximo nuestra plataforma.
  • Compartir consejos y trucos con tus colegas y aportar nuevas ideas para mejorar nuestro producto y procesos internos.


Quién eres:

  • Ambición: Eres ambicioso y te motiva alcanzar metas. Te gustan los desafíos y siempre intentas mejorar tu rendimiento.
  • Extrovertido: Eres de mente abierta y seguro de ti mismo, te gusta hablar con las personas y captar naturalmente su atención.
  • Una Actitud de "sí se puede": Te gusta probar cosas nuevas y tienes ideas para desafiar el status quo. No tienes miedo de cometer errores y te pones manos a la obra para que las cosas sucedan.
  • Sabes jugar en equipo: Te gusta pasar tiempo con tus colegas, compartir tus conocimientos y dar un paso más para lograr el objetivo del equipo.
  • Talento organizativo: Sabes cómo estructurar tu trabajo. Siempre tienes en cuenta todo lo importante y sabes cómo priorizar tus tareas y clientes potenciales.
  • El español es tu lengua materna y estás familiarizado con el sistema educativo español.
  • Manejo del idioma inglés deseable pero ¡no un impedimento para que apliques!


Your way to unlock your full potential

  • Disrupting Education: Join us for a unique opportunity to disrupt the traditional education landscape. It's not just a job; it's a chance to be part of something big and meaningful.
  • Global Dream Team: Say hello to an international and diverse crew of thinkers, doers, and magic makers. Get ready to be inspired daily by your colleagues from around the world.
  • Work, Your Way: We offer a flexible, hybrid work environment that respects your need for work-life harmony with 2/3 remote days a week & 5 fully remote weeks a year so you can shine in a way that suits you best.
  • Office Shenanigans: Our regular team and office events will keep your spirits high. We believe in bonding, celebrating, and having a blast together.
  • Strength in Unity: Join one of our GoStudent Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) and be part of communities that champion causes you're passionate about.
  • Growing is LIT: The sky's the limit in our EdTech playground. Access a wide array of online and in-person learning and development opportunities to build your career as high as your dreams can take you.
  • Support Around the Clock: We've got your back 24/7. Enjoy a comprehensive Employee Support Programme that's not just for you but for your loved ones too.


Life at GoStudent: 

Do you want to reimagine education together with us and join a mission to believe in?

GoStudent is one of the world’s leading tutoring providers and education platforms. We’re also a unicorn and have raised more than €675m investment to date. Together with our acquisitions Seneca Learning, Tus Media, Fox Education and Studienkreis, we currently support more than 11 million families each month to fulfil our vision to help each student reach their full potential. 

We are passionate about disrupting the future of education and making a real impact. Join our journey and unlock your creativity and advance your career by mastering exciting challenges together with an international, driven team. We are here to support your goals and to discover how far we can reach by growing smarter and stronger together. If this sounds good to you, then join us now and unlock your full potential.


Openness Statement

At GoStudent, we are an open and welcoming bunch that values your unique skills, passion, and potential. We don't hire based on age, gender, nationality, or political views, but rather focus on your talent and motivation to contribute to the future of learning. Even if you are a unicorn - just as GoStudent is: if you believe that you can make a positive impact, we encourage you to throw your hat in the ring & to apply, regardless of whether you meet every requirement. Our team is diverse, and we believe that this diversity fosters creativity and innovation, making us a better company. Join us in reimagining the future of learning!


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