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FAQs about AP tutoring

Prices for private AP tutoring can be as low as $36.50.

The cost of each individual lesson will depend on how many lessons your child takes per week and how long they would like tutoring for.

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Getting private AP tutoring can be a great benefit for you child.

For example, private AP tutoring can help your child consolidate what they have been learning in school.

It can also be great in helping your child work through their AP homework and build confidence ahead of their AP exams.

Tutoring is a great way to help your child if they need a little extra AP help or if they are excelling at AP and want to continue studying it at a higher level.

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As well as private AP tutoring, GoStudent can help your child with other exams and levels.

Other exams available are SSAT, SAT, PSAT and ACT. With GoStudent your child isn't tied into one exam.

If they are taking AP tutoring but then need support with a different exam, we can help them get that support with a tutor specialized in that exam.

With GoStudent your child can get private tutoring online from one of our AP tutors.

Online tutoring is a great option for you and your child, meaning you don't have to take your child to a class or cover the cost of a tutor to come to your home.

Why not see how private tutoring can work for you and your child by booking a free trial lesson.

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AP: Everything you need to know to help your child pass this essential exam

How to find the best tutors to help with AP test prep

As your child enters their Junior or Senior Year of High School, their school may invite them to take Advanced Placement (AP) classes. These are college-level classes taken during high school, and at the end of the year-long course, students take an exam for potential college credit. Students share their scores with the college they decide to attend. If their score is high enough, it means they don’t have to earn those credits in college. For example, suppose your child does well on their AP English Literature exam. In that case, they can be excused from their introductory English Literature class during their first year of college because their AP class was equivalent to those credits.

Doing well on an AP exam can save your child (and you) valuable time and money in college. By earning AP credits for college classes, students can skip the sometimes dull prerequisites and right away dive into courses connected to their major. However, AP exams are challenging, and all students can benefit from additional studying. If your child is seeking AP Test Prep, GoStudent is the best AP test tutoring for every subject.

How do students take AP courses?

Most high schools offer some AP courses, though the exact courses offered to students vary from school to school. There are 38 possible AP courses total across all subject areas. Many popular courses offered include AP American History, AP Statistics, AP Chemistry, and AP English Literature. Students can take an AP exam in a subject not offered by their school, but they will have to register independently.

Though the College Board administers AP courses and AP exams, there are no official prerequisites to take an AP course. It’s up to schools to choose how to let students into AP courses. For example, many schools only open them up to students already taking honors courses in the relevant subject or require students to take an exam to assess readiness for AP.

Though AP courses have a specific curriculum, students take AP classes the same way they take any other high school classes. Students register for their AP course through their school and need to register online at the College Board website to take the exam. Exams do cost a fee paid directly to your student’s school. Fee waivers are available for qualified students.

How do students take the AP Exam?

The AP exams are offered on set days and times during the first two weeks of May. Students can only take an exam once, and it must be on the allotted date/time. If a student has two exams scheduled for the same time, they must speak with their school to determine an alternate schedule. Accommodations are available for students with disabilities, pending approval from the College Board.

Each of the 38 AP exams is unique. However, there are some commonalities across most of the exams. The exams are broken into two parts: multiple-choice and free-response. Free-response can be an essay, a solution to a problem (common in math exams), or a spoken response (typical in language exams).

How are AP Exams scored?

AP Exams are scored on a scale of 1 through 5. These scores are used to determine college readiness in that subject area.

AP exam equivalents

These scores are determined by combining the total scores from the multiple-choice and free-response sections to form a composite score. Then, that composite score is translated into a 5-point scale using statistical processes to ensure scores reflect the same level of achievement year to year.

Scores are sent to the student, their school and school district, and any colleges or universities they designated when they registered for the exam. Students can also get additional score reports for a fee.

Individual colleges and universities choose what scores they will accept for college credit. Most will take a 4 or 5, but some very competitive schools may only allow a 5. The college of your choice can provide further insight.

GoStudent can help your student succeed on their AP Exam.

If your child takes an AP level course, they’re already quite comfortable in that subject area. However, this is likely the first time your high-schooler is taking college-level classes, and they might be a bit overwhelmed. Though your child’s teacher is undoubtedly preparing them for their AP exam, individualized support can better help them get that high score. GoStudent has the best AP test prep available regardless of the subject your child is studying. Your student will get that high score and that college credit with our support. We’re here to tell you how.

What is GoStudent?

GoStudent is the modern approach to tutoring. GoStudent’s custom AP tutoring is tailored to your child's specific needs. Unlike other online tutoring options, which only provide a simple video call, our state-of-the-art virtual classroom offers all of the resources needed for a successful tutoring session, with our custom digital whiteboard, screen-sharing, and file-sharing capabilities. With GoStudent, you get the best of both worlds with an interactive tutoring session right at home. Having a private tutor will make your child’s AP test prep more effective and more enjoyable, too! To access GoStudent AP test prep sessions, all you need is a reliable internet connection, a webcam, and a microphone.

Why do tutoring online?

With GoStudent’s virtual AP test prep, it doesn’t matter where you live. You won't have to deal with after-school traffic or bad weather–the best AP test tutors come right to you. AP test prep at home is more comfortable for most students, too, taking them out of the sometimes stressful school environment. Thanks to GoStudent, your child has access to the best AP test prep out there right at home.

Our online AP test prep is also totally flexible. With our many tutors, you’ll be able to find one who works around your family’s busy schedule. GoStudent allows you to cancel or reschedule your lesson at any time, too. We understand your high school likely has a lot going on in your life. GoStudent is committed to working with their schedule. GoStudent brings the best SAT tutoring right to you, saving you and your family time and money.

Who are GoStudent tutors?

It’s essential that your child's tutor understands their difficulties and goals. AP Exams have their unique structure, and GoStudent’s AP test tutors know the exam inside and out. You’ll find the right tutor for your student no matter the subject. GoStudent’s AP test prep tutors will create a custom plan with your student to address their own unique needs, focusing on where they need improvement.

Every GoStudent tutor is thoroughly tested and interviewed before joining our team–we only hire the best! All our tutors are subject matter experts and talented tutors, and we're confident you'll find the best one for your student. As part of our commitment to you and your family, if your assigned tutor isn't a good fit for whatever reason, you can request a new tutor at no penalty to you.

How can I follow my child’s progress with GoStudent?

As a parent, you care about your child’s education. Doing well on their AP exams can help students feel more confident and be set up for success in college. However, your student may be a bit hesitant to open up about their AP test tutoring. Fortunately, we’re here to keep you in the loop and GoStudent sends parents regular progress reports on their student’s AP test prep sessions. We also connect parents and tutors in a WhatsApp chat, meaning you can easily communicate. With GoStudent, you can be sure your time and money are well-spent, and your child is learning, too!

What is the cost of GoStudent tutoring?

At GoStudent, we believe our exceptional AP test tutoring should be available to all students.

GoStudent’s 50-minute tutoring sessions range in price depending on the membership model you choose. With GoStudent, you can create a customized AP test prep plan that works for your child’s goals and your family’s budget. We also offer all new students a risk-free, no-cost trial lesson with one of our tutors. With GoStudent, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain (including a higher AP test score)!

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GoStudent is the #1 Rated Global Tutoring School, and we want to see your child reach those high scores. With our exceptional AP test prep, your student will feel ready come exam day and get the score they want. GoStudent’s AP test prep truly sets up your student for success. Sign up for your free trial lesson today and see why we’re the best choice to get your student a higher AP test score.