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Any parent wants to see their child thrive academically. Doing well in school not only sets up your child for future success but also can help increase their confidence and self-esteem. However, even the best student may need a little help sometimes. Finding a tutor doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. If you’re looking for tutors in Boston, GoStudent is your solution.

Our tutors are rigorously reviewed and tested before joining our team, and all our tutors at GoStudent have extensive subject knowledge. Your child will receive world-class academic support from someone who understands the Massachusetts Commonwealth curriculum and will help your child reach their academic goals.

Whether your child needs MCAS tutoring or help getting that perfect SAT score, GoStudent has the right tutor for you.

How does GoStudent Work?

We’re the future of tutoring, and we have the best private tutors Boston, MA tutors around. GoStudent offers 1-1 tutoring online in our virtual classroom. All you need is a reliable internet connection, and a microphone and webcam.

What are the benefits of online tutoring?

Forget about navigating Boston city traffic or driving along the interstate. GoStudent allows your child to get tutored from the comfort of their own home. Your family likely has a jam-packed schedule, and tutoring at home alleviates another after-school errand to run. Our tutoring is 100% flexible, meaning you can reschedule or cancel tutoring sessions at any time. Plus, with GoStudent available on all your mobile devices, your student can get world-class tutoring anywhere!

Parents and guardians are not required to be present for tutoring sessions either, meaning you can do other things while your child is in tutoring! GoStudent saves you and your family time and money.

Additionally, your child will learn in an environment that they find safe and encouraging. The anxieties often present in classrooms will be alleviated--your child can get tutored from the couch in their pajamas! This safe and encouraging environment will only further increase your child’s chances of success.

GoStudent’s innovative learning platform also gives the option to record sessions. Your student won’t have to engage in distracting note-taking or worry about remembering things. They can revisit tutoring sessions whenever they need, like when completing homework or studying for an upcoming exam.

What services does GoStudent offer?

GoStudent offers specialized tutoring in all school subjects, including math, physics, and English. We have the best tutors Boston, Massachusetts for all age levels, from K-12, and will pair you with a tutor who understands how to work with your child’s grade level.

We’ll assign your student a tutor who can guide them to their goal, whether that’s passing to the next grade level, doing well on their MCAS, or achieving a high score on high school Advanced Placement exams. Additionally, we offer pre-college tutoring to help your student ace their SATs or ACTs and get into the college they want. Flexibility is an important part of the GoStudent mission, and we will make sure that we find you a tutor that works well for your student. If for whatever reason your assigned tutor doesn’t work for you and your family, you can get a new one at no penalty to you.

How much does tutoring with GoStudent cost?

At GoStudent, it is important to us that all have students have access to world-class tutoring. Our 50-minute tutoring lessons cost from $32.30 - $50 per session depending on the membership model you select. Our membership options are flexible and diverse, ensuring that you can find a custom tutoring schedule that meets your child’s needs. If you are looking for a long-term tutor for your child or need specific exam prep, GoStudent has a membership option for you. In addition, we offer every new member a free trial lesson so you can see just how great GoStudent is for yourself. And unlike many other tutoring agencies in Boston, we will never charge you agency fees, ever!

How can I see my child’s progress?

We understand that even the most talkative child may sometimes be a bit tight-lipped when it comes to their tutoring sessions! Luckily, GoStudent’s tutoring model ensures that you will know what your child is learning and how they are advancing. As part of the GoStudent model, each new student works with a tutor to determine their goals and the best way to reach those goals. Once tutoring begins, you will receive regular detailed progress reports to see your child’s learning. We also connect parents and tutors in a WhatsApp chat (and students, if age appropriate) so you can be in easy contact. GoStudent only hires the best tutors in Boston, and we’ll find the perfect one for your student.

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