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FAQs about tutoring in Richmond

Your child can get tutoring in Richmond for as low as $36.50 per session.

The price of each private tutoring lesson depends on how regularly and for how long your child takes tutoring with us.

Book a free trial lesson with us and you can find out how affordable private tutoring with GoStudent can be for you.

Getting private tutoring in Richmond can be a great benefit for you child, helping them consolidate the learnings your child has been making in school.

1:1 tutoring can be helpful for your child to work through their homework and can help your child to prepare for exams.

Tutoring is also a great way to give your child assistance with a subject that they may need a little extra help with, or helping your child excel at a subject which they want to continue studying at a higher level.

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Students in Richmond can access our pool of 20,233 private tutors.

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Give your child support with the subjects they are studying at school. Choose from 40+ subjects in Richmond with GoStudent.

Select from a range of subjects including English, science, math, US history, Spanish & more!. Your child isn't tied into one subject with GoStudent.

Maybe your child needs support with maths now but as their needs change we can also offer tutoring across different subjects.

Private online tutoring from GoStudent is hugely beneficial.

We offer online classes from one of our private tutors in Richmond.

Online tutoring is a great option because you won't have to take your child to a class or cover the cost of a tutor coming to your home.

Why not see how private tutoring can work for you and your child by booking a free trial class.

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Tutoring for all ages and levels in Richmond

After the chaos of the COVID years, it might be hard for many Richmond kids to catch up on their schoolwork.

Research by McKinsey Consulting shows that this is a phenomenon that can be seen all over the US with the average American child being five months behind in math and four months behind in reading.

Aside from recovering from the traumatic effects of the pandemic, kids may also be dealing with other problems which can hurt their academic performance like discrimination, bullying, peer pressure, or learning difficulties.

Fortunately, parents who care about their kids can help them do better when they face such issues by hiring tutors in Richmond to help their children improve.

Tutors in Richmond can help your kid excel in school

In private online tutoring sessions, your child's learning obstacles can be pinpointed and worked on intensively. In contrast to teachers faced with a busy and overcrowded classroom, tutors in Richmond can put your child's needs first and foremost and give them enough attention to solving those problems. A good tutor’s classes will be fun and interesting and really motivate your child to learn.

How to find tutors in Richmond

While you may see ads for tutors in the Richmond Times-Dispatch, how can you know for sure that they can really make a difference for your kid? Do you need to verify their qualifications and run a background check?

Here at GoStudent, we handle all of this for you, because we are very serious about who we hire. All of our tutors have been through a series of tests, interviews, and background checks to make sure we can offer your family the best tutoring experience.

GoStudent's tutors in Richmond can help students from first grade to 12th grade, no matter where they go to school in Central Virginia. This includes students who go to the following schools:

  • Banner Christian School
  • Benedictine College Preparatory
  • St. Bridget School
  • Brook Road Academy, Collegiate School
  • Grace Christian School, Grove Christian School
  • Guardian Christian Academy
  • St. Christopher's School
  • St. Gertrude High School
  • St. Catherine's School
  • Huguenot High School
  • Thomas Jefferson High School
  • George Wythe High School
  • John Marshall High School
  • Southside Baptist Christian School
  • Northstar Academy
  • The Steward School
  • Trinity Episcopal School
  • The New Community School
  • Veritas School

If your kid is getting ready to apply to Virginia Commonwealth University, University of Richmond, Virginia Union University, South University–Richmond, or any other college we can also help your child prepare for important admission tests like the PSAT/NMSQT, ACT, and SATs.

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