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Your tutor works with your child to organise the perfect learning plan. Improved concentration, focus, and passion for learning will set your child up for success at school!


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Your tutor will use the lesson time wisely. Through inspiring teaching methods and customised tasks we aim to increase your child's self-confidence. This will lead to better grades and new learning habits that will last a lifetime.

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We care about your child’s education! With one less thing to worry about, you’ll have more time to savour those precious moments. So relax, safe in the knowledge that your child is progressing academically.


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We promise to provide you with the best tutoring possible. We guarantee high-quality tutoring by only accepting the best applicants (5% of all applicants to be precise). Our tutors have to undergo a multi-step entrance exam. We test their subject related knowledge, as well as their teaching skills. We ensure that our tutors are not only experts in their subject area, but are engaging and work actively to motivate their students.

We ensure that your child gets the right tutor for their needs. What’s more, you can also read reviews that parents have given about our tutors, as well as rate our tutors yourself!

We ensure that your child has fun with their tutoring lesson! To guarantee this, we search for the best match throughout our 3,000+ tutors! Our needs analysis system takes into account your child's existing knowledge, age, gender, hobbies and interests as well as general character traits to help us find the perfect tutor.

In the rare event that you are not satisfied with the tutor you have been matched with, we will happily find a replacement tutor - no hassle, no complications and free of charge.

Our tutors are already education experts, however, we have high standards and like to keep our tutors on their toes! We help them improve their skills through regular training and coaching sessions to aid tutor's pedagogical abilities even more. In doing so, we ensure that every student gets the perfect tutor that matches their goals and needs.

We regularly analyze the education system and adapt our tutoring to any changes in the curriculum or school system. We love hearing parents feedback, and any suggestions are taken on board immediately. It is due to this that we continually improve the tutoring experience for our students.

We have 3,000+ tutors and are constantly growing! We cover all relevant school subjects in primary and secondary school, as well as some University subjects.

We can help you with tutoring in Maths, English, German, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, French, Spanish, and many more! In addition, we also have tutors that offer classes in ICT, computer programming, electrical engineering, and many other subjects. Get in touch and we will pair you with the perfect tutor!

Of course! In fact, we have specially trained tutors who specialise in helping students with specific educational needs in reading, writing, spelling, numeracy and more.

We understand that many parents may have had negative experiences in the past, which is why we offer an initial trial session, free of charge and no strings attached! This means you can try out our learning platform and tutoring service first - before making a decision. We’ve found that 91% of parents enroll in our service after the trial lesson.