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Lily Coughlin
Lower Level: English and Maths GCSE: English language and literature and Maths ALevel: English Exam Board Experience: AQA, Edexcel, OCR, Entrance exams Languages: I have completed a Mandarin GCSE and both HSK1 and 2 Preferred Student Age Group: Any About Me: Hi I’m Lily an English student currently studying at Loughborough University! Alongside my studies and when I am not reading, I participate in lots of sports but my favourites are netball and football.
English, Maths (Primary)
Ejiro Otakoro
I'm Ejiro! I'm currently studying engineering at The University of Strathclyde. I grew up in Aberdeen. My hobbies include documentaries, nature walks, and martial arts. I am keen to teach maths, physics, and chemistry as I gained Advanced Highers (A-levels) in these subject areas.
Chemistry, English, Maths (Primary), Maths (lower level), Maths (upper level), Physics
Robert Robson
I have taught at The Grange School – an Independent school situated in Hartford, Cheshire. I was at the school for 23 years of which 16 were Head of Department and have just recently taken early retirement. I have taught 11-18 years old and at A level have experience of all examination boards. I have been leader for the NEA aspect of the course for the last 5 years and have mentored students in topics such as The Angevin Empire, Tudor Rebellions, 17th Century Witch-craze and The American Revolution through to Civil War. I have taught A Level and GCSE every year at school and our results have been excellent. We have had nothing less than a B grade since 2018 and this year gained 5 A* 9A and 4 B grades. Our results at GCSE were 100% Grade 7-9 from 42 students half of which were Grade 9. In relation to tutoring I have extensive experience of online teaching and have mentored students at GCSE and A Level. Our school did online teaching during the whole pandemic and I am proficient in using Zoom, Teams and AdobeConnect. I also mentored students who were looking to study History at University including Oxford and Cambridge of which we have had many successes. I have been a team leader, examiner and moderator of coursework at both GCSE and A level for over 10 years working for AQA, OCR and EdExcel. I have also taught Government and Politics and I am able to offer that as well to a very high level. Availability: Flexible weekdays and weekends during term time and holidays. Testimonials: From a parent of an A Level Parent who gained an A * at A Level. I’m delighted you chose today to ‘connect’. I wanted to write to let you know how pleased we are that Jess was so lucky to be taught and inspired by you. Today is a cherry on top moment but we have always appreciated your teaching. We think her very lucky to have had someone like you, who sought to educate rather than just prepare young people to pass exams. The passion for learning that you shared will stay with Jess forever. Hi Mr Robson, I hope you are enjoying a well earned summer holidays and relishing the new ownership for Newcastle. Great news that Molly got her grades (and a A* in History) to go to LSE (and perhaps just as importantly a year out!). As you can imagine, relief, absolute delight and pure emotion has outpoured! Both Lorna and I have so much to be thankful for in the support, relationship and encouragement you have played in her Grange life. We cant express enough our gratitude for the role you have played not just in history teaching but as someone who has been there for her at all times - simply above and beyond. I know Molly has valued your friendship and guidance and I have no doubt she will keep in contact with you. Best wishes to you and once again thank you.
Asal Attari
GCSE: Maths, Chemistry Exam board exp: AQA/Edexcel Experience with: KS1/KS2/KS3/KS4 Languages: English, Persian Exp with disabilities/special needs: Assistant in a primary school for children with learning difficulties Preferred student age group: Any About me: Hi! My name is Asal but you can call me Sal. I am currently studying at the University of Manchester! In my free time, I enjoy reading books and watching movies. I love listening to music and playing video games. Recently I've been learning how to make different cuisines and I have practised making all kinds of cakes and desserts. I have tutored GCSE and A-level students and have taught tips and tricks to the students which helped them in exams. I teach easy methods which enable the student to have a full understanding of the topic and to gain confidence in their abilities. By providing stress-free sessions, I will make sure the student finds the lessons enjoyable which will lead to better results. I provide quick responses and I am open to any suggestions the students or parents may offer.
Chemistry, Maths (lower level), Maths (upper level)
Areesha Qazi
As a student my self I understand how daunting exams and revision can get and through my journey of improvement through trial and error I have understood that each student requires a different approach to learning and every student has the potential to achieve the top grades. It will make me extremely happy if I can help make it a little easy for students to ace their exams and perform to the best of their abilities!!!! My approach would be to ensure that students understand concepts required by their subject. - I also place a lot of importance in exam practice and mastering exam skills and a portion of my lessons will be used to do that. - During the first lesson, I aim to identify where the student is working at right now and work out techniques we can use for improvement because I believe any students can get the top grades through effective learning and revision. - Discussing revision techniques and advice on revision tips. - I really like the 'blurting' techniques and recall so be prepared for questions!!!!
Biology, Social Studies
Paul Allen
Hi, I’m Paul. I mostlytutor Maths and Science as well as Computer Science and English as a Foreign Language, which I trained in at Columbia Teachers’ College, USA. Originally I studied for a BA in Natural Sciences. I have been a classroom teacher and tutor for over 15years, in the UK as well as South Korea, Japan and China, and more recently have developed Science courses for a large online learning platform. My tutorials are often centered around structured practice of specific topic areas, with an approach geared toward getting students to speak freely about topics in their own voices. I am happy to tailor sessions with either general revision, exam preparation or new learning and discovery in mind. In my free time, I enjoy tennis, movies and triathlons. Hope to see you soon!
Coding, Maths (upper level), Physics

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