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What makes us unique

Working at GoStudent is not like working at any other EdTech company

Our vision

We strongly believe in working together to unlock everyone’s full potential.

Our mission

We are here to rewrite the code and play an active role in designing the future of education by building the #1 global school.

Our ambition

We want to be bold and innovative by reimagining how to nurture a lifelong love of learning.

Disrupt education

We're building a better tomorrow. To do that, we're bravely and boldly re-imagining education. We think big and beyond what's possible - harnessing the power of progressive ideas, innovation and change - so all our students, tutors and employees are continually excited by what the future holds.

Put students first

Where others see customers, we see students. Where others see potential, we see promise. By putting students first we listen more clearly, understand more deeply and provide better, more powerful solutions that help shape and guide what we pursue and why we pursue it. 

Empower each other

Collaboration is at the heart of our progress. To get there, we empower and trust each other to deliver results that are far beyond what we’re capable of as individuals. We know we work better together & can rely on the team to leave things better than they were.

Work smart & play hard

We work smart, fail fast and celebrate our achievements along the way. We prioritise, plan, and prepare, so we have time to play once we summit each mountain together.  By setting the right priorities, we move fast to deliver value to our families, tutors, and colleagues. 

Grow together

We are always eager to grow and expand as a team and as individuals. We value diversity, appreciate each other's differences and are passionate about collecting and understanding perspectives as we progress on our journey of lifelong learning together.

The GoStudent attitude

We believe in learning by doing and in the power of working together towards one common goal.

Great talents deserve great benefits

You give your 100% at work and you deserve the best in return. That's why we’re constantly thinking of new benefits for our employees: take a look at what we currently have and stay tuned for more!
Flexible working hours
Regular team & office events
Learning & Wellbeing Programme
30 hours of free tutoring

The GoStudent attitude

We believe in learning by doing and in the power of working together towards one common goal.


We believe in giving our work meaning. At GoStudent, no matter what your position is, you’ll always use your talent to help children unlock their full potential.

Customer centric

We place our students, talents and tutors at the heart of our services and products, and we constantly work to provide them with the best experience possible.

Informally open

We have a flat structure with little hierarchy and give the same value to everyone's input, regardless of seniority or role.


Last but not least, we like to have fun while working even though we take our jobs very seriously.
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