1:1 tutoring to unlock the full potential of your child

Remember how your most inspiring teacher made you feel? Recapture that feeling for your child with personalised one-to-one tutoring.

Families supported

We match every student with the right tutor

Enjoy personalised 1:1 lessons with handpicked tutors

Personalised education planning

We match each student with the right tutor based on character fit and personal learning goals.

One-to-one online lessons

Learn online, wherever you are. The right tutor matches for your child will never be limited by their location or schedule.

Tutors you can trust

Confidence begins with quality tutoring. Our multi-step interview and selection process guarantees only the best tutors join our community.

Tutoring for all ages and levels

Our tutors are familiar with local schooling systems and more than 30 subjects, helping guide students from first to final year.

Getting started is as easy as 1-2-3

How to sign up for your membership

Meet an Education Advisor

Every learning journey begins by setting goals with your personal Education Advisor so we can match your child with the right tutor.

Take a free trial lesson

We'll invite you to join a free trial lesson with one of our top tutors so both you and your child can see how GoStudent works, no obligations.

Customise your membership

Your Education Advisor will help you book a customised lesson package tailored to your child's long-term learning needs.

Most popular subjects

From maths to science and more - get tutoring support in 30+ subjects

Research proves: 3 in 4 students improved by up to three grades with personalised tutoring

90% of students who improved their grades also grew in confidence.
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