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From homework help to tailored tuition

Back in 2015 GoStudent started out as a WhatsApp homework chat. Felix Ohswald, our CEO and Co-Founder, was completing his Master’s degree in Quantitative Finance at ETH Zurich. His younger brother, Moritz, who was also studying, began referring his classmates to Felix for help with their maths homework. The volume of messages increased rapidly and Felix quickly realised the need for readily available, tailored support. He resolved to tackle this issue, and reached out to his friend Gregor Müller, GoStudent’s Co-Founder and COO, proposing that they build a dedicated homework support app together. The idea was to connect users with inspiring, motivated tutors who would offer high quality, personalised assistance. GoStudent was subsequently founded in 2016, with the app launching that summer.

About GoStudent today

Fast forward to today, and GoStudent is a venture-backed EdTech unicorn with innovation at our core. We are committed to harnessing the best of tech to reimagine education, and we are working towards a future of hybrid learning. Key to realising this vision is the application of technology to traditional learning environments. At our heart, GoStudent is an online tutoring provider, yet we have expanded our offering over the past two years with the acquisition of AI-driven content platform, Seneca Learning, open tutoring marketplace, Tus Media, Fox Education, which provides communication solutions for schools and families, and offline tutoring business, Studienkreis. Together, we aim to unite the best of the online and offline world to unlock every child’s full potential.

Shaping the future of education

GoStudent has grown to become one of the world’s leading tutoring providers, and continues innovating for a future where learning is hybrid.
GoStudent is founded
GoStudent has over 100,000 users
Changing the game: from students to parents
GoStudent finds its business model and focuses on sustainable learning
GoStudent raises €13.3m and begins international expansion!
GoStudent conquers Europe and becomes a unicorn
GoStudent raises €300m and finalises three strategic acquisitions
The company strives towards profitable growth and further develops its offering

Founders and management team

Our founders and management team are determined to transform education as we know it
Felix Ohswald
Felix Ohswald is the CEO and Co-Founder of GoStudent. In 2023 Felix was featured in the Forbes Europe 30 under 30 list.
Gregor Müller
Gregor Müller is the COO and Co-Founder of GoStudent. In 2023 Gregor was featured in the Forbes Europe 30 under 30 list.
Dan Zbijowski
Chief Marketing Officer
Felix Kernbichler
Chief Legal Officer
Jaume Bresco
Chief Technical Officer
Wolfgang Riess
Chief of Staff

Our awards

GoStudent has been recognised and awarded by educational and technological institutions across Europe and the world. We’re always striving to innovate and improve as we continue our mission to become the #1 global school.

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