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Ibrahim Khambaty
I am currently pursuing my bachelors in Economics at the University of Warwick. Academically, I have excelled in my examinations with 3 A*s and 1A in A Levels and 11A*s in my GCSEs. While on the extra academic front, I have held many leadership positions and won several competitions. But most importantly, I have been tutoring for the past 4 years where I have taught students Maths, Economics and English in Pakistan, USA and Saudi Arabia and am proud to say that I have boosted grades of each individual I have taught.
Economics, Maths (lower level)
Chloe Peratikou
*PLEASE DON'T BOOK TRIALS: VR ONLY* GCSE: Biology, History, Global Perspectives, Greek, English Language, English Literature, Art. A Level: History, English Literature, English Language, English Language and Literature, Art. Specialties: A Streetcar Named Desire, Twelfth Night, Romantic Poetry, Dystopian literature, American Literature. Exam board experience: Edexcel, AQA, OCR. KS1/KS2/KS3: History, Geography, Science, Maths, Writing, Reading, Maths, Art and Design. IELTS/ English as a second language. Support with personal statements and university applications/ study skills. Preferred age group: any About me: I am a university student with a passion for academics. I enjoy creative hobbies such as theatre, dance and art, but I also like reading about academic subjects.
Application_Training, Biology, Chemistry, Economics, English, Geography, History, Maths (lower level), Maths (upper level), Other, Physics
Ewaensiha Aihie
What do I teach? Lower Level: Maths GCSE: Maths A-Level/IB: Economics and Maths Languages spoken: English (fluent) French (intermediate) Preferred student age group: Primary/GCSE/A-Level or IB About me: Outside academia, I am a buzzing personality and I love engaging people and hearing different perspectives. I also cooking, reading, and playing various sports such as basketball and football.
Economics, Maths (Primary), Maths (upper level)
Arun Malhi
A-level Mathematics and Economics tutor delivering fun, interactive and tailored lessons to students. Current Mathematics and Economics undergraduate at the University of Liverpool. Preferred exam boards to teach: Mathematics: Edexcel and AQA Economics: OCR and AQA
Economics, Maths (upper level)
Megan Wharrier
GCSE: Business Studies and Economics A Level: Business Studies and Economics I hold a PGCE Qualification. Exam Boards: AQA Business Studies and Economics, OCR Economics, Edexcel Business Studies and Economics, WJEC Business Studies, Eduquas Business Studies Language: English (Mother Tongue) Preferred Student Age Groups: GCSE, A Level, Adult
Business Administration, Economics, Maths (Primary)
Muhilan Seenivasagam
Lower Level: Maths, and 11+ GCSE: Maths, Economics The main subjects that I teach: Maths, Sciences and Economics Exam Board Experience: OCR (Economics), Edexcel (GCSE Maths), 11+ Entrance Exams (Verbal, Non-Verbal, Maths and English) Language: English and Tamil Preferred student age group: (Primary to GCSE Level) About me: Hi! I am an Economics student in the middle of my degree at Royal Holloway University of London. I have 5 years of tutoring experience and which has allowed me to develop my method of teaching a lot. My hobbies consist of playing and watching football and basketball. I have recently become very interested in playing golf and producing music also!
11+, Economics, Maths (lower level)

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