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Sonal Shah
I'm a second-year Economics Student at the University of Nottingham. I really enjoy learning to play the electric guitar and love trying new sports such as Muay Thai and volleyball. I have a wide experience of teaching people, I have tutored people at school as well as taught young people and people with disabilities to sail. This has taught me the importance of tailoring each class to the student's needs and listening to what they want and need.
Chemistry, History, Maths (Primary), Maths (lower level), Maths (upper level)
Amelia Woodcock
English Language GCSE- AQA CRASH COURSE EXAM PREP English Literature GCSE & A-Level- AQA (text specific) History GCSE- Edexcel History A-level- AQA I specialise in working with SEN children, adapting to how they learn to help them achieve! Hi, I'm Amelia; I am a second-year university student at the University of Leeds. My passion is learning, and my goal in life is to follow my childhood dream of being a teacher! I am kind, friendly, and have rich classroom experience working with SEN children. When not tutoring, I enjoy baking, volunteering, cooking, reading and playing pool for the university team!
English, History
Giorgia O'Donoghue
Hi! My name is Giorgia, I am a Masters Student at King's College London and I study Theology. I have a background at undergraduate level in History, Literature, Politics, Theology and Sociology. I specialise in GCSE and A-level History and English Literature (13-18) I have experience with EDEXCEL and AQA Exam Boards I can tutor as well GCSE Religious Studies and Drama At A-Level, I can also tutor Philosophy and Religious Studies I am also really interested in tutoring any age in English and History with SEND. I am a dyslexic student myself and wish to make education as accessible, enjoyable and fulfilling as possible for all. I have experience with dyslexia, ADHD, chronic physical and mental health, as well as exam stress and anxiety. I love to listen to music and read in my spare time, especially books by the Brontë Sisters. I live between London and the New Forest and my favourite way to relax is to walk my dog Millie! I also love to learn new things as much as possible, and at the moment, I am trying to teach myself how to play chess.
English, History
Kirstie Rickman
Hello, my name is Kirstie and I have been teaching for 18 years. I have spent time both in British secondary schools and in schools in Vietnam and Singapore. My main subject and passion is the study of History and I can teach this from Key Stage 3 all the way up to A-Level. My favourite period is the Tudors and I particularly enjoy the stories of the women of this time. I also tutor KS3 English and GCSE English Language and English Literature and am very familiar with both AQA and Edexcel exam boards. I also have experience teaching Geography up to GCSE and find the two subjects actually quite complement each other with many of the themes over-lapping. I discovered a love for geography from my love of the great outdoors – I would often find myself on the top of a mountain admiring glacial landscapes and wondering how all the features were formed. This in turn links to my philosophy for education: I believe education should be a journey of discovery that allows the learner to move forwards with their knowledge and understanding of the world around them without putting them under so much pressure that they don’t enjoy it. I believe that effort is necessary in order to be successful, but that learning should not be a struggle or something that is dreaded. I am here to help students achieve their goals and become successful members of their community. In my spare time I enjoy running and drinking coffee with friends. I have 2 cats and have been married for almost 7 years. I am currently learning French in order to pursue my dream of moving to France to start a new life on the continent.
English, History, Humanities
Alexandra Ellard
I am currently a first year at the University of Nottingham. I tutor A Level English and 11+ entrance tests online. I myself did A Level english literature as well as the entrance test back in 2016 so bring first hand experience into my sessions with my pupils. My primary goal is to create a safe space where I can help others improve
11+, English, History
Helen Ferry
Hello, my name is Helen and I have a BA degree in Criminal Justice Studies from Bradford University. The degree's main subjects were Criminal Law, Psychology, and Forensic Science. My hobbies include watching football, playing tennis, reading, and walking my dog. I have been an online tutor for 3 years. I have taught as an ESL tutor. During this time I have taught people of various ages and abilities. I create a positive learning environment. I personalize learning and create lessons that respond to students' interests. I equip students with the confidence and skills needed to incorporate technology into English language classrooms and for future jobs and life in general. I regularly assess the progress, strengths, and weaknesses of my students and by doing this, I help them fill gaps in their knowledge and learn best.
11+, English, Geography, History, Law

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