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Erin Ngo
Levels and subjects- Lower level: Years 3-6; Subjects English, Science, Cantonese, History GCSE/high school: Year 7-11 ; Subjects English (Language and Literature), Biology, Chemistry, History A-level: Biology only Piano & Music Theory: All levels/ grades 1-8 Exam Board experience all levels- Science (Mainly Biology and Chemistry)- AQA, OCR, Edexcel, WJEC English- WJEC, AQA, OCR, Edexcel History- AQA, Edexcel Additional Languages- Cantonese (Chinese) - Intermediate to high German - Elementary Preferred student age group- Primary: Years 3-6 GCSE: All years A-Level: All years (biology) Coming from an ethnic Chinese background, I appreciate different cultural backgrounds, and I believe this filters through into my style of tutoring in realising each student's needs. With every session, I aim to keep topics relatable and enjoyable for my students and also to make them understand why this particular topic is relevant to them. As I believe, this understanding is half of the learning journey that they need to make. Currently, I am pursuing my aspiration of a career in medical research. I am studying Pharmacology at the University of Reading which has enforced the importance of always striving to learn; so I encourage my students to embrace learning. Studying the medical field has highlighted the importance of teaching and learning: in particular explaining concepts in a manner that will enable a deeper understanding. As an individual who enjoys a problem solving challenge, of which I have demonstrated during my many voluntary pursuits, including at a school and at a hospital, I have communicated with a wide range of individuals. So, in establishing a student's needs, I understand the issues they are facing and find solutions to their problems. Guiding a student through revision is no easy task as no student learns in the same format. Presenting the student with ideas and having them put these into practice is what I aim for to prepare them for exams.
Biology, Chemistry, Chinese, English, History, Piano

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