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The cost of private economics tuition in Leicester can be as low as £22.50. The price of each individual lesson is dependant on how long your child would like tuition support and how many lessons they take per week. The more they learn, the lower the price of each lesson! Why not book a free trial session for for you and your child to see how we can help?

GoStudent has a pool of 186 private economics tutors in Leicester meaning we have a wide selection of tutor profiles we can match to your child.Book a free trial session to get a taste of what our private tuition sessions are like.

With GoStudent your child can get private tuition online from one of our economics tutors in Leicester. Online tuition is a great option for you and your child, meaning you don't have to take your child to a class or cover the cost of a tutor to come to your home. Why not see how private tuition can work for you and your child by booking a free trial lesson.

As well as private economics tuition, GoStudent can help your child with other subjects in Leicester. Pick from:

  • English
  • Science
  • Maths
  • History
  • French
  • And more!

And with GoStudent your child isn't tied into one subject. If they are taking economics tuition but then need support with a different subject, we can help them get that support with a specialist tutor for that subject.

Your child could benefit from private economics tuition in Leicester:

  • Private tutoring can help your child consolidate what they have been learning in school.
  • 1-2-1 tutoring can be great in helping your child work through their homework and coursework.
  • Personal tutoring is a great way for your child to build confidence ahead of their exams.
  • And tutoring is a great way to help your child if they need a little extra economics help or if they are excelling at economics and want to continue studying it at a higher level.
  • Tutoring is also a great way to give your child a little extra economics help or if they are excelling at economics and want to continue studying it at a higher level.

Discover how your child can take advantage of these benefits by booking a free trial lesson.

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Economics tutoring for all ages and levels with GoStudent

Best rated economics tutoring in Leicester

Economics is a social science that studies the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services and focuses on the behaviour and interactions of people, governments, and markets.

Many children choose to study economics because it leads to endless career options and high-paying jobs. A study of S&P 500 CEOs proved that students with economics degrees were most likely to become CEOs of large companies.

However, gaining a degree in economics isn't easy. Even to gain acceptance at universities such as the University of Leicester, students require at least an ABB in their A levels. Unfortunately, out of 1,718 students who took their A level exams in 2019, only 12.4% achieved these grades. This shows just how competitive it is to land a spot for an economics degree at a prestigious university in Leicester.

However, don’t look for other options just yet!

GoStudent's economics tutors in Leicester can help your child master economics and ace the economics exams in Leicester.

Why is our economics tuition in Leicester the best?

Every student has a unique learning method, and our economics tutors in Leicester will identify your child's style and plan their economics tuition in Leicester based on what will be most effective for your child. There are three different aspects of the tutoring process at GoStudent's economics tuition in Leicester.

Student assessment and lesson planning: Our Leicester economics tutors begin by assessing your child's knowledge in economics and identifying their pain points. They also understand your child’s preferred learning methods and work out an effective tutoring plan.

Implementation of tutoring program: Our economics tutors in Leicester use various interactive class exercises, periodic tests and quizzes, discussions and other creative ways to ensure impactful learning.

Feedback: As your child progresses through the tuition, our Leicester economics tutors refine their tutoring based on how your child responds to their teaching methods. We also welcome your feedback to improve your child’s economics knowledge.

Economics tutoring in Leicester

Students often struggle to keep up with the economics taught in schools and universities, let alone the economic developments happening in the world. Our best-rated economics tutoring in Leicester attempts to regularly explain current affairs and information through fundamental economics theories that are a part of the school curriculum. Our one-on-one format allows our Leicester economics tutors to build a trusting relationship with your child and solve all your child’s doubts.