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If your child is taking Greek lessons you may want to offer them more support, especially if they want to ace their Greek exam. Greek tutoring is the best way to ensure that they not only do well at their Greek course but enjoy learning the language and finding out about the cultural delights too. We’re going to share what Greek revision your kid should do and where to find a top-rated Greek tutor.

The benefits of taking a Greek course

Ancient Greek literature holds a very important place in the world and there is no shortage of famous texts your kid can enjoy if they do well in Greek lessons. There are so many influential people across many fields that have come out of Greece who have transformed the way we view the world. Here are just a few of them:

  • Philosophers - Socrates, Aristotle, Plato
  • Poets - Aesop, Homer
  • Playwrights - Sophocles, Aeschylus
  • Scientists - Hippocrates, Pythagoras, Archimedes

It’s estimated that 30% of English words come either directly or indirectly from Classical Greek. While most of these are scientific terms, the strong connection between English and Greek is clear.

As far as foreign languages go, Greek is fairly straightforward to learn in regards that most of the sounds and letters exist in English. However, it does have three genders so this takes some getting used to for most students.

The fastest way to get a handle on the language is to use Greek tuition.

Where to find the best Greek tutoring?

There are a lot of private Greek tutors around and also Greek Tutoring academies or centres. It’s important to match the right person to the needs of your child as well as their personality. You have a great opportunity with Greek tuition in that a Greek tutor that your child has fun with and respects can make Greek lessons so much more rewarding and beneficial. 😃

One way you can do this is to consider online Greek tutoring. That’s because your kid could pick from (or be matched with) Greek tutors anywhere. You won’t be limited to finding someone who lives nearby. Your kid could have Greek tuition by someone living in Athens, or they could be a native speaker who has moved to the UK.

At GoStudent, we have a wide array of Greek tutors available who are friendly, professional and love to teach. Whether your child is fascinated by Greek mythology or would rather know more about exploring the different islands, a GoStudent Greek tutor will tailor the classes accordingly. 👩‍🏫

Of course, there will be some Greek course work to follow that your kid’s educational institution has set but a private Greek tutor will make every class interesting and bring it to life. A good tutor will also help your child with additional revision for their Greek exam. Let’s look at what your child can do alone and what they will need help with.

What Greek revision strategy to use?

No matter what level Greek course your kid is taking, they will have to do four types of Greek exams:

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Speaking
  • Listening

Some of these components can be mixed together in one Greek exam but all will be tested. All people have different strengths and weaknesses and kids are no different. One student may feel confident at reading but find listening and understanding Greek a lot harder. While it’s often tempting to keep practising the element you feel most comfortable in, your kid will need to work on their weaker areas too. ✔️

Here’s how to learn and improve in each of the Greek lessons taught.

Greek revision: reading

Your kid’s teacher should have prescribed some relevant books and reading material for out-of-class practice. Your child should also look for additional literature to get as much exposure as possible. This widens and cements their vocabulary and helps with learning genders and sentence composition.

Greek revision: writing

Hopefully, your kid’s teacher assigns plenty of written assignments or tasks as homework and corrects these so your child knows how they are doing in this area. If you get a Greek tutor, they will provide lots of out-of-class work for your kid and they can go through any errors together so they learn from their mistakes and their writing will improve tremendously.

Greek revision: speaking

This is where having a Greek tutor comes into its own. Practising speaking and being able to think quickly without translating each word and phrase in their head is your kid’s key to acing an oral Greek exam. It’s rare students get enough time to practise this in regular Greek lessons.

Greek revision: listening

Your kid should go over any listening material their teacher has provided and find additional podcasts etc. online. Depending on what level they are at it can be a challenge to find appropriate podcasts and shows where they understand enough dialogue but still learn new words and phrases. Greek tutoring will make sure your kid gets the perfect audio exercises for their level.

As you can see, a Greek course has so many benefits and is a wonderful language to learn. If you want to try one of our Greek tutors we offer the first class for free. Then your kid’s personal Greek tutor will tailor a learning plan for them based on their interests and key learning objectives. We specialise in all levels starting from primary school Greek lessons.