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Accounting is one of the most practical subjects around. For some kids, it comes easily whereas other students will find it more of a challenge. You can help your child feel more confident ahead of their Accounting exam and give them extra support with private Accounting lessons. There are a lot of Accounting tutors available but we’ll share what you should look for to make the most of Accounting tutoring.

Why take an Accounting course?

If your kid takes an Accounting course it will be useful for them throughout their life and they can help family and friends too! Apart from just applying it in their own lives (and those around them), an Accounting course will hold them in good stead if they plan a career in the field.

The demand for accountants is growing and hiring across firms in England and Wales is at a record high. Whatever the future holds, accountants will be in the picture so it’s a solid path to follow.

What’s more, the Money & Pensions Service states that children’s attitudes towards money are developed by the time they are seven. If a child is exposed to financial education they are more likely to save money and be confident with managing money.

Even if your kid doesn’t have access to primary school Accounting lessons, you can always get an Accounting tutor to give them Accounting lessons on the basics that will set them up for life. At GoStudent, we offer Accounting tutoring lessons for all ages and levels from primary school Accounting to degree level.

How difficult is an Accounting exam?

If your child is preparing for an Accounting exam, how difficult they will find it depends on a number of factors. Some people are born accountants just as others are natural athletes. If your child finds their Accounting lessons difficult, they will find their Accounting exam hard and need help studying for it. This rings true for all levels. 🔢

The most important thing when studying for an Accounting exam is making sure your kid knows the right topics to revise and focus on, whether it’s calculating capital or describing the meaning of an accounting term such as depreciation.

Accounting revision advice

Your child will find they need to learn many terms from their Accounting lessons and also have a strong grasp of mathematical principles used to prepare accounts and put other Accounting practices into action.

Some of the best ways to master Accounting revision include:

  • Make Accounting revision cards - creating small flashcards is a useful technique for remembering terms because your kid can take them anywhere (or even create them on an app if they have a phone)
  • Understand the Accounting course book - most of the books used in an Accounting course come with useful examples and glossary of terms to study
  • Practise past Accounting exams - going over and testing themself at past Accounting exams is one of the best revision strategies available

If your teen is at a level where their Accounting course is more advanced, it will be very beneficial to make an Accounting revision plan too. It should factor in all of the topics they need to learn, plenty of time for practice exercises, and also some downtime closer to their Accounting exam. 🧘‍♂️

What to look for in Accounting tutoring

Your child may have strong numeracy skills and find the Accounting lessons manageable but just need guidance on how to prepare for an Accounting exam. A qualified Accounting tutor has been through the ropes and can make your kid’s Accounting revision more efficient and boost their grade.

Or your kid may be completely overwhelmed by their Accounting course and feel that they’ll never understand it. When explained in the right way, anyone has the potential to do well in their Accounting exam. It comes down to each individual’s way of learning and that’s where private Accounting tutoring can lend a hand.

At GoStudent, we offer a unique Accounting tuition service where our Accounting tutors are trained to tailor each class based on the student’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as their preferred way of learning. Just like no two ledgers are the same, there are no two kids the same and we understand that. ❤️

A nurturing Accounting tutor can make Accounting lessons interesting even to the most unenthusiastic student. We will match the right Accounting tutor to your kid so that by the end of their Accounting lessons they feel capable, confident, and may even develop a passion for the subject. At the very least, it’s guaranteed to boost their grade on their Accounting exam.

We have qualified Accounting tutors across all levels that take an interactive approach using online Accounting tuition. You’ll be amazed at the progress your child makes in just a few lessons. We promise to keep you updated too so you can be their biggest cheerleader for all of their achievements. Why not try a free class with one of our Accounting tutors and see for yourself?