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Your child can get maths tuition in Edinburgh for as low as £22.50 per session. The price of each private tuition session depends on how regularly and for how long your child takes tuition with us. Book a free trial session with us and you can find out how affordable private tuition with GoStudent can be for you.

GoStudent has a pool of 3,111 private maths tutors in Edinburgh meaning we have a wide selection of tutor profiles we can match to your child. Book a free trial session to get a taste of what our private tuition sessions are like.

Private online tuition is one of the great benefits of getting tuition from GoStudent. We offer online from one of our maths tutors in Edinburgh. Online tuition is a great option for you and your child, meaning you don't have to take your child to a class or cover the cost of a tutor to come to your home. Why not see how private tuition can work for you and your child by booking a free trial lesson.

GoStudent can help give your child support with private maths tuition as well as offering tuition for subjects in Edinburgh. Select from the following subjects:

  • English
  • Science
  • Maths
  • History
  • French

Your child isn't tied into one subject with GoStudent. Maybe your child needs support with maths now but as their needs change we can also offer tuition across different subjects.

GoStudent helps to unlock the full potential of every child, across a wide range of subjects including maths. We do this by:

  • Finding the perfect match between students and teachers
  • Based on personality, learning habits and hobbies
  • We can help build long-lasting academic success.
  • GoStudent focuses on sustainable learning and we believe that your child's learning is not a ‘quick fix’ and so we want to be a long-lasting partner.
  • We always try to find innovative ways of teaching, including using videos, computer games or music.
  • We offer a highly individualised and personalised service, meaning that every kid gets the right tutor for them, based on their specific needs and learning style.

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All you need to know about Maths tutoring in Edinburgh

Maths tuition in Edinburgh

Maths is the go-to fundamental discipline for many professions. Programmers, business analysts, financial analysts, and investment bankers all require a great understanding of mathematical concepts to be industry-ready, competent professionals.

Maths’s high career utility makes it an extremely popular college course. This means that to get into a good maths course in an Edinburgh university, your children will have to do well in the subject right from secondary school.

GoStudent can help your children achieve this with maths tutoring in Edinburgh. Our best-in-class one-on-one maths tuition in Edinburgh take a holistic teaching approach that helps children build a strong base in mathematics. Our Edinburgh maths tutors provide private maths tutoring in Edinburgh for maths students regardless of their level of education.

How can maths tutors in Edinburgh help?

Because maths is a subject that is required for application to many university courses and for most things in life, most schools in Edinburgh encourage their students to continue to pursue maths until their A-Levels. Unfortunately, this also means that some students struggle with complex mathematical equations throughout their school life. Therefore, it is crucial to rectify the problem at the grassroots through private maths tutoring in Edinburgh.

Maths is a subject that requires a lot of targeted practice and a focused, motivating learning environment. Large classrooms and tutors at Edinburgh schools cannot provide individual students with the assistance they require to strengthen their maths fundamentals.

A private Edinburgh maths tutor can tailor their course according to the student’s needs and closely monitor their everyday practice and improvement. This also allows maths tutors in Edinburgh to revisit maths topics where students are struggling.

What makes GoStudent the best?

You are free to choose from the hundreds of Edinburgh maths tutors. Unlike at school, GoStudent’s private maths tutoring allows you to screen your options and select the Edinburgh maths tutor under whom your child is likely to flourish. Your child will have the opportunity to work with our private maths tutor in Edinburgh to resolve their doubts and understand complicated mathematical equations and functions.

Edinburgh is home to the prestigious Edinburgh University, a university that many students across the U.K. dream of getting into. While a coveted place here can ensure your child is set up for success, this also means that a large number of students are vying for these limited spots. With GoStudent’s Edinburgh maths tutors, your child can strengthen their maths fundamentals and get the A-level scores they need to get into Edinburgh University.