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Mandini Silva
**SSH** Hi, I am Mandini. Teaching has always been a passion of mine and out of that, Mathematics is a subject that has a lot to teach and learn. I believe that there is a champ at math in every child and I would call myself a person who works very hard to bring up that champ in all my students. I have had the opportunity to tutor many young schoolers who found it difficult to grasp the subject but with my unique teaching techniques and robust lesson plans, I have successfully been able to show my students the right path to achieve a top grade in math. I am a highly organized and flexible tutor and I would confidently say that I have in-depth knowledge of the subject matter I teach. I am eagerly looking forward to meeting new students who want to explore the subject of mathematics and do great things in the future. Subject matter taught:- Mathematics: primary and secondary classes up to GCSE level.
Business Administration, Maths (Primary), Maths (lower level)
Gurjeet Kaur
Preferred Student Age group: KS3; GCSEs; A-Levels Subjects taught: English (Language and Literature) and History Exam Board Experience: GCSE English Language and English Literature - AQA; GCSE History - WJEC; A-Level English Literature - OCR; A-Level History - AQA Languages spoken: English, Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu
English, History
Ejiro Otakoro
I'm Ejiro! I'm currently studying engineering at The University of Strathclyde. I grew up in Aberdeen. My hobbies include documentaries, nature walks, and martial arts. I am keen to teach maths, physics, and chemistry as I gained Advanced Highers (A-levels) in these subject areas.
Chemistry, English, Maths (Primary), Maths (lower level), Maths (upper level), Physics
Precious Taiwo
EDUCATION Medicine at Medical University of Sofia ABOUT ME I tutor mainly GCSE Maths, Chemistry, and Biology & Primary School English. Exam Board Experience: Edexcel/OCR/AQA/IGCSE/UCAT/BMAT Preferred Student Age Group: 5-16 (KS1 - GCSE Level) Personal Info: Hey! My name is Precious. I did A-Level Maths, Chemistry & Biology. I aim to help younger students to achieve academic success and provide them with the additional attention that they wouldn't normally receive from public education. In my spare time, I enjoy playing basketball, reading, doing art, and learning the guitar. My Personal GCSEs: Maths, Physics, Chemistry, English Literature & Language, French, Geography My Personal A-Levels: Maths, Chemistry, Biology
Biology, Chemistry, English, Maths (lower level)
Harry Leslie
Lower Level: Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology and Physics GCSE: Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Physics. AS-Level: Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science, Physics. A-Level: Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science. Exam Board Experience: AQA, Edexcel (Only for Mathematics) and OCR (Only for Mathematics). Languages: English Preferred Student age group: Any About Me Hi, my name is Harry, I am currently a First Year, and would like to study Computer Science at the University of Southampton. I have taught more than 50 lessons and helped at countless seminars and sessions throughout my school, where I have worked with students from ages 11 to 18 years old. I have been able to adapt my teaching style according to the student each time. I understand that Mathematics and Sciences are sometimes challenging. However, I have several different techniques that can be useful in improving your ability, which also allowed me to achieve A*AA at A-Level and 5A/A*'s at GCSE. As for hobbies, I enjoy swimming, football and badminton. I occasionally attend sessions with friends and family to improve my fitness. I also love cooking, baking in particular, where I tend to make brownies and cupcakes most of the time.
Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Maths, Maths (lower level), Maths (upper level), Physics, Science
Callum Conway-Shaw
I have just graduated from Nottingham University with a degree in History and Politics, now working full-time as a Tutor. Subjects: Lower Level: English, Maths GCSE: English Language, English Literature, History, Politics, Citizenship A-Level: English Language, English Literature, History, Politics Degree Level: History, Politics - All exam boards welcome! - - All ages welcome! - About me: I love sports, particularly football and tennis, as well as writing and reading. I achieved three A*'s in my A-Levels, despite having my final year hampered due to Covid. I grew up in London, before attending Nottingham University. In my spare time I play for a football team (find them on Youtube "5IVE GUYS FC"!), support Arsenal, and love going out with my friends. I pride myself on a relaxed but firm teaching style, as I believe it's important to build a relationship - a rapport with the student is a crucial part of helping them improve their work. I have helped numerous students boost their grades, as well as changing their attitude towards their studies.
English, History, Maths (Primary)

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FAQs about A Levels tutoring

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If your child is about to start their A Levels or is preparing to take an A Level exam, we have some helpful insights you need to know. First of all, an A Level course is nothing like the GCSE and will be considerably more challenging. The good news is, with the right info and support, your child can ace any A Level course. We’re going to share everything you need to know, including how to find the best A Level tutor.

What is an A Level course?

A Level stands for ‘advanced level’ which gives you a good indication of how difficult it will be. Students usually work towards achieving their A Level over two years. It’s typical for a student to take three or four A Level lessons in the first year of sixth form. Then in the second year, most will only continue with three A Level lessons so they have more time to study for each A Level exam.

Are A Level lessons difficult?

The shift from GCSE level to A Level is huge in terms of difficulty. Many students get caught out and surprised, expecting it to be a gentle jump. What’s more, teachers will not be hand-holding students anymore and chasing work that is due ahead of an A Level exam.

A Levels brings an increased level of independence which you need to be prepared for and make sure your child is too. Some kids thrive on this newfound taste of adulthood, whereas others take more time to adjust and may see it as an opportunity to skive and hang out with friends instead of using free periods for studying. Don’t worry, we’re going to cover organisational skills later.

What is an A Level exam?

A Level exams happen over two years. At the end of year 12 (AS level) your child will sit an exam and then at the end of year 123 (A2 level) they will sit another exam which will test content from both years. If it sounds hard, that’s because it is.

There is a lot riding on these exams. You won’t find as much coursework involved or assessed in A Level subjects. Any A Level lessons with non-exam assessments will only make up 20% or less of your child’s final grade. That’s why nailing the exams is crucial.

Who can take A Level exams?

If your child is still deciding what GCSE subjects to take, this is important if they plan on applying for an A Level course later. Requirements can vary between different schools and colleges but generally speaking your child will need the following:

  • A minimum of five GCSE subjects with a grade of 4 - 9 (previously C - A*)

  • The grade needs to be a minimum of 6 in the subjects they want to study

When does your child need A Level online course help?

For many kids, they benefit from A Level tuition right from the start. As we mentioned, the jump from a GCSE exam to an A Level exam is more like a vertical rock climb rather than a jog up a hill.

If your child struggles with being organised or planning their study time you should consider getting external support. This person could be you, but it’s likely been a while since you faced A Levels, if that was your chosen path.

Or you could enlist a specialist A Level tutor. By choosing an A Level online course tutor, they will be able to guide your child on the best study practices and create a plan together.

By finding an A Level online tutor, your child and their chosen tutor can work collaboratively on shared docs and save your probably already stressed kid travel time. This valuable time saved can then be dedicated to studying.

Which A Level course requires A Level tutoring?

Any and every A Level course can require tutoring. That’s because every kid is different and there will always be students that fail at every single A Level course each year. The trick is to catch any signs that your child is falling behind in one of their A Level lessons early on, or even better, prevent this from happening altogether.

While we get plenty of students who need A Level tutoring for physics and maths, we have parents turn to us for help on every A Level course. You already know where your child’s strengths lie and probably have an idea of which A Level lessons they could use a confidence boost with.

Why A Level private tutoring works

A Level private tutoring is more efficient than studying alone or in study groups, although studying alone is essential and study groups can be beneficial if you find the right one. We’re not saying you need an A Level tutor 100 percent of the time. Your child will need time to reflect on concepts and revision alone and studying with peers is helpful in some cases too.

Here are our top reasons why getting an A Level tutor for your child is the icing on the cake, and how it will increase their confidence faster than any other study method and have them master their A Level course with ease.

An A Level private tutor is specialised

An A Level private tutor will have been through the process themselves already. They know their specialised A Level course/s inside out. This will give your child the advantage of hindsight and prepare them for what to expect and how to reach their goals as a result.

A Level online tutoring saves travel time

If you find your child an A Level online tutor it means precious time is saved by not travelling to an A Level private tuition agency. The majority of students feel more comfortable in their own home too as an added bonus.

An A Level online tutor widens the net

By searching for an A Level tutor online, you can literally take your pick of the top A Level tutors available. Face-to-face tutoring limits your choices to those nearby. While there could be some awesome tutors in your town or city, you are guaranteed more options online.

Level private tuition is focused

By choosing A Level private tuition, your child will get the undivided attention that they deserve. A private tutor can identify potential trouble spots for your child and focus on these. This also saves time by not going over material your child is already comfortable with.

A Level tuition gets results

A Level tutors understand the frustration and dedication that goes into studying for an A Level exam. They want to make sure that the blood, sweat, and tears will be more than worth it (and hopefully avoid the tears along the way).How do I find a good A Level tutor?

There are plenty of A Level tutors out there, so how do you find the best for your child? Here are some essential skills and prerequisites to look for in an A Level tutor, no matter which A Level course you are looking to cover.

  • They got top grades for their A Level exam

  • They got into a good university

  • They are an expert in giving A Level lessons and passionate about them

There are other aspects that will be important, especially if you are looking for a long-term partnership. You will want to match the right A Level tutor to your kid in terms of personality. This doesn’t mean you’re looking for a new friend for your child, the fewer distractions the better!

However, it does help enormously if your child can relate to their tutor and respect them. That’s why you should always look for an A Level tutoring school that offers a free trial.

How much do A Level tutors charge?

A Level tutoring rates vary wildly depending on a number of factors:

  • Where they’re based (if you are looking for a face-to-face A Level tutor in a capital city, expect to pay top prices)

  • The A Level tutor’s experience level and the number of A Level course tutoring sessions they have given

Paying for an A Level tutor is all about future-proofing your child’s success. Once they finish their A Level course they no doubt want to enter university. If they can achieve their goals now, it will open up more doors and give them the chance of getting that dream job (even if they don’t exactly know what that is right now).

Practical tips for A Level revision

Our expert tutors have some advice for A Level revision based on questions we receive regularly from students and parents.

When should I start revising for A Levels?

How much time you need to revise will depend upon how much effort you’ve put in during the year and how hard you found the content. If you feel like you kept up with everything and had no significant issues then some students find that six weeks can be adequate, but that is the minimum we see that most students need to feel comfortable.

The longer you give yourself, the calmer you can work through everything and the more practice A Level exams you can complete. Ideally, leave at least a few months for revision and longer if you are taking more than three A Level lessons.

How do you revise for A Levels?

The reason that leaving ample time is important is that just reading over your notes and books isn’t enough to solidify the information in your brain. The first thing you need to do is to plan a study timetable so you can be sure you have time to revise everything in detail.

You need to factor in breaks and days off so you can relax and let your brain process everything. A good revision schedule will tell you how much time you need to complete your A Level revision.

Depending on how you learn, flashcards and mind maps are often useful. So is writing down what you have learned and taking new notes while you’re revising your books and notes. By not just passively absorbing the information, your recall will be much better.

That’s why practising A Level exams is so important. A Level online tutoring specialists will be able to provide guidance on A Level revision and give your child access to more A Level exam practice.

You need A Level online revision

Your child will end up with a pile of notes, books, and online docs all relating to one A Level course. Organising study material online, in one area is very beneficial.

Our dedicated A Level online tutors will provide your child with homework and exam papers to practise. Your child can feel confident that they have the right material and depth of content to set them up for their A Level exam. All of the steps they need to follow will be online, in one place.

At GoStudent, we make sure that every one of our professional and experienced A Level tutors has been there, aced that. All our tutors have been hand-selected after a vigorous admissions process and then undergone training. We will analyse your needs and find the best A Level tutor to match your kid’s objectives so they can get on with reaching their goals.

Your child will receive a tailor-made learning plan and we will keep you up-to-date on their progress. That’s what makes GoStudent the number one rated global tutoring school. We have the perfect tutor for everyone. Book your free trial lesson today and breathe a sigh of relief because we’ve got this.