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Alicia Reiff
Currently Teaching: Primary and Middle School: German IGCSE: German Adult Lessons: Beginner German and conversational practice Experience with: IGCSE, IBDP, Leaving Cert Languages: German and English Preferred student age group: Primary, Middle School & GCSE Adults About me: I am a lifelong learner, passionate about designing experiences, connecting communities, creating value, and bridging differences. Being in Hospitality I love to travel and discover new cultures and places, I enjoy Swimming, Hockey, and cooking. Entertaining friends and family whenever possible. I have an active teaching style which includes lots of interaction and engagement, I am organised and I believe I am a patient and kind tutor.
11+, Arts, English, German, Primary
Hannah Barker
Are you looking for a dedicated, friendly, reliable tutor to help you/your child achieve success? Then please read on: Subjects: I am available and qualified to teach from EYFS all the way up to GCSE Level in English, Maths, History, Science, Art, Religious Education, Citizenship, PSHE and all EYFS foundation-based skills. This includes any re-take GCSE exams for college pupils. I am a conscientious, hard-working person who can adapt her skill set to what is required. I have spent my career working as part of a team supporting children through different stages in life such as EYFS, Primary and High School, I am able to work as a strong individual to ensure that my pupils reach their fullest potential. I have a creative flare however am able to work to structure and form when required. I pride myself in being approachable and enjoy getting to know my pupils in order to fully promote a good working ethic as a team and individuals. My hobbies include Art and Design, watching films with my family, outings, crafts, cooking and baking, painting, and computer games. I enjoy swimming, netball, rounders and going to the gym. I love many different genres of Films and TV programs - however, a few of my favourites include Disney, Marvel, Harry Potter, Downton Abbey, and The Crown just to list a small selection. I enjoy quizzes and board games too. My favourite place in the UK is the Lake District. I have been to many overseas countries and enjoyed them all, I would love to go to America to travel - I would also just like to travel more in general! I enjoy all manner of subjects, especially those that I can really get stuck into and research further. I have experience working with SEN pupils and have spent my career in this field for the past 5 years. I am up for any challenge and would love to help any young mind develop and shine.
Arts, English, History, Maths, Maths (upper level), Primary

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