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Mia Brennan
I am a 19 year old who completed my A-levels this year, I am currently on a gap year. Next year I am going to study maths at Kings College London, my passion in maths is one of the reasons I have became a tutor. Passing on the tips and tricks that got me a A* will be very enjoyable. I only tutor A-level maths.
Maths (upper level)
Samiha Anam Medha
I am known by my peers to be a highly enthusiastic, young healthcare student with a positive attitude towards learning. I have a keen interest in helping pupils excel in their studies by making it easier for them to reach their goals through an adaptable teaching style to meet each student’s needs.
11+, Chemistry, English, Maths (lower level)
Noureldin Amer
Hi there! I am Nour, an international student from Alexandria, Egypt. I completed a Master of Science in Astrophysics at the university of Glasgow in 2022, achieving a merit class. I obtained a Bachelor of Science in Physics with Astrophysics from Northumbria university where I graduated with a first class honours. Throughout my academic career, I was never fully satisfied with how the majority of my teachers or lecturers taught us. I realised that they all had three common mistakes, a poor introduction to the topic/lesson, over-complicating straightforward topics, and not providing context/meaning to the topics involved. My teaching methodology mainly focuses on delivering topics in the easiest and most straightforward way, all accompanied by a sensible introduction and a meaningful context. I suggest students to send me their topics of interest or their topics' material in advance of sessions. I teach Maths at the following levels: - National 5 - Scottish Highers and Advanced highers -IGCSE - A-levels -Undergraduate Physics and Maths modules/courses. -Postgraduate Physics and Maths modules/courses. My experience as a tutor is that I have started my own tutoring company in 2019 in Alexandria, Egypt. The company's staff and I used to tutor Engineering and Science students by applying the aforementioned teaching techniques. I also work as Maths tutor on since 2021. Lastly, I worked as a maths and physics tutor in Newcastle upon Tyne and Glasgow either online or networking-based tutoring.
Maths (Primary), Maths (lower level), Maths (upper level)
Muskan Soni
My name is Muskan Soni and I'm currently studying biomedical science at University. Maths is also one of my strengths, I love solving tricky questions and learning the steps of how the answer was found. Making learning enjoyable engages the students and that's what I'm here for. Helping out others and supporting them on the learning curve to develop themselves in a particular area of study is my aim. Besides education, sports is my main hobby and love playing Netball whenever I can.
Maths (Primary), Maths (lower level)
Aashika Gandhi
Lower level- Maths, biology and chemistry GCSE- Maths, biology and chemistry A-level- Biology and Chemistry About me: I am in my final year studying Biochemistry at University of Birmingham and I will be attending Imperial College London in September to continue my studies toward a masters degree in applied biosciences and biotechnology. I am a very ambitious student always eager to learn and share my knowledge with others. Over the years I have built up many skills that have enabled me to become a good tutor. I am a positive person, very organised with an in depth knowledge about my subjects. I am adaptable and can cater to all students of all levels with previous experience in tutoring my friends and family over the years. My sister is currently doing GCSE in all three subjects so I am aware about the exam curriculums and have a lot of practice with exam style questions. I also enjoy to spend time with children as I previously used to volunteer for my local scout association where I would teach the children new skills in order to acquire their badges.
Biology, Chemistry, Maths (lower level)
Daher Salameh
Lower Level: Math, Physics, Biology, Chemistry GSCE: Math, Physics, Biology, Chemistry A-level: Math and Physics Higher Level: Math and Physics I have extensive experience in AQA, Edexcel, and OCR exam boards. Languages: English (Bilingual Proficiency), Arabic (Native), French (Elementary Proficiency), Hungarian (Elementary Proficiency) Preferred student age group: Any Apart from Math and Physics, I like working on cars, doing calisthenics, and solving puzzles like the Rubik's cube.
Biology, Chemistry, Maths (Primary), Maths (lower level), Maths (upper level), Physics, Science

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