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Mayowa Amolegbe
Levels and Subjects I teach: - English literature and language GCSE - Media GCSE Exam Board Experience: - AQA - Pearson Edexcel - OCR Languages: - English fluently - Conversational Yoruba Preferred age group: - GCSE, Year 11 About me: I am second year English Literature undergraduate at the University of Warwick. I love working with young people and look forward to teaching some of my favourite subjects!
English, Media
Laith Alobaidi
I have always been drawn to the power of storytelling, and have nurtured this passion through my BA (Hons) in English Literature from the University of Exeter. I am a frequent writer of short fiction, creative non-fiction, and poetry and am currently studying for an MA in Creative Writing. For the past four years I have worked primarily as a private English tutor, with the majority of my students being GCSE and A-Level candidates. As a student myself I was lucky enough to have exceptional teachers and tutors who not only instilled their enthusiasm for the subject in me, but also gave me the confidence needed to achieve my full potential. These principles form the foundation of my own tutoring, and it is of vital importance to me that students feel they are obtaining valuable skills and knowledge which will serve them for life. Following the Covid-19 pandemic I sought to provide some stability and reassurance to students given the unprecedented disruption to their education and I feel very fortunate to say that I have supported them in achieving, and often exceeding, their target grades. Exam boards I have experience with include: AQA, Edexcel, OCR, & WJEC. I primarily teach secondary school students. Specialising in GCSE & A-Level. My SEND experience includes working with students who have Dyslexia, ADHD, and ASD.
Jesus Gomez Ferreira
What I teach: - Spanish (GCSE preparation) - Spanish as a second language for adults *Accredited DELE examiner (official Spanish as a second language test) *I speak English proficiently and Spanish as a native speaker. My strong points as a tutor: - Tailoring and framing content so that the learner can approach their goals more dynamically or in a way which is relatable to them. - Training the student to know how to learn more efficiently in order not to lose motivation. - Setting goals and milestones to track progress and see visible results. When I'm not teaching, researching, or improving my online business, you'll find me reading, walking, learning to play the guitar, playing a videogame, or secretly complaning about bad teaching.
English, Spanish
Anisa Hussain
Hello! My name is Anisa and I’m a student at University of Birmingham, studying Human Biology. I have extensive experience teaching online at GoStudent as well as in person. Despite the science themed degree, I love to teach English Language as well as Biology, Chemistry at GCSE (AQA) My GCSE results; English language (9), English literature (7), Chemistry (9), Biology (8) A-level grades: English literature and language: A* Biology: A Chemistry: B EPQ: A I like to make lessons more 'fun' or engaging whilst ensuring content is delivered to the best standard and grades improve :) All my students enjoy my lessons due to the mixture of teaching styles, whilst blending an intense learning session with a laid-back demeanour. Love to see you and your children soon!
Biology, Chemistry, English, Other
Anna Shahbazyan
** TS Hero ** Primary level: English, Maths, Russian GCSE: English, Maths, Russian A-level: English, Russian University level: English, Russian Languages: English, Russian Preferred student age group: Primary level/GCSE level About me: Hello, my name is Anna, and I study Business and Diplomacy. Education has always been my passion. I started volunteering as a private tutor at the age of 16, and as more profound my love for kids grew, I decided to continue working as a private tutor. I believe that every child is unique and enormous potential; all they need is a fun way of introducing the material. Therefore, I am inviting all the parents and students to join me on the journey of self-development and achieving all the goals. I like to take long walks or ride my bike during my free time, go swimming or read.
11+, Economics, English, Maths (lower level), Other, Russian
Fatima Sharif
Hi, I am Fatima,a medical student at the University Of Leeds :) I really enjoy tutoring and aim to bring that enthusiasm to every lesson. The prospect of helping students not just understand the content, but hopefully appreciate how fascinating these subjects can be, is a genuinely exciting thought! To wind down,I like to spend time with my family and friends,exploring new places and seeing new things. I am also a passionate baker,having a specific interest in the creation of sweet treats!I I enjoy watching medical dramas and crime shows!
Biology, Chemistry, English, Maths (lower level), Maths (upper level)

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FAQs about English tutoring

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Frequently Asked Questions about English tutoring

How English tutoring improves students' confidence

An online English tutor can be beneficial for many reasons. Tutoring helps students with their English-related skills, such as reading and writing which are fundamental English language skills that are vital throughout school and university - regardless of the subject they're studying.

Students might worry that English tuition will be hard work and boring. However, with an English tutor from GoStudent, online lessons can be tailored to the students' needs. Studying English can really be fun!

A private English tutor can be crucial for students who are studying English (or linguistics). These kinds of online classes teach how the English language is used as well as its history and development. An English tutor can be very beneficial as they provide students with the support they need to get better grades at school or university.

Another benefit of online tutoring is that it helps with vocabulary skills. Learning new words and definitions will help you in any subject, not just English class. Students will be able to communicate their thoughts clearly and confidently with a large vocabulary and mastery of the English language.

To summarise, having an English tutor can help with both English language skills and improving grades. It also helps students understand the English language better which makes it easier for them to learn new words and concepts. Try private English tutoring and look forward to becoming an English expert in no time.

The advantages of studying English

The study of English refers to the study of language and literature. Studying the English language involves more technical aspects such as grammar and vocabulary. Whereas English literature focuses on text analysis and creative writing.

English literature is just as varied as the students who study it. There are a lot of different authors and works that are studied in schools. Some students focus on Shakespeare while others focus on Chaucer or Jane Austen. The best part is, there's something for everyone.

English is one of the most essential subjects in the national curriculum. All students are required to pass English exams at primary while English also makes up one of the three core GCSE subjects.

Studying an undergraduate or master's course in English is also hugely rewarding. Students not only learn a great deal about the English language, they will also be introduced to radically different ways of understanding and explaining the world.

List of benefits of studying English:

  • A broad understanding of English literature as a whole

  • A broad understanding of the English language as a whole

  • Easier to gain work in English related jobs

  • Knowledge and insight into other cultures and worldviews

  • Build academic networks

  • New insight into other disciplines

  • Cultural knowledge and understanding

Apart from broadening cultural and linguistic knowledge, studying English can also open the door to a wide range of career opportunities such as:

  • Teacher

  • Editor

  • Writer or journalist

  • Lawyer

There is an ever growing English teaching job market. There’s potential for people who study English to teach English either at home or even overseas where the demand might be higher than in their home country.

English tuition for primary school

Having a private English tutor at primary school is an excellent way to maintain a good standard of English and prepare for the future. Studying reading and writing will help students with their English language skills in general. Furthermore, learning about different authors and works may very well ignite a passion for reading and creative writing, laying the foundation for studying English at a higher level.

When students are in primary school, English tutors can help them develop their skills and understand the subject more. Pupils can work on English comprehension with an English tutor- which could lead to better results at secondary level, reducing the need for more intense tuition when it comes to exam time.

English exam preparation and English revision classes

GCSE exams are the qualifications students take at the age of 16. GCSE English is considered to provide a solid foundation for studying more advanced humanities courses at a higher level. Some of the skills taught throughout the GCSE course are writing essays, reading comprehension and text analysis.

GCSE English focuses on two different texts and tests students’ understanding of both, as well as their analytical skills. One text is modern, potentially a poem or play from the twentieth century, while the other is an older piece, like Shakespeare or Austen.

The GCSE exam also includes an unseen essay that tests students' ability to write a variety of pieces, such as a persuasive text.

Preparing for the GCSE English exam with a tutor will help students understand the vital elements of essay writing such as structure, language and grammar

If students who study English at GCSE level choose to go on and study English Language & Literature at A-level, it's extremely important for them to achieve a solid GCSE foundation.

A good way to do so is by working together with a tutor. English tutors are a great option for students who want to get ahead in their studies. Not only will they work with a tutor on a one on one basis, they will boost their confidence and passion for the subject.

Beyond GCSE there is of course English A level. The importance of studying English at a higher level should not be underestimated. English skills are used by almost everyone in their day to day life - from communicating with colleagues and authorities, writing formal texts and letters, to expressing yourself effectively, mastery of the English language is a valuable skill.

An English A level is a qualification that focuses on the study of English literature, poetry and drama. It's one of the most popular qualifications studied in schools as it combines literary elements with language study.

English A level is assessed in two parts: coursework and exams. Exams require students to analyse texts, considering things like historical context and the social and moral codes of the era. Many students struggle with these complex texts and themes but help is available. An English tutor can help students develop their skills and knowledge so that they are fully prepared for the exams ahead of time.

English tuition can be useful both for the coursework and the final exam. Here's what English tutors are able to provide:

  • Exam technique training

  • Essay writing practice

  • Speaking, listening and vocabulary development

Online English tutoring at degree level

An English degree is a broad course that covers many different texts and subjects from different periods. It can be studied as an undergraduate or master's degree, and the course includes analysis of the following:

  • Poetry

  • Drama

  • Prose fiction (novels)

  • Non fiction

An English degree also includes the study of linguistics, which is the scientific analysis of language. Students can choose to focus on subjects such as medieval English literature or contemporary English literature as part of the course.

At undergraduate level, there is a large amount of writing involved with each course, and students are required to produce essays of at least 2500 words. The English tutors available with GoStudent are on hand and can help with essay planning and provide further writing support.

There are many different research areas that students can specialize in with an English degree. Some fields of study include literature, linguistics and writing studies.

A list of some of the most popular English research fields include:

  • English and American novels

  • English Renaissance

  • English Victorianism

The best part is, English is a very flexible subject and students can choose what they want to focus on!

In addition, there are many different types of English research areas that students might be interested in. Some fields include literary history; creative writing studies; comparative literature or even linguistics.

At GoStudent we have English tutors available who are qualified and experienced at university level. We have the right tutor for you no matter what your speciality may be.

An online English tutor can also help students discover their own personal interests and create a learning programme that covers any part of the curriculum they feel like they need to focus on. English tutors can also help students understand where their weaknesses are in their written work and help them to improve their writing style.