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Paola Diaz
I'm a friendly and enthusiastic teacher of Spanish who loves teaching, learning and studying. I'm a teacher of English and Spanish. I've studied to teach both languages. I really enjoy teaching Spanish and showing my culture to all those who want to learn. I've been teaching for 23 years and I've been tutoring online for 5 years. So, I'm patient and enthusiastic. When I teach, I cater for communication and I try to develop the intercultural competence in all my students. I'm a M.A. in Contemporary Literature written in English. I wrote my thesis on the novel The Whale Rider by Witi Ihimaera. I love tea. In fact I'm a tea sommelier (I have a certificate) and I enjoy tasting different teas and blends. I'm fond of nature and outdoor activities. I'm interestered in literature and films, especially in The Hunger Games and Star Wars (my kids names start with LS like Luke and Leia Skywalker). Lower level: English as a second language and Spanish GSCE: Spanish A levels: Spanish Higher level: Spanish Languages: Spanish native speaker and teacher. English (I'm a graduated EFL teacher and MA in Contemporary Literature written in English and Fulbrighter) Preferred student age  group: Any I get on well with children, teenagers and adults.
English, Spanish
Hawi Adamu
I am a BSc Economics graduate from the University of Nottingham I teach GCSE and A Level Business Studies and Economics. Having been a tutor for over 14 months, I have helped students achieve As and A*s in their studies, empowering them to reach their goals and get into top universities. I ensure that all of my lessons are tailored to the needs of my students and I aim to instil confidence in their abilities as I believe this is integral to their success.
Economics, English, Maths (lower level)
Charbel Chraim
Masters 2 in English language and Literature - Bachelor degree in Education 3+ years of experience as a years 6-7-8 School English Teacher 2+ years with 700+ Lessons delivered at Go Student Languages: fluent in English, French and Arabic ☆→ Helped over 15+ AQA GCSE students prepare for their exam board tests going over language and literature papers. I can note that students engaging with these exam boards are in dire need of guidance to navigate text extracts and adeptly craft well-structured answers. → Preferred age group: any level above year 7 (Native or EFL learner) - Mainly AQA GCSE - iGCSE- AS and A levels - OCR - Pearson Edexcel exam boards Go Student Experience: - AQA GCSE, iGCSE - Pearson Edexcel, AS and A levels - University Levels: English for academic and specific purposes (EAP-ESP) - Exam board experience: national exam boards & entry exams ☆Language is perspective. Language is not just a tool for communication, it's rather a reflection of how we see ourselves, our world and culture. I'm currently writing my thesis on sexism and gender bias to help promote social justice by teaching politically correct language. In light of my recent research in the fields of teaching methodologies, language acquisition and sociolinguistics I learned that each student has a unique mind and uses different techniques to learn. Hence, my responsibility entails guiding each individual to unlock their complete cognitive potential. Presently, I hold the role of an EFL tutor for grade 8 students at a French educational establishment. With aspirations towards achieving my PH.D. degree, I find great satisfaction in participating in webinars hosted by Noam Chomsky. During my leisure hours, football captivates my attention, providing a welcome diversion from scholarly pursuits.
Prisha Jagota
I live in London! My favourite things to do are listening to music and travelling. I love sports- my favourite hobby is weightlifting and I have a brown-stripe belt in karate. My favourite subject in school was Spanish- I even took modules at university!
11+, English, Maths (Primary), Other, Spanish
Aashvi Maganti
I am a medical student with previous experience tutoring 11+ (CEM and GL), core GCSE subjects (+ history) and A-Level Chemistry and Biology. I did my A-levels in Chemistry, Biology, Maths, and Further maths and also opted to do an EPQ. I enjoy working with students of all ages and believe that learning is supposed to be fun. Hence, I like to adapt my teaching methods to ensure that the sessions are tailored to meet the needs of individual students and they feel comfortable asking any questions that arise during teaching sessions. I enjoy playing chess, reading books and watching different series on Netflix during my spare time. I am currently fluent in 3 languages and am learning 2 new languages, one of which is Latin!
11+, Biology, Chemistry, English, History, Maths (Primary), Maths (lower level)
Tania Sawlani
Introduction: Hi! My name is Tania. I study a Law LLB at the University of Warwick. I achieved A*A*AAA in English Language & Literature, Law, Sociology and EPQ. Despite my results I wasn't always the best with exams. However, I persevered and used a couple tricks up my sleeve to not only memorise content but understand it. I have tutored many students across many age ranges and I can guarentee a high success rate after. Exam Boards: I have experience in both Edexcel & AQA exam boards for English Lit & Lang GCSE. However, at A-Level English, I specialise in OCR. For Sociology, I have experience in AQA & for Law A-Level in specialise in OCR. Languages: I can speak Bangla at a beginner level as I am Bengali/Indian. However, I can also understand, but not speak (unfortunately!) Hindi & Urdu. Age Group: My preferred age group to teach is - 12-18. Personal: I enjoy gaming, watching movies & having fun days out with my friends. I love shows like the Office & Shameless and think as I am a student myself I can really create a good rapport with students.
English, Law, Social Studies

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