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Shah Gul
Lower level: Biology, Chemistry and Physics GCSE, Edexcel, and Irish Exam Board Higher level: Biology, Chemistry Exam Board: GCSE, Aqa, and Edexcel. Languages: Urdu, English, and Baluchi Preferred Student age group: (Any/Primary/GCSE/A-level) Hello, I'm Shah Gul, a passionate science enthusiast and a Medicine student. I have been actively involved in a science-based organization where I taught students using experimental instruments. With a strong background in science and being a Medicine student myself, I am well-equipped to provide comprehensive tutoring. I am exam-oriented and prioritize addressing the specific needs of my students, ensuring a friendly and supportive learning environment.
Biology, Chemistry, Science
Olivia Álvarez Giorgi
IGCSE: Maths, English, Biology, Physical Education, French, Spanish, Geography, Business A-Level: Spanish, French, Geography, Economics Uni Level: Engish, Political Science Exam board exp: Cambridge/Pearson Edexcel Experience with: KS3/KS4/KS5 Languages: Spanish English French Preferred student age group: Any About me: My name is Olivia, and I’m a Spanish student at the University of Amsterdam coursing the Bachelor in Political Science. On June 2021, I obtained my A-Level Cambridge certification after finishing my schooling at a British school, the British Montessori in Madrid. For my A-Levels, I studied Economics, Geography, French, and Spanish, obtaining grades A in the three first and an A* in the latter one. Living in the Netherlands, as a Spanish international student has made me realize how wonderful the Spanish language is and how much I miss it. Thus, I would love to transmit this feeling to students who are willing to learn Spanish and French in a fun and exciting way
English, French, Geography, Spanish
Moyinoluwa Oluwadayomi
Hello!! My name is Moyin and I am a medical student. I was previously given the opportunity to help teach pupils in primary and secondary schools and this was something I enjoyed and decided I would like to pursue further. Aside from academics, I enjoy music, singing, dance, and cycling.
Biology, Chemistry
Jesus Gomez Ferreira
What I teach: - Spanish (GCSE preparation) - Spanish as a second language for adults *Accredited DELE examiner (official Spanish as a second language test) *I speak English proficiently and Spanish as a native speaker. My strong points as a tutor: - Tailoring and framing content so that the learner can approach their goals more dynamically or in a way which is relatable to them. - Training the student to know how to learn more efficiently in order not to lose motivation. - Setting goals and milestones to track progress and see visible results. When I'm not teaching, researching, or improving my online business, you'll find me reading, walking, learning to play the guitar, playing a videogame, or secretly complaning about bad teaching.
English, Spanish
Marlon Hidalgo
I'm a student at the university of Bath and if there's one thing you should know about me, it's that I love mathematics. From simple word problems to integrating complex functions, mathematics is a powerful (and beautiful) tool in understanding the world we live in.
Maths (lower level), Maths (upper level)
Sarita Kumari
Lower level: Maths GCSE: Maths 11+ verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning, Maths and English Exam Board Experience: Edexcel, OCR Language: English (native), Hindi (spoken), Punjabi (intermediate) Tutoring experience: private Maths tutor for primary school and lower secondary school students for almost 3 years now, Maths prefect at school meant I volunteered time to tutor peers for GCSE and younger year students. Preferred student age group: Primary/GCSE I'm currently in my final year studying BSc Politics and International Relations at the London School of Economics and Political Science. I love keeping up with the news and reading a lot of different materials, especially fiction books! To relax and in my free time, I write, paint and also play the piano; this helps give me a break from my university work and helps me destress.
11+, Economics, Maths (Primary), Maths (lower level)

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