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Tas J
I am a positive, energetic and knowledgeable teacher who seeks to help every single one of my students. My goal every day is to have an impact on young individuals. I am also hard-working and driven and mostly not afraid to face a challenge. I'm passionate about my work and I know how to get the job done correctly . I would describe myself as an open and honest person who doesn't believe in misleading other people and try to be fair in everything I do.
Biology, Chemistry, History
Samiha Anam Medha
I am known by my peers to be a highly enthusiastic, young healthcare student with a positive attitude towards learning. I have a keen interest in helping pupils excel in their studies by making it easier for them to reach their goals through an adaptable teaching style to meet each student’s needs.
11+, Chemistry, English, Maths (lower level)
Bradley Clarke
Levels & Subjects I Teach Lower Level: Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Maths GCSE Level: Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Maths A-Level: Chemistry, Biology, Maths Higher Level: Chemistry Exam Board: AQA Edexcel Languages: English French (to an AS Level standard, although fairly rusty!) SEND I do not have much experience with children with additional needs although I am very much open to gaining some! Preferred Age Group: GCSE A Level About Me I graduated from Brighton University with a Master's in Chemistry and spent two years working on Vantablack (have a look on YouTube!). I have since spent the last year travelling around the world with my partner, seeing some amazing things! I absolutely love playing guitar, listening to music and reading. I also very much enjoy learning languages. I'm currently trying to learn some Japanese!
Chemistry, Maths (Primary), Maths (lower level)
Jay Fraser
Hello! I am a doctoral student in English Literature at the University of Lincoln, having completed my BA at Lincoln in 2019, and having completed my teacher training (PGCE) at the University of Hull. After this, I then began tutoring whilst I completed my MA in English Literature, graduating in 2022. I write both fiction and non-fiction work in my private life, being published online and in print, and I hope that I can share my love of the subject with you. I am also published in media studies and literary theory by a variety of academic publishers, most recently Palgrave, and have several more chapters due for publication in the next 18 months. I teach English, both literature and language, to GCSE and A Level students - primarily within the AQA specification, although I also have familiarity with Edexcel. Though less common, I am also comfortable tutoring undergraduate English Literature. My tutoring is therefore best suited to students aged 11 and up. For those students looking towards their exams, or just wanting to get ahead of the curve, you are in the right place. The best tutors help students achieve their goals and embrace the subject, rather than sticking to a pre-arranged script, so I hope that we can work out the best path for your learning together.
Kuncha Ako
Hi there! Thanks for checking out my profile. My name is Kuncha and I offer GCSE and A level Biology and Chemistry tuition along with Maths up to GCSEs. I am currently a student at UCL studying Masters of Pharmacy. Therefore, I can say with confidence that I have a deep understanding of Biology and Chemistry and use my experience to help you get the best grades you can achieve! My lessons are interactive and tailored to each student. I would go through topics you struggle with and we will work on your weaknesses together. This way I can make sure you stop making silly mistakes, gain confidence and reach your goal. I am patient, encouraging and clear with explanations. Through tons of exam practice (which i will be providing you with), mini quizzes and going through the content together, I am confident that your weaknesses will be strengths by the end of each session. Please do not hesitate to book a free meeting in which we can get to know each other better and discuss how I can help. Hope to meet you soon!
Biology, Chemistry, Maths (Primary), Maths (lower level)
Megan Wharrier
I am a Qualified Teacher specialising in GCSE and A Level Business Studies and Economics. I hold a Master's Degree in Business Management and a PGCE Teaching Qualification. I also have classroom teaching experience and I also work as an examiner. My usual tutoring hours are Monday to Thursday 10am - 6:30pm and occasional Saturday mornings (10am to 12 noon). Unfortunately I cannot hold sessions outside of these hours due to other work commitments. Exam Boards: Business Studies: AQA, Edexcel, Eduquas, WJEC. Economics: AQA, OCR, Edexcel, Eduquas, WJEC. Language: English (Mother Tongue)
Business Administration, Economics, Maths (Primary)

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