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Maria P
Subjects I teach: Biology (GCSE, A-level, National 5, Higher, Advanced Higher) Chemistry (GCSE, A-level, National 5, Higher, Advanced Higher) Maths (GCSE, National 5, Higher) Physics (GCSE, National 5) Science (GCSE, National 5) Medicine (UKAT, BMAT, interviews and applications) Russian and Japanese (depending on level and goal of pupil, but have experience teaching Japanese from basics, so if you want to have a go at studying a language, get in touch!) I am ideally looking for GCSE/National 5 level pupils at the moment. I am a 5th-year medical student at University College London (UCL). In 2022, I gained a first-class honours degree in Immunology, Infection and Cell Pathology at UCL. I was additionally awarded the David Katz Project Presentation Prize for my Neuroscience research project at the Francis Crick Institute. I have attended seven schools in four countries (Munich, Berkley, Los Angeles, Tokyo, St Andrews), which gave me a wealth of experience with different educational systems. Prior to starting university, I worked for two years as a laboratory intern in one of the world-leading virology laboratories at the University of St Andrews, focussing on novel vaccines and antiviral treatments. I am bilingual (English and Russian), and also fluent in Japanese. I am a qualified Japanese-English translator and have worked as an online translator for many years. In my spare time, I enjoy playing tennis and had been a first-team captain of both the UCL medical women's team and the London inter-university teams. My strong academic background in mathematics, science, and languages, combined with my passion for helping students learn and achieve their goals, has resulted in a proven track record of success in tutoring students of all levels.
11+, Biology, Chemistry, Maths (Primary), Maths (lower level), Physics, Science
Leticia Adams
GCSE: Maths A-Levels: Economics, Accounting University Level: Accounting Exam Board: AQA, OCR, Edexcel Experience with: KS1 - KS4 and higher Experience with disability/ special needs: ADHD and Dyslexia Languages: English Preferred Student Group: Primary to GCSE (for Maths) and Any level for Accounting and Economics Hi my name is Leticia. I am currently an Investment Analyst. I did my degree in Accounting and Finance with a year of studies abroad. I currently have a Master's degree in Finance. I am very enthusiastic about numbers and have spent years volunteering abroad teaching maths and also providing one-to-one maths tutoring in my community and in tutoring centers. I do all I can to tailor the structure of the tutoring to the need of all my students. Alongside providing tutoring to students, I do provide Maths tutoring to adults who require a maths certificate for a given profession. I am familiar and confident with the GCSE maths curriculum and with my strong background in accounting and finance, I am able to support anyone who needs help in understanding the principles and all the modules in Accounting and finance, and also supporting them with coursework and dissertations. I currently work remotely and therefore able to work on Zoom with any student during this pandemic. I am easy to talk to and always endeavor to understand all my students from the onset. Please contact me with any queries.
11+, Economics, Maths (lower level), Maths (upper level)
Jasmin Leaworthy
** TS Hero ** Hello, my name is Jasmin and I am able to tutor the following subjects. KS1, 2 and 3: Maths and science. GCSE: Maths, Chemistry, Biology, Physics. A-level: Biology, Chemistry and maths. I have experience with most of the main exam boards used by schools in the UK, including AQA, Edexcel, OCR and WJEC. Currently, I am studying for an integrated masters degree in Biochemistry at the University of Exeter.
Biology, Chemistry, Maths (lower level), Physics
Michael Bekoe
11+: Maths GCSE: Maths, Chemistry, Physics, Latin, Chinese (reading + writing) A-Level: Maths, Chemistry, Physics IB: Maths, Chemistry, Physics, Latin Uni Level: Foundation Maths, Foundation Chemistry, Foundation Physics, Maths modules in Engineering degrees. Other: ATPL Theory, PPL Theory Exam Board Experience: 11+ Dartford and Bexley entry, AQA, Edexcel, WJEC, IB Experience with: KS2 + KS3 + KS4 + KS5 Previous TSH My main strengths lie in exam preparation and explaining questions that link together multiple subjects. I specialise in Maths, Chemistry and Physics for GCSE, A Level and IB and Maths for 11+ students. I can provide a focused lesson so that the student will always feel like they have accomplished something in the lesson. Languages: English Experience with disabilities/special needs: Preferred student age group: Any About me: My main hobbies are playing a variety of games on my computer and watching Formula 1. I am passionate about anything motorsport as I am fascinated by the speed and the technical complexities of the vehicles. I aspire to be a commercial pilot and therefore I am highly interested in anything aviation. I have completed all my ATPL exams so can offer any help regarding them. I have a varied range of music I enjoy listening to.
11+, Chemistry, Maths (Primary), Maths (lower level), Maths (upper level), Physics
Precious Taiwo
EDUCATION Medicine at Medical University of Sofia ABOUT ME I tutor mainly GCSE Maths, Chemistry, and Biology & Primary School English. Exam Board Experience: Edexcel/OCR/AQA/IGCSE/UCAT/BMAT Preferred Student Age Group: 5-16 (KS1 - GCSE Level) Personal Info: Hey! My name is Precious. I did A-Level Maths, Chemistry & Biology. I aim to help younger students to achieve academic success and provide them with the additional attention that they wouldn't normally receive from public education. In my spare time, I enjoy playing basketball, reading, doing art, and learning the guitar. My Personal GCSEs: Maths, Physics, Chemistry, English Literature & Language, French, Geography My Personal A-Levels: Maths, Chemistry, Biology
Biology, Chemistry, English, Maths (lower level)
Berenice Gress
Bonjour! I'm a native French woman now living in England, and I'm willing to help you improve your French. From spelling to grammar, including exam training I'm happy to teach you everything you need to succeed! After a first meeting, we will determine your goals, and I will create a program adapted to your needs, all of it in a safe environment. I adapt easily to your requests, I'm patient and professional and I will be more than happy to help you reach your goals and answer your questions. Contact me now, and let's work together!

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