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Tasnim Begum
**SSH** Hello, My name is Tasnim. I am a Psychology (BSc) graduate and I enjoy reading and writing as well as supporting others with their work as I tutor in various different subjects. I look forward to meeting new students and helping them with their work and revision.
Chemistry, English, Other, Physics, Social Studies
George McLaughlin
Hi there, my name is George and I developed a real passion for maths a science during my gcse years having not always been the biggest fan previously to this period and have found great fulfilment in developing my skills ever since. I now study physics at the university of Bristol and would not have got here if it wasn’t for some of my excellent teaching mentors so anything I can do to replicate this is an exciting opportunity for me. Having taken my exams so recently where I found some crafty shortcuts and developed easy strategies to assure me I could do well and guarantee me correct answers to certain questions that came up over and over again in previous years exams. All of which I really feel any student can implement to reduce at least some of the stress of these tricky years. I understand the importance of hobbies outside of the school work, with me personally enjoying all sports outside of my studies, particularly football, basketball and running.
Chemistry, Maths (lower level), Maths (upper level), Physics
Henry Levell
Hi! My name is Henry. I’m a foruth year student at Warwick University. I’ve studied Spanish for 6 years and am currently studying it at University as well as Chinese and Linguistics. I look forward to meeting you and speaking Spanish with you. As well as teaching Spanish, I also teach Maths as I studied it up to A level and have tutored Maths for 3 years.
Maths (lower level), Spanish
Anna Hendry
Hi everyone! I am a current third year student studying French and Spanish at Durham University. I’ve been a tutor for about three years and enjoy sharing my passion for languages as well as other subjects with my students. I always try to make my sessions fun and interactive!
11+, History, Maths (Primary), Spanish
Anila Zaman
I am a third year medical student at Hull York Medical School, who has tutored in the past and I am glad to start tutoring again to help support students on their educational journey. I worked as an in school tutor during my gap year to help support students achieve their targeted grades especially GCSE students. During the pandemic I shifted to online and so I am confidently able to teach online. I enjoy reading, writing and watching TV shows in my spare time to help unwind from my course. I am always willing to help students who aspire to be medical students and answer any questions they have as well.
Biology, Chemistry, Maths (lower level), Maths (upper level)
Komal Ashfaq
I am native Italian with 3 more fluent languages which are Urdu, Punajbi and English. I can help you learn Italian, Maths (Gcse), English and Law along with Gcse level Sciences and A-level Psychology. I can also help you develop revision strategies that work best for you, and if you left revision for the last week before the exam, I can help you make efficient use of the limited time you have left to get the best grade possible. All year groups are welcome and all exam boards are open to choose from.
11+, Italian, Maths (Primary), Maths (lower level), Maths (upper level)

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