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At some stage in their schooling, your kid is going to have to tackle Algebra lessons. This may be something they find hugely exciting or just the mere mention of the topic scares them (don’t worry, this is quite common). If your kid wants to ace their Algebra exam or needs help understanding some of the concepts, we are going to share a number of recommendations including where to find the best Algebra tutoring for them.

What does an Algebra course teach?

The word Algebra comes from “al-jabr” in Arabic, which means “reunion of broken parts”. Algebra is a broad area of maths that at its most basic level is about the solving of equations.

How do Algebra lessons help in real-life situations?

You may hear your kid tell you it’s pointless worrying about Algebra lessons because they’ll never use it later. However, the purpose of doing Algebra course work isn’t just to make pupils work hard for their Algebra exams. There are many practical situations where Algebra can help in later life too. ✔️

So, when they raise the above argument, you can keep them on track and focused by mentioning that Algebra lessons are important in the following areas (among others):

  • Calculating profit and loss information for a business
  • It’s applied rapidly in sports (even if unintentional) to calculate the trajectory and score goals or points
  • Cooking e.g. working out thawing time by weight)
  • Gardening e.g. measuring how much soil you’d need for a planter box and what the cost would be for all the materials

Yes, Algebra lessons we’re taught when we’re younger pop-up time and time again. There are also jobs that use Algebra so if your kid is interested in any of the following, taking an advanced Algebra course may be necessary:

  • Nutritionist
  • Carpenter
  • Air traffic controller
  • Market research analyst

Of course, there are other jobs that rely on Algebra on a daily basis too. But, as you can see, Algebra is wide-reaching and not just reserved for typical maths-focused jobs you would expect. If your kid does want to become a maths professor or go on to higher education maths then acing their Algebra exams will obviously be essential too. 🎓

Whether they expect to use what they learn in Algebra lessons every day or very rarely in the future, you probably want them to get good grades. Let’s look at what to do for Algebra revision.

Making the most of Algebra revision

No matter whether your kid has found themself in primary school Algebra lessons or they’re studying at the most advanced level, there are some useful pointers they should follow for Algebra revision:

  • Know their way around a scientific calculator. Being able to use the different functions and features (and quickly) will help them in their Algebra exam, especially if they have a new calculator they need to learn their way around.
  • Learn the rules because these stay the same. The biggest challenge is knowing when to apply which rule so practice is key.
  • Do as many past Algebra exams as possible and practice exercises.
  • Revise after all their Algebra lessons or at least once a week so they don’t fall behind. If there are any problem areas, they can identify these early on and get support fast.
  • Use Algebra tuition if they don’t understand anything and/or for preparing for their Algebra exam.

On the topic of Algebra tuition, let’s talk about what a good Algebra tutor should provide.

How to find affordable, quality Algebra tutoring

When the time comes to look for Algebra tutoring for your child, you can opt for an online Algebra tutor or face-to-face. The major advantages to online Algebra tutoring are:

  • Time - save on time spent travelling to an Algebra tuition centre
  • Comfort - log onto online Algebra lessons from any device at home
  • Engagement - technology provides many benefits and both your kid and their Algebra tutor can mark up the same virtual whiteboard at the same time and work on problems together

At GoStudent, we have a great team of Algebra teachers who are passionate about the topic and know their stuff. They are all top of their game at their level and will share their tips and wisdom with your child. Whether your kid is struggling with some of the concepts or just wants to make sure they get the best grade possible, Algebra tutoring will help. ✨

All of our Algebra lessons are online and your kid can choose whether or not to record each session. This is completely up to them but it does mean they can replay the class as many times as they need for extra Algebra revision later. We offer a free 50-minute trial class and if your child wants to continue Algebra tutoring you can schedule all of their classes conveniently online.

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