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If your child is about to take Calculus lessons or has already started, they could find they need support.

Calculus course work at secondary school is typically considered the hardest of all the types of maths taught. Students don't normally study calculus at GCSE, but do it in some depth at A-Levels in Maths and Further Maths. For more advanced maths students taking Further Maths at GCSE, basic differentiation is taught from the age of 15. In Scotland calculus is taught as part of both the National 5 and Higher curriculum so you might find that your child needs more support earlier on.

Calculus can catch students out but once they grasp the concepts they can enjoy lessons and do well in their Calculus exam questions. The best way to ensure their success is to get Calculus tutoring and we’ll tell you where to look.

What does a Calculus course teach?

A Calculus course teaches the rates of change. Before Calculus was invented by Isaac Newton and Gottfried Leibniz maths could only calculate static objects. It includes algebra and trigonometry and is a very in-depth branch of maths which is why you won’t find primary school Calculus lessons offered.

The tools used in Calculus are important to many fields such as physics, medicine, astronomy, and economics. 🌘 If your teen is planning on taking Calculus lessons you can help prepare them so that they do better in their Calculus exam questions and can manage their study load for other subjects too. Let’s look at how you can do this.

Tips for preparing for Calculus exam questions

Calculus exam questions are notoriously difficult because they require logic and imagination to be applied. The students who do best tend to practise the most using a wide range of sample scenarios and past Calculus exam papers.

Here are some tips that you can share with your teen ahead of their Calculus revision.

Start Calculus revision from day one

While revising early for any subject is a good idea, for Calculus revision it’s essential. Your child should get into the habit of going over their Calculus lessons after each class. Then they should practise answering the questions without referring back to their book or notes. If they find there is an area they don’t understand, it needs to be addressed immediately.

Falling behind in Calculus lessons will be detrimental later on. As the Calculus lessons gradually build on each other it will be very difficult to catch up if your child doesn’t understand a concept and ignores it, although we understand the temptation in doing so!

Make a Calculus revision schedule

It’s a good idea to make a Calculus revision schedule to plan study time throughout the year. It should also take into consideration other subjects so your child can allocate the appropriate time to each. They should have a checklist of all the topics they will cover in their Calculus lessons and mark these off when they feel confident in them ahead of the Calculus exam.

Depending on what level their Calculus course is they could include topics such as:

  • Limits
  • Integrals
  • Derivatives
  • Differential equations

Join a study group

Not every teen benefits from this, particularly if they are shy or nervous about their knowledge and level of understanding in Calculus lessons. However, if your child has a friend or friends in their Calculus lessons, meeting up once every couple of weeks to go over Calculus revision can be very beneficial. Kids can explain things in a different way to each other. 😌

Depending on the students in the group it can take up a lot of time to work through problems. A faster way to develop a better understanding is to use Calculus tuition. A professional Calculus tutor can focus on problem areas so that no time is wasted on going over what your child has already mastered.

When looking for Calculus tutoring there are a number of factors to watch out for.

What to look for in Calculus tutoring

You’ll find many services offering Calculus tutoring. This is great because you have so many options but choosing the right Calculus tutor for your kid can be daunting. Here are some recommendations on where to look and what to look for. Find online Calculus tutoring

Online Calculus tutoring has the advantage of being more convenient and affordable. There is no need to travel and scheduling online Calculus lessons is more flexible. You can also choose from more Calculus tutors because it doesn’t matter where they live in relation to you; they could be in Leeds or Glasgow.

Match a Calculus tutor to your child

Choose a Calculus tutor that your teen will respect and get along with. They need to go on this learning journey together and if you kid is into their online Calculus lessons they will be more motivated and learn more as a result. We offer expert Calculus tuition at GoStudent, and we will help you find just the right Calculus tutor for your teen. We have a 95 percent success rate so you can feel confident your child is in good hands. 👍

Our GoStudent Calculus tutors have all gone through training and make Calculus lessons interesting and engaging. Since they’ve all been at the stage your kid is at (no matter what level), they can provide advice on what to study and make them a tailored learning plan. We promise to always keep you in the loop too on what your child is learning and on their progress.

If you’d like to book private Calculus tutoring for your child with us, the first session is free. Just fill in some details and you can have your child start online Calculus lessons as soon as you’d like.