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With an ever-growing demand for people with computer skills, your kid may opt to take Java lessons or have them included as part of computer science. Learning Java programming language takes dedication and plenty of practice but your child doesn’t have to do it alone. Java tutoring will offer your kid the advantage of going over additional exercises to expand and test their knowledge and having someone break down Java into bite-sized pieces of information.

Who takes Java lessons and why?

You’ll find Java courses available at all levels these days. However, not every school will offer Java lessons. In the UK, two percent of children in primary school use Java and this figure goes up to three percent in secondary school, ahead of HTML.

The popularity of taking Java lessons is likely to be given a further boost since the game Minecraft was written in Java. It’s also widely used on a day-to-day level as apps on Android phones are written in Java programming language and it’s commonly used in the financial services sector for writing different systems and projects. 📱

Apart from those uses, it has other applications but the main takeaway is that Java courses are useful. Your kid may find themself in primary school Java lessons or taking a Java course in secondary school when it’s part of the curriculum. Or they may be naturally interested in the topic and choose to elect a Java course or have computer science lessons that include Java.

Whether it’s a necessity to pass a Java exam or your kid wants to excel and work towards a career in it, we have some great advice: follow strict Java revision methods and hire Java tutoring early on. Let’s look at both of these in more detail.

How to plan for Java revision

The good news is that Java revision can be tackled in a very methodical manner. It was designed to be straightforward to learn. However, there are some tricky components that need to be mastered and syntax rules followed to avoid the following, for example:

  • It’s case sensitive - this means if you swap a capital for a lower case letter it means a whole different thing in Java
  • Program file name - the name of the program file name has to match the class name exactly when saving

These are just two of the most basic rules and there are other essential things to remember such as how to name identifiers (e.g. always begin with a letter).

With all of the fiddly components, the best Java revision method is to practise examples. It has to become second nature to your child and rote learning rules alone won’t be as useful in helping them recall what they need on their Java exam when working to a prescribed time limit. ⏱️

We recommend finding as many past Java exams as possible to practise on and also solving problems outside of their regular Java course book. A great way to do this is by enlisting the help of a professional Java tutor.

Find top-notch Java tutoring

Whatever Java course level your child is at, Java tutoring is a surefire way to help them get better grades in their Java exam. A good Java tutor will be able to explain the more difficult components in a clear manner and answer any questions your kid has in a supportive one-on-one environment. This is an excellent way to maximise your kid’s Java revision time.

Whether they need help understanding how to use Java to swap two numbers or calculate compound interest, Java tuition offers a dedicated amount of support that can’t be given in a classroom. A Java tutor can go at your child’s pace and demonstrate what needs to be done as many times as necessary. ✨

Why use GoStudent Java tutoring services?

At GoStudent, we take a unique approach to Java tutoring (and all subjects, in fact) because we will help match the right Java tutor to your child. By doing this, all of your child’s private Java lessons will be as beneficial as possible, from day one.

All of our Java tutors have been selected because they have the best credentials and know everything there is to know about acing a Java course. We offer Java tuition at all levels from primary school Java to university. You will receive regular updates on the progress of the Java lessons so you are never in the dark and can appreciate your child’s accomplishments.

Your kid will receive tailored Java lessons and a learning plan to suit their needs and complement their strengths and weaknesses in the subject. Every child is different as is every Java course and our Java tutoring is based on this principle.

Our Java tutors will make classes enjoyable and be responsive to your kid’s academic needs and objectives. We have a 95 percent success rate and constantly work hard to keep our students and parents impressed. At the end of the day, we will all work together to make sure your kid’s Java exam results are exactly what they deserve.