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Students are often scared of trigonometry lessons. They usually hear stories passed down from previous students and it is common knowledge that it doesn’t come easily to many kids. If your child is taking a trigonometry course at school or uni then there are ways to take the pressure off them. Trigonometry tutoring is a great way to put their mind at ease and get them ready for a trigonometry exam.

A brief history of trigonometry lessons

Hipparchus was a Greek astronomer and mathematician who contributed to the study of trigonometry. He laid the groundwork and foundations that so many trigonometry lessons are based around today.

There are many career paths that use trigonometry lessons and practices including engineers, statisticians and mathematicians. What’s more, the logical reasoning that’s needed is a good foundation for many jobs. 👍

How hard is a trigonometry exam?

As we mentioned, trigonometry is one of those topics that students often find hard. Part of the reason is it builds upon other complex subjects like algebra and geometry. If your child hasn’t particularly enjoyed or done well in these areas, it could be more challenging for them.

The difficulty that specific trigonometry exam questions pose depends on what level your child is at. An example of a possible question at GCSE level is working out the length of one side of a right-angled triangle when provided with the degrees of two angles and the length of one side.

It’s safe to say that every child will have to take trigonometry lessons at some stage of their education in the UK. How in-depth these are will vary by school and the type of maths course your child has chosen. So, how do you motivate your child to study for a trigonometry exam? You should consider trigonometry tuition to boost their confidence as early as possible.

Where to find trigonometry tutoring

Trigonometry tutoring can be sought from a number of services and you can look for an online trigonometry tutor or in-person classes. Consider other factors going on in your kid’s life (and yours if you’ll be the chauffeur!) and how busy they are with school and extra-curricular activities.

For most students, the answer is online trigonometry tutoring. That’s because it’s convenient. Your teen can log onto a class from the comfort of their bedroom, saving time and also giving them that feeling of security. The best way to pass a trigonometry exam is to stay motivated and on top of the trigonometry lessons. This is where so many students have a hard time because they think they can’t do it. 🥺

By having trigonometry tuition in a relaxed setting, your kid will automatically take in more and be less likely to give up. We understand that this isn’t an easy topic for most pupils and our trigonometry tutors all have to pass a thorough quality check before joining the team. They know how to explain solutions in a way that is attainable even for students who aren’t necessarily maths-oriented.

Why use a GoStudent trigonometry tutor?

As all of our classes are conducted over 1:1 video sessions, your kid will have that safety net, whether it’s at a desk in their room or sitting on the floor, whatever makes them the most comfortable.

Another benefit of using our trigonometry tutoring services is we have a built-in recording function on our platform. If your kid chooses to, they can record their online trigonometry lessons. Frequently, a student will feel that they understand everything in a class but then they might forget all (or some) of it a few days later. This is completely normal especially when they have other subjects competing for their brainpower and attention. 💫

The advantage of recording their trigonometry lessons is they can watch these back whenever they need to. This is particularly useful when it comes time to step up their trigonometry revision ahead of an exam. If they don’t need to watch it again then great, at least they know it’s there as a backup.

Speaking of trigonometry revision, here are some top tips for you to share with your kid.

Top tips for trigonometry revision

With the right trigonometry tutoring and revision, your kid can and will do well in their trigonometry exam. Here are some essential trigonometry revision tactics to encourage your child to use:

  • Go over as many past trigonometry exams and sample questions as possible
  • Know all of the terms and rules back to front (e.g. right-angle triangle concepts, sine and cosine rules)
  • Make trigonometry revision something that they practise throughout their trigonometry course because cramming will be too late
  • Complete all of the extra problems that their trigonometry tutor throws their way

If your teen manages to do all of this they will do well in their trigonometry exam. As an added bonus, your child’s GoStudent tutor will create a tailored learning plan for them so they can see what they need to do clearly which will take some of the pressure off them.

We offer the first class free so why not book one now to get a head start? It’s rare that kids will take primary school trigonometry but whatever level your kid is at in their Maths class we have tutors on standby ready to help. And because classes are online, we are able to offer the best prices possible so that you get affordable trigonometry tutoring that is top quality.

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