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Charlotte Roper
Hello! My name is Charlotte, but you can call me Charli! I am 29 years old, from England. I studied Graphic Design at University and also have a TEFL qualification, alongside 5 years of teaching experience. I love playing the drums, drawing cool things and obsessing over cats! They're just so cute! Most of all, I love teaching English. I love getting to know my students, seeing their great progress and most importantly, having fun in class. I can't wait to see you soon!
English, Primary School
Sebastián Guarín Restrepo
I love languages! I am able to teach french and spanish in lower level, GCSE and A-level! I have been tutor for the last 4 years to people that range from 15 to 60 years old. Although I prefer working with adult students, I am also open to working with teenagers! I am experienced in the british exam system. I have been a tutor with GS for more than a year now! :) Being from Colombia, spanish is my native language. However, I speak english and french fluently and I study other languages such as German, Italian and Portuguese. As I have more experence tutoring French, I prefer students that are interested in this language. The thing I love the most about languages is how it broadens your way of thinking to unimagined borders. It's really amazing to understand people from different backgrounds and to see the world from other points of view. Besides languages, I also love creating digital art and dancing. Finally, I am an engineer and I am currently pursuing a master's in 3D technologies, I work and develop in VR! So I'm very interested in the new VR courses that GS is offering.
French, Spanish
Sam Forrest
Lower Level: Maths GCSE/IGCSE: Maths Exam Board experience: EdExcel, AQA, OCR Languages: English (native), Spanish (fluent) About me: Hi! I graduated from the University of Liverpool with a degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. I have 5 years experience tutoring Maths at secondary school level. I also taught English as a foreign language whilst I lived abroad in South America. Aside from teaching, I enjoy learning new languages, listening to music and attending live music events.
Maths (lower level)
Amal Ashraf
Hi my name is Amal and I am in my 4th year at university studying dentistry. I would be happy to provide students who want to get into competitive courses like Medicine and Dentistry with help for interviews, personal statements etc. My preferred student age group to teach would be GCSE and at this level I would be able to tutor maths, chemistry, biology, physics and the PE (theory aspect for GCSE). I could also teach maths to the KS1 and 2 years In my free time I like to go on runs and play basketball and badminton but I equally enjoy my Netflix night ins!
Biology, Chemistry, English, Maths (lower level), Physics
Prisha Jagota
I live in London! My favourite things to do are listening to music and travelling. I love sports- my favourite hobby is weightlifting and I have a brown-stripe belt in karate. My favourite subject in school was Spanish- I even took modules at university!
11+, English, Maths (Primary), Other, Spanish
Fatimah Rehman
Hi I'm Fatimah and I have graduated University and I am now training to become a teacher of science! I absolutely love teaching and have been a private tutor for 2 years now! Whether it be improving your grades, widening your subject knowledge, or general support in your subject, I will be sure to tailor my sessions to accommodate the support that you need. Please find below the subjects I can teach at different levels: Primary - Maths, English, Sciences 11+ - Maths and English Secondary and GCSE - Maths, English, Sciences Apart from studying, in a typical day you'll find me buried deep into a book or bingeing the latest show on Netflix. I also love spending time with my family and looking after my sweet niece and nephew. :)) I look forward to our sessions together! :)
Biology, Chemistry, Maths (lower level), Physics, Social Studies

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FAQs about 11+ tutoring

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How can I prepare my child for the 11+ exam?

Are you confused about how your child should study for the 11+ exam? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. The 11+ exam lessons vary by area and school so you need to know which material is right for you. We’re going to explain how to find the best 11+ exam tutor so that your child will ace their 11+ exam course.

What is the 11+ exam?

The 11+ exam is used in England and is optional to take. Kids usually sit it when they are around 10 years old because it takes place in their final year of primary school. The name “11+ exam” simply stems from the fact that kids usually enter secondary school when they are 11 or 12 years old and this exam is sat to get into grammar schools or selective schools from Year 7.

The 11+ exam officially ceased in 2008 in Northern Ireland. However, you will find many of the ex-grammar schools use what’s known as the Northern Ireland Transfer Test instead.

Who should take the 11+ exam?

Your kid will need to take the 11+ exam if you want them to attend a grammar school. Generally, children who sit the 11+ exam are academically gifted and get above average results. You should talk to your teacher if you’re not sure whether or not your child should take the test.

What does the 11+ exam consist of?

The 11+ exam your child needs to take will depend on which area you live in and/or which school you are applying for. There are four different 11+ exam courses that can be covered.

What are the 11+ exam lessons covered?

The four types of possible 11+ exam lessons your child could be expected to cover are:

  • Verbal Reasoning - requires good vocabulary, basic maths, and/or problem-solving

  • Non-verbal Reasoning - requires abstract problem-solving type questions using shapes and patterns, and is not related to English or language skills

  • English - requires an understanding of literary terms (e.g. a noun), grammar, and comprehension shown after reading a piece of text

  • Maths - requires the use of concepts taught in Key Stage 2

When should you start 11+ exam revision?

When your child should start 11+ exam revision will depend on a number of factors. However, it’s never too early to brush up on these skills and there are some fun study practices we’ll share with you after.

Since much of the 11+ exam course content will have been taught in Key Stage 2 this is an important indication of how far in advance your kid should start their 11+ exam revision.

If they have confidently soared through everything, then a few months of revision and plenty of practice 11+ exams can be enough but if they have any problem areas as most kids will have done, it’s wise to start at least one year in advance so it’s a gradual process.

There are concepts that you should get them practicing even before this, especially non-verbal reasoning and verbal reasoning. While this is often an innate skill, promoting brain-training games like crosswords and sudoku early on will help your child immensely with their 11+ exam and into the future.

What should I revise for the 11+ exam?

You will need to research the exams related to your area or which school you plan on applying for because they vary vastly depending on which body administers the 11+ exam. The types of questions will differ and the response type too (e.g. multiple choice or full answer).

A good 11+ exam private tuition school will prepare your child for the appropriate 11+ exam in your area. Our dedicated 11+ exam tutors at GoStudent make this their priority for you.

How do you study for the 11+ exam?

To give you a general idea of 11+ exam revision strategies, we have broken them down into each possible 11+ exam course.

11+ exam revision for Verbal Reasoning

Some useful tips for studying for the verbal reasoning 11+ exam are to encourage your child to do spelling quizzes/exercises, crosswords and puzzles to get into the habit of practicing this way of thinking. They should also be across the Key Stage 2 English course content. You should also find practice material that is specific to the types of questions your area will include on this 11+ exam.

11+ exam revision for Non-verbal Reasoning

You should look to enhance your child’s spatial awareness to ace this 11+ exam course. Fun activities you can promote at home are 3D jigsaw puzzles, model-making kits, brain training games, and sudoku are all helpful here.

11+ exam revision for English

Reading is useful for the English 11+ exam for obvious reasons but most importantly to cement grammatical uses and enhance their vocabulary. There will usually be an essay question too so your child should practice writing and short stories within a time limit.

11+ exam revision for Maths

You should make sure your child is familiar with all of the concepts taught during Key Stage 2. These include fractions, prime numbers, percentages, averages, etc. When studying at home, your child should practice the times tables until they know them inside out, and find games that involve the various principles they need to improve on that were a part of Key Stage 2, and revise their school books.

11+ exam online revision

You should find as many 11+ exams online to practice before the main event. Many of these are free but some are paid. By doing as many practice 11+ exams as possible, your child will feel more comfortable and know what to expect even if they don’t know the exact questions they will get on the 11+ exam course papers.

Our tutors can help by providing the appropriate guidance for 11+ exam online revision to give your kid the best chance of success at entering your preferred school. That’s because our tutors are familiar with the different 11+ exam styles administered by the different bodies in England. Let them guide you through the never-ending information available and offer you the best solutions for 11+ exam revision that’s tailored to your child.

Is there an 11+ exam course book?

There are a number of 11+ exam course books, although as you might expect by now, there isn’t a one size fits all. That’s because of the different styles of exams and 11+ exam lessons that students cover.

Are there 11+ exam online course books available?

Yes, you can order 11+ exam preparation books online. Be careful, because you should choose the most appropriate book/s relating to the 11+ exams your kid will be sitting for the particular school you are applying for.

When we match the perfect 11+ exam private tutor to your child’s needs, they tell you which are the best books for the 11+ exam lessons your child will need to work through and revise. They will also provide a reading list of books that will help with the English component as well as verbal reasoning.

When should you get an 11+ exam tutor?

You should get an 11+ exam tutor as soon as you realise your child is struggling with a concept at school.

Even if they are breezing through Key Stage 2 (and good on them!) then they will benefit greatly from the 11+ exam practice and guidance our tutors will provide. After all, this will be their hardest exam yet and there is no hand-holding from their regular teachers since not all kids sit the 11+ exam.

Why 11+ exam private tutoring works

By enlisting the help of an 11+ exam private tutor, you gain the benefits of an experienced teacher who has helped other kids through their exam prep. A good 11+ exam tutor will be familiar with the different entry criteria at schools and the best ways to study for each 11+ exam.

How does 11+ exam tuition help?

11+ exam tuition is different to tutoring at most other levels because the 11+ exam isn’t compulsory. As a result, there is no one exam and course book, as we have shared before. It doesn’t mean that no preparation is necessary though. In fact, quite the opposite is true!

Since the 11+ exam usually covers some concepts not taught in schools (to test children’s natural abilities in areas) it’s even more important to prepare. The challenge is knowing what to study. An 11+ exam tutor can save you and your child time by heading straight to the right material to study. Your tutor will act as your child’s personal 11+ exam teacher and motivator.

11+ exam online tutoring vs face-to-face

A private online tutor comes with many advantages, flexibility being one of the key benefits. Here is why 11+ exam online tutoring is the way to go.

11+ exam private tuition saves time

Trying to coordinate a time and a place amongst a group of students and parents can be tough. Your child won’t get the dedicated one-on-one time they deserve either. When you choose 11+ exam private tuition, you set the parameters.

An 11+ exam online tutor saves even more time

If you get an 11+ exam online course tutor then you save time from travelling to an 11+ exam private tutoring agency. At this age, your child is probably very busy with their social life, extra-curricular activities, and school. This means you’re already doing a lot of running around and coordinating.

Give yourself a break and choose 11+ exam online tutoring. Pick times that are convenient for you and your child and they can study in the comfort of their own home.

An 11+ exam online tutor widens the net

By going online, you can choose from 11+ exam tutors all over the country. This gives you more options so you can truly find the best tutor to fit your child.

To find the best 11+ exam private tutoring expert for your child, it will boil down to experience, teaching style, and personality. At GoStudent we will match the perfect tutor based on your needs and your kid. It’s what makes us the number one rated global tutoring school.

We offer a free trial lesson (50-minute class) so you can see for yourself just how beneficial our process is to your child. You’ll never be left in the dark either because we will give you regular updates on how your child is improving and what they are learning in their 11+ exam lessons. Trust us, with the right tools and tutor, your kid will enjoy the 11+ exam revision process and achieve a place at their dream school.