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Fatima Khan
I'm a full-time double Masters student who is easy-going and friendly. Since I'm a student myself, I ensure not only a smooth learning process but also a fun one! I am always eager to track the progress of my students and to design my lessons in such a way that it can cater to each student individually. I make the lessons interactive and comprehensive, so that not only the learning goals are achieved, but the student enjoys the learning process as well. Biology: until undergraduate level Chemistry: until GCSEs Maths: up until grade 8 Can tutor during the Christmas holidays.
Biology, Chemistry, Maths (Primary), Maths (lower level)
Huma Muhammad Shoukat
Hi! I am currently in my Gap Year, where I volunteer at St Peter's Hospital. I have an unconditional offer to study Pharmacy in September. Furthermore, I've been a medical school applicant and know what a successful application looks like, as well as tips and tricks on acing your UCAT/BMAT exams. I have connections to students who are currently studying architecture, engineering, natural sciences and dentistry. I enjoy baking; reading, specifically fiction and romance books. I am an avid marvel fan, and also love the Percy Jackson book series. Levels and Subjects: GCSE: Biology, Chemistry and Spanish A-Level: Biology (all of the content), Chemistry A-level (Organic Chemistry especially), Spanish (all the content). Exam Board Experience: -AQA Science -Edexcel Languages Native Languages: 1. Urdu/Hindi 2. Spanish 3. English Understand/Basic Knowledge: 1. Catalan SEND Experience: -Exam Stress/Anxiety Preferred student age group: - Students who are studying GCSE's and A-levels
Biology, Chemistry, Spanish
Osama Hafiz
KS1 - KS3 and GCSE: Biology and Chemistry A-level: Biology Exam board experience: AQA, OCR (A) and (International) Edexcel Languages: Fluent in English, highly proficient in Urdu and conversational in Punjabi and Hindi SND Experience: Dyslexia Preferred Student Age Group: Any About me: My background lies in biomedical science, and with three years of tutoring maths and science, I am well-equipped to bring out the best in my tutees to help them materialise their ambition. Aside from teaching, my focus and passion after completing a Master's degree is on promoting equity in the healthcare system while also raising awareness on humanitarian issues.
Biology, Chemistry
Christian Taylor
I am a university associate lecturer in Biology, Natural Sciences and Earth, Environment and Ecosystem Sciences, and I am also a secondary school science teacher (PGCE / QTS). Available to tutor GCSE, IGCSE Single Sciences Biology, Chemistry and Physics, and Combined Science, (AQA, OCR and Pearsons). Available to tutor A-level Biology, Human Biology, Microbiology, Environmental Science, Natural Science (OCR and AQA exam boards). Available to tutor 6th form students through their UCAS personal statement writing and through the UCAS application process. Available to tutor undergraduate university students in Biological and Natural Sciences, Biochemical and Biomedical Sciences, Crop Science, Virology, Microbiology, Genetics, Mycology, Ecology, Botany, Ecosystems, Environmental and Conservation Science.
Biology, Chemistry, Physics
John Hotson
Hi! My name is John and I'm a PhD student in Edinburgh. I'm currently studying Linguistics but my background is in science which I studied for my undergraduate degree. I'm part-Italian, part-American and part-British and I'm into all things nerdy, be it fantasy and sci-fi, video-games, TTRPGs or anything else you can imagine. I think that the greatest pleasure in life is learning something new so I hope to get the chance to share that pleasure with others.
Chemistry, Italian, Maths (upper level), Physics
Chimdalu Ifezue
Lower level: Maths, Science, 11+ GCSE: Biology, Chemistry, Spanish Alevel: Biology and Chemistry Exam board: AQA, OCR, 11+ Preferred age group: Any About me: I’m a medical student who has a passion for teaching. I am patient but firm and I believe that everyone has the ability to be excellent as I myself went from being a 3 C's student to a 3 A's student at a-level. My teaching style is to adapt to each individual’s learning styles. I also do a lot of past papers as I want you to be able to use your knowledge to be able to tackle any questions.
Biology, Chemistry, Spanish

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