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Samiya Uddin
Hello! My name is Samiya and I am a final year Clinical Sciences student. I have a strong background in chemistry and biology and love to learn new things! When I am not studying I enjoy volunteering and socialising, some of my hobbies include cooking and trying new food places.
Biology, Chemistry, Science
Mirabel Sesey
I’m an enthusiastic, dedicated and versatile individual with a positive attitude towards all aspects of education with great communication skills. I’m generally detailed and planned with my work and well organised as I believe it makes a more efficient learning environment. I’m currently studying Biochemistry at Bsc level in university and have a natural interest in biology and chemistry and love for maths.
Biology, Chemistry, Maths (lower level)
Harrison Follett
I’m 21 years old, I study mechanical engineering at the university of Birmingham. I have tutored before; informally at high school and part of an internal program at my college Brighton Hove and Sussex six form college, BHASVIC. My hobbies consist of astronomy, hiking, camping, and reading.
Chemistry, Computer Science, Maths (Primary), Maths (lower level), Maths (upper level), Physics, Science
Milos Vukobradovic
Milos is passionate, engaging and energetic teacher who tends to explain complex notions using every day examples and easily understandable terms. He has over 15 years of 1 on 1 and group tutoring experience, and 6+ years as an international school teacher. Milos has lived and taught in Serbia, China and most recently Myanmar. Before working as a teacher Milos has tried himself in various industries like chemical engineering, banking and advisory work for non-profit organizations. His time spent in those industries allows him to bring real world examples, application and experiences into the class. He works very hard with his students and encourages them to apply the knowledge in a practical way. His energy and way of teaching promotes enthusiasm, excitement and enjoyment during lessons which leads to better academic performance. Describing himself as “patient, relaxed and caring towards his students” Milos tries to make all of his lessons enjoyable and accessible all he while making sure to get every student to realize their full potential.
Nadiyah Dhoraji
KS2: English, 11+ (Maths, English, VR, NVR) GCSE (female only): Biology, Chemistry Exam Board Experience: AQA, OCR, Edexcel, GL, CEM, ISEB Languages: English (native) Preferred student age group: Any. About me: I'm Nadiyah, a neuroscience student from the UK. I have experience tutoring primary and secondary school students in Maths, English, and Science. I have experience supporting students in preparing for and exceeding their target grades in their SAT and GCSE exams. I've also undergone 11+ training meaning I have extensive knowledge of the CEM, GL and ISEB test structures.
11+, Biology, Chemistry, English
Daher Salameh
Lower Level: Math, Physics, Biology, Chemistry GSCE: Math, Physics, Biology, Chemistry A-level: Math and Physics Higher Level: Math and Physics I have extensive experience in AQA, Edexcel, and OCR exam boards. Languages: English (Bilingual Proficiency), Arabic (Native), French (Elementary Proficiency), Hungarian (Elementary Proficiency) Preferred student age group: Any Apart from Math and Physics, I like working on cars, doing calisthenics, and solving puzzles like the Rubik's cube.
Biology, Chemistry, Maths (Primary), Maths (lower level), Maths (upper level), Physics, Science

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