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Charbel Chraim
Masters 2 in English language and Literature - Bachelor degree in Education 3+ years of experience as a years 6-7-8 School English Teacher 2+ years with 700+ Lessons delivered at Go Student Languages: fluent in English, French and Arabic ☆→ Helped over 15+ AQA GCSE students prepare for their exam board tests going over language and literature papers. I can note that students engaging with these exam boards are in dire need of guidance to navigate text extracts and adeptly craft well-structured answers. → Preferred age group: any level above year 7 (Native or EFL learner) - Mainly AQA GCSE - iGCSE- AS and A levels - OCR - Pearson Edexcel exam boards Go Student Experience: - AQA GCSE, iGCSE - Pearson Edexcel, AS and A levels - University Levels: English for academic and specific purposes (EAP-ESP) - Exam board experience: national exam boards & entry exams ☆Language is perspective. Language is not just a tool for communication, it's rather a reflection of how we see ourselves, our world and culture. I'm currently writing my thesis on sexism and gender bias to help promote social justice by teaching politically correct language. In light of my recent research in the fields of teaching methodologies, language acquisition and sociolinguistics I learned that each student has a unique mind and uses different techniques to learn. Hence, my responsibility entails guiding each individual to unlock their complete cognitive potential. Presently, I hold the role of an EFL tutor for grade 8 students at a French educational establishment. With aspirations towards achieving my PH.D. degree, I find great satisfaction in participating in webinars hosted by Noam Chomsky. During my leisure hours, football captivates my attention, providing a welcome diversion from scholarly pursuits.
Favour Oluboyo
About myself: Hi! I'm Favour, I have experience tutoring students who are studying English language and Literature for their GCSE's. As a tutor I aim to breakdown questions & lessons to go along with the students' pace. During lessons I use the students interest to channel their learning & I am patient to ensure they get the most of the time. For example I once used a students' sports interest to breakdown the structure question in the AQA language paper 1 question 3. What I love the most about tutoring (apart from spreading knowledge of course) is getting to know, learn and see students develop. I love seeing wonderful personalities and interests come through, so I look forward to meeting you soon! Outside of tutoring, I am involved in marketing communications. In my spare time I like to watch movies, videos on dog grooming & skincare, spend time with friends and bake (when I can). TEACHING SUBJECTS Lower level: English language & Literature in English Degree level: Mass Communication, Advertising & Marketing courses Languages: English (Level 5) & Yoruba (Level 2) Preferred Student Age Group: 9 years and above.
Tahseen Islam
Hi! My name is Tahseen and I love reading and creative writing. My favourite book is The Great Gatsby because it's beautifully written! Aside from books, I love teaching English because it's a fascinating and complex subject. I hope to help as many people as possible with English!
English, Spanish
Eleanor Baxter
Working as a Maths, English and 11+ tutor for the past 7 years, I have had the pleasure of teaching children aged 4 to 16 from various backgrounds. My job role includes working with children whom had special educational needs and those who speak limited English therefore I believe it to be vital that each individual’s way of learning is taken into account, through organising imaginative and stimulating projects to motivate the children. I believe patience to be extremely important when tutoring any child and I am certain that I am able to carry forward these skills when teaching your child. I have also worked as a music teacher for the past 3 years, teaching composition to children aged 7 through to 11 whilst additionally conducting individual singing lessons and leading the choir. I successfully organised lesson plans in line with the curriculum objectives and continued to present a dynamic delivery to the children. Through this role, I was able to support the improvement of the children’s confidence in composition and performance, whilst working closely with colleagues and liaising with parents to ensure that children were both learning and enjoying their education. I have a strong passion for both children’s educational progress but additionally their respective self-development. First in Music BA from the University of Manchester A-Level: English Literature A*, German A, Music A GCSE: Maths A*, English Language & Literature A* A*, Triple Science AAA, History A, French A, German A, Music A, Drama A Exam board exp: AQA/ Edexcel/ OCR/ private school entry exam/CEM/GL Experience with: KS1/ KS2/ KS3/ KS4/ +11 Languages: French, German Experience with special educational needs: ADHD, dyslexia Preferred student age group: Any
11+, English, Maths (lower level), Maths (upper level), Other
Lydia Durham
Levels & Subjects: GCSE: English Literature Exam Board Experience: AQA Pearson Edexcel Languages: English (Native) Preferred Student Age Group: GCSE Level Ages About Me: Hi there, I'm Lydia. I am a Fine Arts Graduate based in Dorset, UK. I am passionate about all forms of writing, both creative and critical. I hope to help students understand the complex terminology of the Assessment Objectives, allowing pupils to gain marks from all areas of the Marking Criteria. I am patient and understand that every student will learn in a different manner - so I will tailor my tutoring experience to suit their needs. I appreciate close-word analysis and I am very excited to enjoy some deep conversations about literature with my students!
Teja Saladi
I'm Teja Saladi, and I will be teaching English, (Literature and Language at GCSE, and English Literature at A-Level. Exam boards - Familiar with AQA English Literature A Level, but flexible to teaching any exam board. Languages - English (mother tongue/ fluent ), Telugu (fluent), Hindi (very basic level). Preferred age group - GCSE or A Level candidates. My lessons are flexible to your needs, but based around exam-style questions, focusing on understanding the texts and what is required by the mark schemes.

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