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Rose Watkinson
Lower level: Primary Math's, English and Science GCSE level: Science (specifically biology and chemistry), English A-level: Biology Exam board experience: AQA, OCR, Edexcel, 11+ Language: English Preferred student age group: Primary, GCSEs and A-level About me: I am a biomedical student at the University of Chester, studying Bioveterinary Science BSc. As you can probably guess, my future goal is to work with animals and progress throughout my career to eventually become a Veterinary Surgeon. I have three dogs back at home, who I adore! One of my biggest accomplishments is gaining my black belt in karate back in 2020. Some of my best friends graded for their black belts at the same time, it was a great experience for us. As well as this, before the age 18 I managed to climb the UK 3 peaks. I have a lot of experience with online learning because most my A-levels were learnt from behind the screen during lockdown so I know what it's like from the student side of online learning as well. It is because of this that I am eager to help students progress in life to reach their own goals. Increasing a students learning potentials and confidence will be a key factor throughout their life. I have experience working with students struggling with anxiety, dyslexia and ADHD, as well as students who are extremely shy so communication is minimum. I am practically proud to say that a lot of my students eventually come out of their shells, meaning that at school, home and other activities they are able to express who they are without a worry. Thus giving them a great leap into their future.
Biology, English, Maths (Primary), Science
Charbel Chraim
Masters 2 in English language and Literature - Bachelor degree in Education 3+ years of experience as a years 6-7-8 School English Teacher 2+ years with 700+ Lessons delivered at Go Student Languages: fluent in English, French and Arabic ☆→ Helped over 15+ AQA GCSE students prepare for their exam board tests going over language and literature papers. I can note that students engaging with these exam boards are in dire need of guidance to navigate text extracts and adeptly craft well-structured answers. → Preferred age group: any level above year 7 (Native or EFL learner) - Mainly AQA GCSE - iGCSE- AS and A levels - OCR - Pearson Edexcel exam boards Go Student Experience: - AQA GCSE, iGCSE - Pearson Edexcel, AS and A levels - University Levels: English for academic and specific purposes (EAP-ESP) - Exam board experience: national exam boards & entry exams ☆Language is perspective. Language is not just a tool for communication, it's rather a reflection of how we see ourselves, our world and culture. I'm currently writing my thesis on sexism and gender bias to help promote social justice by teaching politically correct language. In light of my recent research in the fields of teaching methodologies, language acquisition and sociolinguistics I learned that each student has a unique mind and uses different techniques to learn. Hence, my responsibility entails guiding each individual to unlock their complete cognitive potential. Presently, I hold the role of an EFL tutor for grade 8 students at a French educational establishment. With aspirations towards achieving my PH.D. degree, I find great satisfaction in participating in webinars hosted by Noam Chomsky. During my leisure hours, football captivates my attention, providing a welcome diversion from scholarly pursuits.
Anna Fancett
If you're looking for a tutor who's passionate and patient, look no further! I bring my creative yet logical approach to English literature and ESL to every tutoring session. I have three degrees, including a PhD, in English literature, and have worked for further education institutions for over ten years. From 8 year olds wanting to improve their reading comprehension, to students preparing for school exams, to undergraduates needing to write better essays, I've tutored them all! Most of my school experience is in the Scottish curriculum. I have a CELTA in teaching English as a foriegn language and have taught children and adults in Asia and the Middle East. I love teaching all levels, especially children.
Ashleigh Symms
**SSH** Lower Level: English Language, English Literature GCSE: English Language, English Literature Exam Board Experience: AQA, Edexcel, and OCR. However, most of my experience has been gained teaching AQA specification. Languages: English, Mother Tongue SEND Experience: Exam anxiety, Mental Stress Preferred student age group: 11-16 year olds (KS3, KS4/ GCSE). However, I also have some work experience teaching Primary age (KS1/KS2). Originally from Manchester, I now live permanently in Scotland with my cat, Gus. In my spare time, I enjoy watching films, going to the cinema frequently, and visiting museums. I have a particular interest in nature photography with this often inspiring the poetry I write. I also love reading, with my favourite genre being dystopian fiction. I am currently working on a short-story collection that focuses on relationships and capturing what it means to be human by presenting the connections we make in their rawest and most veracious forms.   I believe English is a means for those on the fringes of society to voice their beliefs unjudged. My interest in English evolved through a desire to better myself as a person and to begin to learn more about fundamental moral values through literature critical of contemporary society. In my opinion, literature can act as a warning to mankind. I am also intrigued by the way language is used and how, as humans, we use it to communicate our emotions and thoughts through our interaction with one another. Language is a tool that brings societies together. It is the science of English and the study of it that has deepened and expanded my broader knowledge of literature and has enabled me to appreciate the methods and techniques that different writers use to communicate to their audiences. I hope to encourage students to enjoy the subject, and realise the importance English has in everyday life, regardless of whether they find reading boring or not. English is for everyone to enjoy, one way or another!
Lydia Durham
Levels & Subjects: GCSE: English Literature Exam Board Experience: AQA Pearson Edexcel Languages: English (Native) Preferred Student Age Group: GCSE Level Ages About Me: Hi there, I'm Lydia. I am a Fine Arts Graduate based in Dorset, UK. I am passionate about all forms of writing, both creative and critical. I hope to help students understand the complex terminology of the Assessment Objectives, allowing pupils to gain marks from all areas of the Marking Criteria. I am patient and understand that every student will learn in a different manner - so I will tailor my tutoring experience to suit their needs. I appreciate close-word analysis and I am very excited to enjoy some deep conversations about literature with my students!
Anisa Hussain
Hello! My name is Anisa and I’m a student at University of Birmingham, studying Human Biology. I have extensive experience teaching online at GoStudent as well as in person. Despite the science themed degree, I love to teach English Language as well as Biology, Chemistry at GCSE (AQA) My GCSE results; English language (9), English literature (7), Chemistry (9), Biology (8) A-level grades: English literature and language: A* Biology: A Chemistry: B EPQ: A I like to make lessons more 'fun' or engaging whilst ensuring content is delivered to the best standard and grades improve :) All my students enjoy my lessons due to the mixture of teaching styles, whilst blending an intense learning session with a laid-back demeanour. Love to see you and your children soon!
Biology, Chemistry, English, Other

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