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Tania Sawlani
Introduction: Hi! My name is Tania. I study a Law LLB at the University of Warwick. I achieved A*A*AAA in English Language & Literature, Law, Sociology and EPQ. Despite my results I wasn't always the best with exams. However, I persevered and used a couple tricks up my sleeve to not only memorise content but understand it. I have tutored many students across many age ranges and I can guarentee a high success rate after. Exam Boards: I have experience in both Edexcel & AQA exam boards for English Lit & Lang GCSE. However, at A-Level English, I specialise in OCR. For Sociology, I have experience in AQA & for Law A-Level in specialise in OCR. Languages: I can speak Bangla at a beginner level as I am Bengali/Indian. However, I can also understand, but not speak (unfortunately!) Hindi & Urdu. Age Group: My preferred age group to teach is - 12-18. Personal: I enjoy gaming, watching movies & having fun days out with my friends. I love shows like the Office & Shameless and think as I am a student myself I can really create a good rapport with students.
English, Law, Social Studies
Adnan Rahman
Greetings! Welcome to the platform and my profile. I am a Graduate in Law LLB from the University of Nottingham with previous experience in tutoring a variety of subjects to students of all ages. I have a successful track record in improving my pupil's grades and overall school performance. My specialties include Maths up to GCSE. If this is a subject you want to get more familiar with, feel free to book a trial lesson to see if we're a good fit. Hope to see you then and all the best!
Law, Maths (lower level), Maths (upper level)
Victoria Roots
I am currently a law student at the University of Sussex and I am in my second year. I am originally from Guildford in Surrey. I enjoy playing netball and riding horses in my spare time. I look forward to meeting you and helping you through the amazing subjects I teach. :) Lower level: Chemistry GCSE: Chemistry A Level: Chemistry and Law
Chemistry, Law
Fatimah Umar
GCSE: English Language, English Literature, German A-Level: Law, English Language, German Uni Level: Law, English Language Languages: English and German Preferred student age group: Any About me: I am a masters student at the University of Dundee where I study International Commercial Law. I would say my prime skill lies in communication, being able to articulate thoughts both verbally and in written form. I enjoy tutoring because I love sharing knowledge and helping students express themselves and achieve their best. In my free time I like reading novels, learning new things such as crafts and languages, playing badminton, socializing with friends and family and fashion designing.
English, German, Law
Lily Booth
My name is Lily and I am a 19 year old student at the University of Leeds currently on my first year studying a joint-honours degree of Spanish and International Relations. I have a passion for tutoring and I have been doing it for years in multiple different secondary schools, so I know how to engage students and adapt my teaching methods to the student in particular to ensure they can achieve the highest grade possible. I teach biology, law and Spanish after studying them at both GCSE and A-level, so I would say I have expert knowledge in these areas to students who are keen to learn of all ages. We can have fun whilst we learn as I truly believe you learn the most and remember the most when you are enjoying what you are doing. Outside of studying and tutoring I love to play instruments like the guitar and the piano, and I also kick-box and dance. I love to keep myself busy and to help elevate others to be the best versions of themselves which is why I love to tutor and possibly one day teach in a different country.
Biology, Law, Spanish
Danyal Qaiser
I am in my third year of university studying law. I am hard working and fun individual. I study English Literature and Law at A level too! I want to provide children with the chance to better their grades so that they don’t have to over stress about education. As a child I wasn’t the brightest of children, but I learned overtime you can do anything with a lot of hard work. I want to support students to the best of my ability so that they can be better. I am looking for primary school students to teach English and Maths to, as well as A Level Law students.
English, Law, Maths (Primary), Maths (lower level), Primary

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FAQs about Law tutoring

Discover how 1:1 online tutoring works, who our tutors are, how you can follow lesson progress and more
Is private Law tuition affordable?
As well as Law, does GoStudent offer private tuition in other subjects?
How can your child benefit from private Law tuition?
Can my child take private Law tuition online?

Why might you want to consider tutoring during your Law degree?

If you’re finding it difficult to keep up with the demands of your law degree, tutoring could be just what you need. If any of the following apply to you, you’re likely to benefit from private tutoring:

  • You’re tackling an unfamiliar law exam and need support to know the right way to approach the questions

  • You find that law is particularly difficult because of the way it’s constantly evolving every year and you’re overwhelmed with new information during your degree

  • Studying law doesn’t necessarily mean that other study skills such as research or essay writing come naturally to you and you may need extra support

  • You’re tackling a law degree or qualification in a second language and need support with some of the more difficult language, concepts or essays

Law tutoring is not necessarily just about getting extra help for specific law problems. It's also about learning organisational skills and developing the mindset it takes to study law - something that will stay with you throughout your future career.

If this sounds appealing to you, then law tuition might be just what you need to succeed.

What are the benefits of hiring a private law tutor for your degree studies?

The benefit of individualized law school tutoring is that it can be tailored to each student's specific needs:

  • Some students require weekly sessions to assist them with class preparation, substantive law, and exam writing skills.

  • Some students wish to start tutoring in the middle of the semester to focus on any gaps in their knowledge and exam preparation

  • Some students only require feedback on hypotheses, practice examinations, and other non-graded assignments

It’s up to you to decide which type of law tuition will work best for you. We're here to help! If you’re unsure what you need help with then get in touch. We're more than happy to discuss your options with you. Simply complete the Tutoring Contact Form to provide us with some basic information and we’ll get back to you to explain your law tutoring options.

We are passionate about helping law students achieve their goals! We'd be delighted to find the right tutor to work with you one-on-one to ensure you get the most out of your law school experience.

Can you explain how GoStudent tutoring works?

If you feel like you would benefit from working with a law tutor, you can call one of our GoStudent experts today. They will ask you about your current situation and which areas you need help with. They’ll also inquire about what difficulties and worries you have and any other needs or concerns you might have.

Our expert will then choose the perfect law tutor for you and organise a free trial lesson. That way, you can try out a class with your tutor and see how GoStudent works risk-free.

In the free tutoring lesson, your law tutor will be able to gain an understanding of ​​your strengths and weaknesses. Using this understanding as a foundation, they will design an individual learning plan that is precisely tailored to you and your needs.

When the trial lesson is over, there will be an opportunity to provide mutual feedback. You can also discuss which tutoring membership model is best when it comes to helping you achieve your individual goals.

We'll work with you to create a program that meets your needs and addresses your concerns, helping you work towards the greatest potential outcomes.

If you’re satisfied with your free tutoring experience and want to get started with your customised learning plan, the journey will begin via Gostudent's practical online platform.

On this platform, you learn directly via video chat with your tutor. Our platform continues to provide you with many practical digital tools.

What law courses and qualifications can a GoStudent tutor help with?

GoStudent plays host to a number of experienced law tutors covering a variety of law qualifications within the United Kingdom and Ireland. It’s important to tell us which region applies to you and which qualification you are planning to take.

  • Bachelor of Laws (Latin Legum Baccalaureus - LLB) - all core modules

  • Diploma in Law GDL/Postgraduate diploma in law PGDL/Master of Arts in Law - MA Law (all modules)

  • Master of Law - LLM (multiple subjects)

  • Legal practice course - LPC and Bar practice course - BPC

  • CILEx Diplomas (all levels) and Solicitors qualifying exam (SQE)

  • PhD in Law

  • The Qualified Lawyers Transfer Scheme - QLTS

  • A level and AS level and foundation courses

  • Distance learning courses (Open Uni, London International, London External, Aston, Nottingham Online etc)