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Abbie Jones
GCSE: English Language, English Literature, Geography and History (1920-1973 USA, World War One and Elizabeth I in particular) A-Level: History (1945-1980 USA and the Tudors) Exam Board Experience: AQA Experience with: KS1, KS2, KS3, 11+, GCSE and A-Level Preferred age group: Any, KS1 up to A-Level Some of my favourite things are reading, which I have loved since I was little, as well as travelling (which we can hopefully do a lot more of soon!) and I would have to say that the beach is my favourite place to be. When I am at home during the holidays I love spending time with my cats, Alexa and Rosie.
11+, English, Geography, History
Ehren Osborne
I'm Ehren (Awkward name to pronounce for the first time I know!) Originally I'm from South Wales but have since moved to York for my studies. I am currently working towards a Masters in Computer Science. Id like to think I'm easy to get on with, creating a comfortable environment for anyone who is anxious about their studies!
Computer Science, Maths (Primary), Maths (lower level), Physics
Alexander Ewing
GCSE: Physics, Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry A Level: Physics, Maths, Chemistry Exam board exp: AQA, Edexcel, OCR, WJEC, WJEC EDUQAS Experience with: GCSE, A Level, English schooling system Languages: English Exp with disabilities/special needs: None Preferred student age group: A Level, GCSE About me: I'm a third year Master of Physics student, studying at the University of Southampton. I'm originally from the Lake District. I have over two years tutoring experience with GoStudent and I was involved in peer mentoring for 2 years when I was a GCSE student. I pride myself on delivering interactive, engaging and informative lessons tailored to the needs of my specific students, giving them all the tips and tricks I have learned over my lifetime to maximise their final result. My lessons run at the pace that the particular student learns so they can get the most out of every lesson. I am more than happy to set homework and follow up with detailed feedback for the student if it is desired. My interests outside of my subject include: football, and outdoor adventure sports such as kayaking, hiking and paddle boarding as well as travelling.
Chemistry, Maths (lower level), Maths (upper level), Physics
Yashani Gohil
GCSEs: maths, further maths, chemistry, physics, biology Exam board exp: AQA/Edexcel/OCR (3 sciences), Edexcel (maths), CEM and GL (11+) Experience: KS2/KS3/KS4/11+ Exp with disabilities: experience with ADHD and dyslexia Hi! I'm Yashani, currently an undergraduate at Queen's University Belfast, studying Architecture. I completed A-levels in maths, chemistry, physics and graphic design. I enjoy reading, drawing and watching the F1.
11+, Chemistry, Maths (lower level), Physics
Philip Corradi
I am currently a university student in my first year of a Mathematics Bsc and I'm looking to help other students succeed in mathematics. I currently provide support for A-level Maths, GCSE Maths as well as support with the core pure mathematics in the Further Maths A-level. My tutoring style is focused on presenting new topics as an intuitive step from what you may have already learned, as well consistent practice.
Maths (lower level), Maths (upper level)
Isabelle Perry
- lower level: English Literature and Language - GCSE: English Literature, English Language, and Essay Writing - A level: English Literature, English Language, and Essay Writing - Preferred student age group: GCSE and A level, although I am happy and able to teach all secondary school-age students - I am an English Graduate, currently studying for an MA in Law. I have tutored at university and with Schools abroad in Uganda and Borneo. I enjoy traveling, have volunteered abroad several times, and completed expeditions in Asia and Africa.
English, English_Essay_Writing

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