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Najib Mrad
Lower Level : Maths - Physics GCSE : Maths - Physics A-Level : Maths 11+ Maths, VR, NVR, English Advanced Computer Science and Programming Exam Board Experience: Engineering Faculty Entrance Exams Languages: English (Fluent) - French (Fluent) - Arabic (Native) SND Experience: Autistic Students Preferred student age group: Primary Graduated Masters in Engineering. Ready to give you all the knowledge you need to ace your subjects! I like football, gaming and well.. food!
11+, Computer Science, Maths, Maths (lower level), Maths (upper level), Physics
Zohair Mazhar
Experienced Mathematics Tutor Pursuing a degree in Actuarial Science (Maths and Statistics) at UK's and the World's top university LSE (London School of Economics and Political Science ) A-Levels - Mathematics A*, Further Mathematics A*, Physics A Subjects and Topics I teach Lower Level: Primary education Mathematics, KS3 Mathematics topics including algebra, equations, ratios, decimals, power, roots and etc GCSE: Higher and Foundation topics - All topics including Algebra, Probability, Ratios, Trigonometry and etc A-Level: Mathematics - All pure topics Further Mathematics: All Core Pure topics Exam Board Experience: (AQA, Edexcel, OCR) Preferred student age group: (Primary/Secondary / GCSE / A-Level) Experience with teaching disadvantaged students with focus issues About you: My tutoring background is marked a wealth of dedicated experience, during which I've conducted over 100 lessons in Mathematics and Further Mathematics. Working with both one-on-one and small group settings, I've catered to students at various academic levels, including GCSE, A-level, and KS3. This diversity has equipped me with a nuanced understanding of different learning needs and styles, enabling me to adapt my teaching approach effectively. I have successfully taught disadvantaged students with focus issues, showcasing my patience, adaptability, and motivational skills. My ability to connect with these students, keeping them engaged and motivated, has contributed to their improved understanding of mathematical concepts. My academic prowess further enhances my tutoring capabilities. With exceptional A-level results of A*A*A, including A*s in math and further math, I possess a robust foundation in the subjects I teach. Moreover, my degree in Actuarial Science from the prestigious London School of Economics (LSE) not only deepens my theoretical knowledge but also provides practical insights, enabling me to present complex mathematical concepts in a comprehensible manner. I've also actively engaged with parents to review student progress and set personalized targets, ensuring transparent communication and a tailored learning experience. In combination, these attributes allow me to deliver impactful tutoring, fostering students' understanding and growth in mathematics. Hobbies: Travelling and Cricket
Maths (lower level), Maths (upper level)
Michael Phillips
Hi my name is Michael and I am an English university student in Sweden who studies biology, I am friendly and always happy to help anyone in need of support with their studies. I primarily focus on Biology as that is the course I focus on in University. Please feel free to contact me if you are in any need of assistance.
Biology, Maths (Primary), Science
Joanne Hamilton
I am an undergraduate student, studying English at University of Nottingham. I have experience with both young children and teenagers, and enjoy both making learning fun, and helping young people meet their full potential! I'm friendly and proactive, and have experience working with children with a variety of needs. Most importantly, I believe learning should be suited to the student, not the teacher! I enjoy writing during my free-time, particularly for Nottingham's student publication, and working with young people - whether through sports teams, after-school clubs, or tutoring.
11+, English, History, Maths (Primary)
Francis Gorniak
Hi, My name is Francis and I tutor A level chemistry, A level maths, GCSE science and maths and 11+. I'm on a gap year, and I love working with students to help them master their subject and to prepare them for great success in their exams. I am willing to discuss and teach any part of the A level curriculum, and will use my experiences learning the subject to offer tips and guidance on how best to revise the course. I am a classical singer (countertenor) and have a passion for music, as well as being a rower too. I speak Polish at a native level. I love reading and blogging about science, philosophy and art, and hope to become a university biochemistry professor in the future!
11+, Biology, Chemistry, Maths (lower level), Maths (upper level), Science
Taher Ahmed
Hello, I'm Taher Ahmed, a dedicated tutor with a focus on GCSE Mathematics, GCSE Science, GCSE Computer Science, A-level Mathematics, and A-level Computer Science. With over a year of experience in online tutoring and private sessions, I've assisted students in subjects like Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. My background includes six months at Excel Tutor, aiding GCSE and A-level students. I believe in fostering a positive learning environment, ensuring each student feels supported. As an undergraduate at Queen Mary, my multicultural background enhances my adaptability and communication skills. Achieving top grades in A-levels and GCSE Mathematics reflects my commitment to academic excellence. With experience in sales and insights from virtual work at Vodafone and a placement at Fujitsu, I offer a diverse skill set. Volunteering at Poplar Mosque underscores my dedication to community service. Proficient in web development and programming languages, my multilingual skills in English, Italian, French, and Bengali add depth to my communication. Beyond academics, my interests in gaming, coding, chess, and sports showcase a well-rounded personality. As a nanny, I bring a blend of academic rigor, multicultural understanding, and a creative approach to engaging with children.
Computer Science, Maths (lower level), Maths (upper level), Physics, Science

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What is the A Level maths course?

The A Level maths course consists of “Pure Mathematics” topics such as calculus which are then used in “Applied” topics: mechanics and statistics. The work involved needs problem-solving skills and a willingness to try different approaches to reach the right solution. It’s also important at this level to be able to clearly demonstrate how you reach an answer.

What courses can you do with A Level maths?

Many degrees require an A Level maths qualification. Universities look very favourably upon this subject too, even if it’s not a prerequisite.

The degrees that A Level maths can lead to include maths, sciences, computer science, engineering, and geography. It is useful in many careers such as architecture, finance, IT, and engineering.

Is maths the most popular A Level?

Yes, A Level maths is currently the most popular of all the A Level courses in the UK.

Is A Level maths really hard?

A Level maths is certainly challenging. The syllabus is extensive and it requires discipline to keep up. Having said that, if your child can do the work and put in plenty of practice, they’ll be fine. In reality, none of the A Level lessons are easy and all require time and effort.

Is A Level maths harder than GCSE?

Yes, A Level maths is considerably harder than GCSE maths. However, if your child passed the GCSE maths, there is no reason why they can’t do well in the A Level maths exam. The first year of A Level maths will be a follow-on from GCSE maths but the second year of A Level maths will be noticeably different.

The main change that students struggle with is that A Level maths is more independent and your child will need to teach themself much of the content.

Generally speaking, your child should have no problems handling A Level maths lessons if they received a grade six or above at GCSE level. However, if they had to work extremely hard for a grade six, they could very well find A Level maths too much.

Speak to their teacher if you’re unsure whether they will be able to cope without too much stress and distracting time from other A Level subjects.

Of course, if your child needs A Level maths for university and finds GCSE level challenging, you can look at getting an A Level maths tutor from the start of the A Level maths course to make sure they succeed.

A Level maths course results

To give you an understanding of how easy or difficult it is to pass A Level maths, we think it’s useful to show the results from previous academic years. Below is a table of the A Level maths course results for the past three years. It shows the percentage of students that received each grade, by year.

What’s in the A Level maths exam?

There is a wide range of complex topics covered in the A Level maths course and all of these need to be studied in order to pass the A Level maths exam. Exams will vary between schools and colleges depending on the exam board they use.

Here is a sample of topics:

  • Algebra and functions

  • Indices and logarithms

  • Exponential functions

  • Trigonometry

  • Coordinate geometry

  • Frequency tables

  • The normal distribution

  • The binomial distribution

  • Correlation

  • Hypothesis testing

  • Probability

  • Solving normal distribution problems

  • Kinematics

  • Forces and Newton’s laws

  • Variable acceleration

The different boards each set their own A Level maths exam criteria. As an example, AQA has three separate papers that are each two hours long and equally weighted. That’s a grand total of six hours of A Level maths exams.

Who needs private A Level maths tutoring?

The truth of the matter is that any pupil will benefit from private A Level maths tutoring. That’s because the exam structure is different and knowing the technique to use to answer the questions can be as important as being fluent in the content itself.

At GoStudent, we get many students and parents contacting us just before the A Level maths exam. That’s because when pupils start to practise past A Level maths exams they often realise they struggle to understand the questions and what level of detail they need to provide in order to get top marks.

We recommend starting practice exams as early on as possible and getting a private A Level maths tutor for at least a couple of sessions before revision time. That way your A Level maths tutor can guide your kid through the exam techniques they will need to use and help prepare a solid study plan.

Don’t forget, as much of the A Level maths course is self-taught, all students will benefit from an A Level maths tutor for added guidance and to make sure they are on track.

If your child is struggling get an A Level maths tutor

There is no doubt that if your child starts to struggle and fall behind in their A Level maths lessons you need to get an A Level maths tutor.

The earlier you can pick up on any problem areas, the easier it will be for your child to catch up and correct any errors. It’s no surprise why A Level maths private tuition works so well. Having a personal, dedicated teacher allows kids to focus on their weaker areas and fix these quickly.

A good A Level maths tutor will be able to explain challenging concepts with ease by tailoring their approach to your child and their way of learning. Just explaining a topic in a slightly different way can have a huge impact and be transformative. The lesson here is don’t wait until it’s too late.

Why choose A Level maths online tutoring?

You can consider A Level maths private tuition a solid investment in your child’s future. By getting the best grades possible, their options for university courses and further education increase. Or, it could be they go straight into the workplace after completing their A Level maths course and it helps them get there. Either way, it pays to keep options open.

A Level maths online tutoring is more flexible than traditional face-to-face sessions. You can schedule classes with a click of a button (and cancel when life gets in the way), conveniently pop onto video classes from home or anywhere with an internet connection, and keep track of everything you’ve revised with your A Level maths online tutor in one place.

At GoStudent, we make sure your child will have all their A Level maths online course notes and revision homework that their tutor sets in one location. We have a platform to keep everything tidy, from previous grades to A Level maths online revision papers to upcoming classes scheduled.

We live in a digital age and there’s no reason why A Level maths private tuition needs to be an antiquated thing of the past. You’ll be on a WhatsApp group with your tutor for even more convenience and faster communication, be able to record sessions so your child can look back as many times as they like, and enjoy a savvy virtual classroom with a digital whiteboard and all the bells and whistles technology can offer.

Pro tips for A Level maths revision

Since all of your child’s grades will come from the A Level maths Exams it will require constant revision towards exam time. The content needs to be fresh in their mind so they have time to finish all the questions and don’t freeze up.

The best way to ace an A Level maths exam is to keep up with the course work throughout the year so the last months in the lead up to exams are purely reserved for A Level maths revision and not learning.

While every pupil studies differently, the following are all useful to set the knowledge in stone:

  • Cheatsheets

  • Worksheets

  • Practise past exams

  • Revision cards

  • Using additional A Level maths online revision

The beauty of A Level maths is that practice makes perfect. It’s not a subjective subject. Hard work will get results, as long as a student doesn’t fall behind. If your child does feel like they’re slipping then you can always get a professional A Level maths Tutor to steer them back on course.

If you want to try one of our trusted private A Level maths tutors, there’s a no-obligation free trial we offer everyone to begin their A Level maths tutoring journey. First, we’ll run an initial assessment to ascertain your child’s needs so we can match them to the best A Level maths tutor based on requirements, personality and qualifications.

You’ll also be pleased to know that our A Level maths tuition can be purchased in packages with several lessons bundled in. This makes our already affordable prices even more competitive. Our prices are from £19.20 to £29.60 per lesson. This includes everything from the lesson to learning materials to a tailored learning plan.

The A Level maths course should be stimulating, fun, and rewarding, which is exactly what your expert A Level maths online tutor will make it. A Level maths online course help has never been easier and more effective!