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Reginald Macfoy
Levels&Subjects: - Lower Level: Maths, Science, English - GCSE: Geography, English, Biology - A-level: Psychology and Sociology Exam Board Experience: - AQA, WJEC, Edexel Preferred Student Age Group: - Primary - A-level About me: I’m a sporty person, I love football and tennis, I also love to read books, in particular self help books. I’m based in London and I’m a Chelsea supporter!
Biology, Maths (Primary), Psychology
Avnika Heer
I am a passionate individual who enjoys helping others and seeing the best of people's ability. Teaching allows me to effectively communicate with others as I believe I am a confident communicator who can clearly explain to others as I am friendly and welcoming to all. I have tutored ages from primary school, KS3, GCSE and A-Level so am experienced for all to help see development.
Biology, Maths (Primary), Psychology, Science
Paria Faizi
Hi! I am a second year medical student at the University of Leeds, who is passionate about helping students succeed and enjoy the wonderful subjects of biology and psychology along the way! Having recently done my A-levels (A*A*A), I have up-to-date and effective exam technique advice to offer. I enjoy simplifying complicated scientific and psychological concepts to make content easier to understand for students which enables their confidence to flourish in the subject area. I deliver structured lessons personalised to each student's strengths and weaknesses, engaging them in a friendly learning environment and asking questions to review what they have learnt and ensure they understand. I aim to adapt my method of delivery based on each student's learning type like using more visual aids for a visual learner. I enjoy explaining the relevance of science in application to real life settings which often helps with students' understanding of certain topics and makes it more interesting. I work with the student to set them realistic targets, and help them achieve the grade they aim for. My most recent students have received As in the psychology and Biology A levels in the 2023 exam season.
Biology, Psychology
Noorin Ansari
Levels and subjects I teach: - Lower level: Maths, English, Science - GCSE: Psychology, Sociology, English Literature & Language, History, Religious Studies - A Level: Psychology Exam board experience: - Edexcel - AQA - OCR - WJEC Languages: - English, native fluency - Persian, upper-intermediate fluency SEND: - My younger brother is diagnosed autistic so I know how to communicate effectively and be patient with autistic children Preferred student age group: - GCSE students About me: I am 21 years old in my second year of studying Psychology at university. I graduated from secondary school in 2019 with 11 GCSEs and from sixth form in 2021 with 3 A Levels and an EPQ. I have lived in London for most of my life. I love to read, books are a huge passion of mine, and I also write occasionally. I'm also extremely interested in theatre, drama, history, politics, languages, philosophy and psychology — anything studying human beings, really. Any time I'm in a new city, I am scouring its art galleries and museums.
English, English_Essay_Writing, History, Psychology, Religious_Studies, Social Studies
Emily Williams
Hi there! I'm Emily and I'm from the UK. Lessons with me as your tutor will be interactive and dynamic. Whichever the subject is, I will be ensuring that I cater the content of my lessons to your individual needs. During the lessons, we will be utilising a variety of learning techniques, such as discussions, quizzes and PowerPoint lectures. Alongside my academic studies, I have always worked hard to support myself. These roles have predominantly been working with children in the psychological field but also online tutoring too. I have two and a half years of experience teaching English online to French students and six months of experience online tutoring in Psychology, Sociology and English.
Psychology, Social Studies

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