Revolutionising Education: A Glimpse into the Future of Education in 2050

London , 04 September 2023

Revolutionising Education: A Glimpse into the Future of Education in 2050

Brain-computer technology to detect burn-out, ultra-realistic virtual reality learning scenarios, and genetic testing to identify the perfect school subjects to study are just a few futuristic features that will be normal for school students by 2050, according to a leading futurologist.

The next 25 years will see the traditional classroom become a thing of the past, according to a new fascinating white paper, entitled ‘The End Of School As You Know It: Education in 2050’, written by Tracey Follows, one of the top 50 female futurists according to Forbes magazine and a Visiting Professor of Digital Futures and Identity.

The classroom will be replaced by completely simulated environments in which students of palaeontology would learn while surrounded by dinosaurs in the wild, scholars taking marine studies would observe ocean life while ‘underwater’ and pupils on astronomy courses would attend classes on board a starship.

Tracey Follows’ thought-provoking white paper was commissioned by GoStudent, one of the world’s leading online tutoring providers and education platforms, and includes visualisations of what’s to come. GoStudent is at the forefront of transforming education through tailored 1:1 learning and integrating technology.

Standard assessments will be replaced by DNA testing in order to detect students’ strengths and subjects they are predisposed to excel in, to hone in on innate talents and ultimately, pave the way for their careers.

Brain-computer technology will be used to continually monitor mental and emotional well-being, identifying imminent signs of student burnout or stress.

Classes are likely to be more skill-based rather than age-related, increasing the rate of educational progress and AI technology will provide instant in-person translation, meaning students of many different nationalities can learn together.

Co-founder and CEO of GoStudent, Felix Ohswald shared his thoughts on the findings: “Education is at an inflexion point. Historically, learning was exclusive, very personalised and highly inaccessible. Later, as education became mandatory, accessibility increased but, consequently, it became much less personalised.”

“With the rise of technology and AI in particular, the education space is set to change significantly once again, as accessibility and personalisation combine. To actively continue to shape the future of how students learn we must embrace what lies ahead. We’re excited to see how education will evolve, and what this means for us as we continue our mission to reimagine education.”

Tracey Follows, Futurist, Author and Visiting Professor in Digital Futures and Identity shared her insights, “The future of education is incredibly exciting and dynamic. With the rapid progressions in technology, we are on the brink of a technological explosion that will change how the entire world operates. Education will be at the epicentre of that change. The shift towards immersive learning, AI-driven personalisation, and continuous monitoring is set to revolutionise how we learn and adapt.

“The educational journey will be tailored to each individual’s purpose and passion, with the classroom expanding beyond its physical constraints and revolutionising education. By looking ahead to 2050, we get a glimpse of what is to come - and the results are fascinating.”

Imagine a world where classrooms are anything but boring, where our minds are taken care of, and where education fits like a glove. This is the education revolution, and it’s coming our way sooner than we think.

Explore the complete The End of School as You Know It: Education in 2050 white paper and visualisations on GoStudent’s website

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**Notes to Editors: ** Research has been lifted from GoStudent’s March 2023 research report, ‘The GoStudent Future of Education Report 2023’