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Our tutors and teaching tools give each student all they need to grow in confidence and improve their grades

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How to sign up for your membership

Meet an Education Advisor

Every learning journey begins by setting goals with your personal Education Advisor so we can match your child with the right tutor.

Take a free trial lesson

We'll invite you to join a free trial lesson with one of our top tutors so both you and your child can see how GoStudent works, no obligations.

Customise your membership

Your Education Advisor will help you book a customised lesson package tailored to your child's long-term learning needs.

Learning is most effective when it’s fun!

Our 50 minute one-to-one lessons are personalised for each student
Shared whiteboard describing future tense with a female tutor and male student.

GoClass: our virtual lesson space

GoClass is packed with collaborative features including a digital whiteboard to make all lessons interactive, document sharing so everyone is on the same page, and lesson recordings so you can watch the best bits again.
Chat between student and teacher for the private lessons.

GoChat: simplifying lesson planning

GoChat is our in-app messaging service where students and tutors can share homework assignments, chat about lesson scheduling or pin important conversations for quick reference and ongoing feedback.

Lessons with personality

From learning physics with gymnastics to maths with Minecraft, our tutors enjoy adding a little flair to their lessons. They get the best out of every student, keeping them engaged and excited to learn.

GoStudent Learning - interactive learning materials

Learn x2 faster with 1000s of fun, interactive learning materials, including quizzes and practice questions to support self-study and revision. Or use our AI-Tutor, Amelia, to get instant answers to questions you have about any subject on the curriculum!

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Good grades are just a tutor match away

Everyone has their own way of learning and we find the right tutors to match

Personalised matching

Our Education Advisors are tutor matching experts. They’ll find the right tutor based on level, learning needs and personality so your child gets the most out of their lessons.

One-to-one online lessons

Finding the right tutor match for your child will never be limited by your location or schedule. Having the best possible tutor fit helps boost every child's confidence.

Good grades, great results

Personalised tutoring sets our students up for success one lesson at a time. Your child’s good grades will be their first step towards a lifelong love of learning.

Begin a learning journey that lasts

Our lesson packages are flexible, so they always fit your family life

Flexible enough for family life

Share your lesson credits with the whole family. Select subjects and tutors for each student, and reschedule your lessons when you aren’t available.

Personalised to suit your pocket

Set the frequency of lessons and duration of your membership to make sure the package price fits your budget and needs. Each lesson lasts 50 minutes.

Made to meet learning goals

We’ll help advise you about the best lesson package to suit your child’s short and long-term learning goals.

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