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Your child can get Biology tuition in London for as low as £22.50 per session. The price of each private tuition session depends on how regularly and for how long your child takes tuition with us. Book a free trial session with us and you can find out how affordable private tuition with GoStudent can be for you.

Students in London can access GoStudent's pool of 432 Biology tutors. Our tutors are exports in giving 1-2-1 private tuition in Biology. To get a free trial session for your child, simply provide your details and we will get back to you.

Online tuition is a great option for many families in London. The GoStudent platform allows Biology tutors and students to connect easily online. The Biology tutors use online whiteboard and interactive lesson plans alongside easy to share materials in order to bring the Biology lessons alive.

Book a free trial lesson with GoStudent and find out more about how private online tutoring can work for you.

GoStudent can help give your child support with private Biology tuition as well as offering tuition for subjects in London. Select from the following subjects:

  • English
  • Physics
  • Maths
  • History
  • French
  • And more.

Your child isn't tied into one subject with GoStudent. Maybe your child needs support with Biology now but as their needs change we can also offer tuition across different subjects.

GoStudent helps to unlock the full potential of every child, across a wide range of subjects including Biology. We do this by:

  • Finding the perfect match between students and teachers - based on personality, learning habits and hobbies - we can help build long-lasting academic success.
  • GoStudent focuses on sustainable learning and we believe that your child's learning is not a ‘quick fix’ and so we want to be a long-lasting partner.
  • We always try to find innovative ways of teaching, including using videos, computer games or music.
  • We offer a highly individualised and personalised service, meaning that every kid gets the right tutor for them, based on their specific needs and learning style.

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All you need to know about tuition in Biology

Biology tutoring in London

Biology is a subject that is taught at all ages throughout primary, secondary, and post-secondary education.

If your child or teenager intends to pursue a career in academia, industry, pharmacy or wants to work in animal conservation or zoo, biology knowledge at GCSE and A level is essential.

Biology exams can be particularly challenging so if your child is still struggling with the difference between a stamen and a stigma, GoStudent biology tutors can help.

GoStudent biology tuition covers homework, coursework or even cramming for those final biology exams to help your child get into one of London’s prestigious universities.

There are many universities in London that offer biology degrees, some primary examples being Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) or the University of Westminster.

Both schools provide full-time and part-time courses to students who want to study science. The University of East Anglia (UEA) and the University of Kent are some other universities that offer a biology degree in London.

If you're looking for a higher-ranked school, King's College London (KCL), Imperial College London and the University of Cambridge all have strong reputations for their undergraduate research programs.

Wherever your child chooses to study, the private biology tutors at GoStudent are waiting to help them get there with personalised biology tuition that doesn’t cost the earth.

Why choose biology tutoring with GoStudent?

There are so many options for biology tuition and types of biology tutors in London that it's hard to choose. Would your child prefer a one-on-one session or would group learning work better? Which slot in the schedule fits best - morning classes or afternoon lessons? With all these possibilities available nearby, finding the right fit can be difficult!

Choice of tutors: With GoStudent, each parent is guided to help choose a biology tutor according to the level their child is studying at.

Access to a wide range of resources: When you sign up for biology lessons with GoStudent, your child will be taught by a tutor who is an expert in the field. Our tutors work with a range of materials such as biology textbooks, creative resources and videos to make classes more interactive and fun.

Personalised progress: GoStudent's individualised biology tutoring provides each student with a unique learning plan. Every student has a custom made learning plan tailored to their needs and the teacher can alter the pace and content according to the students’ needs.

Tutor-student relationship: If your child plans to take long-term classes, a good relationship between student and teacher is vital, so that the biology classes are fun, interesting and motivating. Our customer success team can help set your child up for success with personal tutor recommendations.

Practice makes perfect: There’s no such thing as a quick fix for success. The more your child practices biology, the more likely they are to grasp the material and pass the exams. Enrolling in private biology classes in London will provide your child with additional opportunities for practice in a supportive environment.

Safety first: all of our tutors are now required to complete an advanced DBS (Disclosure and barring service) check. This is the same check carried out on school teachers in the UK and provides additional peace of mind for parents. GoStudent is also a member of the Tutors’ association (TTA) The Tutors' Association is the UK's only professional membership organisation for tutoring and supplementary education and is recognised by the UK government so you know your child is in safe hands.

So, if your child is ready to follow in the footsteps of some of London’s most famous biologists then just fill in the contact form and GoStudent will do the rest - we’ll find you the perfect tutor for your child no matter what their needs are.

London: An amazing place to explore biology

London is a city that has been the birthplace of many great scientists. As such, there are plenty of museums and universities to study biology in London. While studying biology your child can follow in the footsteps of some of the biology giants that have lived and worked in London such as:

Adam Sedgwick (1785-1873) Geologist at University College London, famous for his research in geology and mineralogy. He also studied biology during the early days of the Royal School of Mines.

*Thomas Henry Huxley (1825-1895) Zoologist best known as “Darwin's Bulldog” for his advocacy of Charles Darwin's theory of evolution.

*Frederick William Frankland (1825-1899) Biologist best known for his research in chemistry, geology and meteorology during the early days of Queen's College London. He has also made significant contributions to biology through pioneering work done on the human brain and its functions.

*Charles Lyell (1797-1875) Geologist known for his research in paleontology, stratigraphy, sedimentary rocks and other geologic features of Earth's history. He also served as president of the Geological Society during 1841 to 1844 and was one of Darwin's closest friends.

*George Rolleston (1829-1920) Anatomist who was a professor at Oxford University and later served as president of the British Medical Association from 1881 to 1882. He also made contributions in zoology by conducting research on marine invertebrates, notably starfish and sea urchins.

Due to the number of prominent biologists who have lived and worked in London there are a lot of natural history museums in London for you to explore with your child. Most of them have been built by famous biologists from the past.

* The Grant Museum is very popular among biology students and families because it has different types of animals and fossils. It was originally a collection of dead animals given by Sir Arthur Smith-Clarke, a famous biologist from the 19th century who studied invertebrates.

* The Natural History Museum has been designed to look like an old palace. Some people think it looks too heavy but students studying biology love this museum because there are so many exhibits.

* The Darwin Centre is part of the Natural History Museum and has an exhibition about Charles Darwin's life. It also contains real stuffed animals collected by Darwin during his voyage around the world on board HMS Beagle in 1831-1836. That was when he wrote "On the Origin of Species".

So, what are you waiting for? Help your child get immersed in biology today!