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Business tutoring is an excellent way for your child to be exposed to professionals who have worked in the field or have mastered their Business exams and chosen to teach. Business lessons involve a wide variety of topics and doing well in the subject requires a combination of creativity and academic prowess. Let’s look at how a Business course can benefit your child, what Business revision looks like, and where to find top-rated Business tutors.

When is a Business course relevant?

Taking a Business course is one of the most useful and wide-reaching types of subjects possible. Whether your kid is in compulsory Business lessons or has chosen to follow this career trajectory, the job opportunities are virtually endless. That means it pays to do well in their Business exam even if they’re not yet sure it’s something they will pursue.

Most Business lessons cover a range of topics that lead to interesting jobs down the line including:

  • Business owner - will pave the way towards owning their own business and understand how to get things off the ground and what they need to do to become successful and compete
  • Consultant - they could become a consultant and help other businesses
  • Marcomms - will help if they want to get into marketing or communications

This selection of jobs is just the tip of the iceberg too. A versatile course, it usually covers many Business lessons such as accounting, marketing, economics, and more. It’s this interesting variety of topics that make Business lessons appealing to most students. This also brings its challenges as (usually) no one is equally comfortable in two subject areas.

If your kid struggles with one aspect, like accounting, it’s worthwhile considering Business tuition so that one (or more) problem area/s doesn’t bring their overall grade down in the Business exam. After all, we can’t all be experts at everything. 🤷‍♂️

Are primary school Business classes available in the UK?

While primary school Business lessons aren’t the norm, there are a number of entrepreneurial initiatives offered to primary school children. These provide a great foundation for our future leaders in business and offer fun project ideas and competitions for kids in the UK.

What does a Business exam look like?

In the UK, students usually begin to take Business lessons at GCSE level and can choose to continue Business lessons at A-Levels and then onto a Business course at uni. Of course, all of the Business exams will look different depending on what level your child is at, what educational institution they attend, and what exam board they fall under.

For this reason, the most important suggestion you can give your child is to practise as many past Business exams as possible. This will give them a good indication of what’s expected of them. A Business exam isn’t as black and white as a Maths exam and your kid will need to apply some critical thinking to business problems posed in their Business exam.

At the earlier stages of their Business lessons, they will also encounter questions testing their knowledge about business terms, e.g. diseconomy of scale. Some Business exams have multiple-choice questions included and others will require long-answers and all will have a Maths element as this is intertwined with many of the solutions. 🔢

How to revise for a Business exam?

Business exams require critical thinking for the most part. Part of getting students ready for future employment or higher education is having them analyse a given situation and provide their suggestions on how to improve it. For this reason, it’s beneficial to read case studies outside of your kid’s regular Business course book to get a better understanding of the way business leaders think and behave.

As we mentioned earlier, a critical part of Business revision will be going over past exams. This is to understand the structure of questions and find any weaker areas where your child doesn’t feel as confident. A highly advantageous course of action is to hire Business tutoring which will help to iron out any challenging issues your kid has in their Business lessons and motivate them. 🙌

Why Business tutoring works so well

If you find a Business tutor who is not just knowledgeable but passionate about the subject, they can bring real-life examples they have experienced or learned about to your kid’s private Business lessons. Since Business is a very broad term, a private Business tutor will find out your child’s areas of interest and explain complex concepts in a more enticing manner. For example, they could focus on a soccer club or modelling agency case studies.

At GoStudent, we have amazing Business tutors who will spark and build on the curiosity and interest your child already has and help them understand all the elements of their Business course by joining it together. Business tuition can truly be educational, fun, and rewarding at the same time. Whether your kid is stuck on one area or just needs some Business exam techniques, we are here to help when your child is ready.