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Is your child taking Dutch lessons at school or an independent Dutch course? With the right incentive and guidance, they should enjoy learning the language. If your kid is finding it challenging for whatever reason or just needs more practice and support outside of their regular Dutch lessons, you should consider private Dutch tutoring. We’ll tell you why and what to expect when preparing for a Dutch exam.

How hard is a Dutch course?

Learning Dutch can be really fun, especially since many words are similar in English. This is great motivation for those taking Dutch lessons. However, there are some hurdles most students find, like verb placement and word order.

As the Netherlands is one of our closest neighbours in continental Europe, it’s a useful language to learn. Your kid can benefit from taking a Dutch course so they can travel around the beautiful country and converse with locals or perhaps they could even land a job there.

If we ignore the pandemic years, the number of British tourists visiting the Netherlands has been on a steady increase over the past decade with 2.4 million people from the UK staying overnight in 2019. From visiting Amsterdam to the seaside towns and tulip fields, there is much to see and do there.

Whether your child is taking a primary school Dutch course, secondary school, or university level Dutch course, their Dutch lessons should be filled with enriching details about the culture, history, and present-day themes of the Netherlands.

What to expect in a Dutch exam

As with all languages, a Dutch exam will consist of four components: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Like most students, your child will have their stronger areas. This is completely normal but often frustrating for the person taking Dutch lessons.

Your child may not even believe they have a stronger area and are finding the whole language thing mindblowing. This is especially common when learning a foreign language for the first time. The truth is, they’re probably doing better than they feel and it may just be a confidence issue. Dutch tutoring can play a helping hand here and put the fun back into Dutch lessons too.

Let’s look at how proper Dutch tuition can motivate and improve your child’s results on a Dutch exam.

How Dutch tutoring will help your child succeed

Mastering all of the four components we mentioned that span Dutch lessons is no easy feat. Perhaps your child feels comfortable reading in Dutch but putting a sentence together verbally is extremely hard for them. Or perhaps they can listen to Dutch and pick up on the meaning but writing an email in Dutch takes them forever.

A Dutch tutor will assess where your child is at and focus on the areas where they need help. Having private Dutch tuition gives your child the opportunity to practise in a closed and safe environment. Standing up in front of your peers in Dutch lessons often throws kids off (and adults!). 🗨️

A supportive Dutch tutor will gently correct pronunciation, spelling…whatever needs to be improved. Once your kid realises how quickly they are progressing in their private Dutch lessons there will be no stopping them. This confidence is the most important thing to keeping them motivated and studying for their Dutch exam will become a more rewarding experience.

Why use a GoStudent Dutch tutor?

At GoStudent, we have lots of experienced Dutch tutors to choose from. We offer all of our Dutch lessons online so that your kid could have a Dutch tutor in the UK, the Netherlands, Belgium, or elsewhere. The important thing is to find a Dutch tutor that your kid connects with so they look forward to their Dutch lessons.

Once we have found the right Dutch tutor for your kid, they will get a tailored learning plan based on their needs and goals. Your kid will receive plenty of material for their Dutch revision that’s not just in their standard Dutch course book. If they’re a sports lover, their Dutch tutor will find interesting material about that topic (or cooking, music, art, etc.).

As the parent, you will get regular progress updates to show what your child has been learning in their online Dutch lessons and what areas they are focusing on. That way, you can see all of the hard work they are putting in. At GoStudent, we have a 95% success rate and part of that is owing to the fact that the classes are tailored and also fun. 😃

Since everything is online, you can change the schedule of your kid’s Dutch lessons with no fuss so if you need extra ones booked in near a Dutch exam (or less), you can change this in seconds. Your kid will also benefit from having all of their Dutch revision and past lesson notes in one place. Our platform will allow your kid to record their Dutch lessons if they want to as well and replay them as many times as they like.

If this all sounds good to you, we offer a free trial lesson for Dutch tutoring. We’ll just ask you a few questions about your kid and their learning objectives and you can schedule a Dutch tutoring session at a time that suits you.

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