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Python tutoring for all ages and levels with GoStudent

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Python lessons are quickly becoming some of the most popular in the UK at all levels. Computer programming is a secure and interesting career path but it’s competitive as a result. Python tutoring will help your kid to master coding and set them on the path to success.

Who can take a Python course?

The Python course is exploding in popularity at all levels. You’ll find more and more primary school Python lessons being offered and many kids choose to continue Python lessons into secondary school and beyond.

How popular is the primary school Python course?

It’s fair to say that primary school Python lessons are extremely popular for students and parents alike. In fact, one survey found that Python lessons have overtaken French in the UK as the most popular language taught in primary schools. It states that 60% of parents would prefer their kid takes primary school Python over French, and 75% of kids would rather learn to programme than study a modern foreign language. 😲

What about other Python courses?

Python lessons are also popular with secondary school students (and their parents!) and at the university level. Of course, if your kid wishes to pursue a career in computer programming and succeed in higher-level Python exams they will need to keep up with all their Python lessons along the way.

No matter what level your kid or teen is at with their Python lessons they will need to master the programming concepts and be able to use the Python syntax. To become proficient in this programming language and ace a Python exam, the most important things are revision and practice.

Let’s look at some of the best Python revision methods and how to find additional practice exercises.

Best Python revision methods

At the KS3 level, a Python exam will usually give multiple-choice and short-answer questions about what codes in Python are used for and the different symbols. Python revision cards are a great tool to use here.

By GCSE level and beyond, the Python exam is going to ask your child to write a Python program to solve something (e.g. calculate the volume of a swimming pool). They will then need to work out and write the code down. Going over past Python exams and finding new exercises to finish is paramount.

Repetition is key. Muscle memory will help your kid develop their programming skills. Learning Python is the same as learning a foreign language. It will indeed be foreign to them when they start so you need to support them in becoming adept at it so that they can progress and don’t fall behind. 💪

At any level, your child should find as many practice examples outside of their regular coursework as possible. Having a Python tutor is very helpful in this regard because they can provide Python revision and support. That means they could work on a program together and your child will get feedback and their work corrected so they know exactly what they need to do.

What to look for in Python tutoring

To find the best Python tutor you should look for experience to make sure your kid’s future Python tutor has aced the same level Python exams and/or gone into the field itself.

Why use GoStudent Python tuition?

We have Python tutors that are computer scientists, software developers, and software engineers. They live, breathe, and work on Python and this experience is invaluable when it comes to giving Python lessons.

Our Python tutors will provide a lot of revision in class and for homework. For example primary school Python lessons (or whenever your kid is in their first years of learning the syntax) our tutors might cover include:

Python lessons on how to add two numbers

Python lessons on how to make a basic calculator

Python lessons on how to convert miles to kilometres

At a more advanced level, your kid can expect to receive Python revision from their Python tutor that is in line with whatever level they are studying at. One example could be to work on a Python-based application that requires advanced concepts.

The more exposure your child has to Python code the better off they will be when it comes to their Python exam. It’s not a walk in the park but the great thing about Python is once your kid has learned how to write a Python program and studied for the right questions, they can absolutely do well in a Python exam. 

It’s not a subject like English that can be more subjective and have multiple correct answers available for one given question. A little hard work and lots of studying will pay off.

How much does a Python tutor cost?

The cost of Python tutoring varies wildly depending on whether you opt for face-to-face or online and which company you go through. At GoStudent, we keep a simple pricing structure that allows us to provide the best Python tutor at an affordable and real-world price.

All of our Python lessons cost between £22.50 and £29.60 depending on the package you choose and how many lessons you buy at once. Before you commit to any Python lessons with us, we offer a free trial class so you can be sure it’s right for your child. Our Python tuition is all online and all our Python tutors are passionate about the subject so your kid will get the teaching and motivation they need.