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No matter what level your child is at in their Russian lessons, they will experience speedbumps and then exhilarating moments of clarity. Studying for a Russian exam takes more than a little focus and it’s essential to keep up in a Russian course because each lesson builds on the last. Russian tutoring is a proven method for increasing grades and a lifelong appreciation for the subject. Let’s delve into the fascinating world of Russia and look at where to find the best Russian tutor.

What a Russian course involves

A Russian course is (or should be) a fascinating journey into the rich culture of Russia and learning this beautiful language. If your child takes Russian lessons and develops a good understanding of the language they will be able to read books and watch movies that come from everywhere from Moscow to St Petersburg. 🇷🇺

Every language poses its challenges to English speakers. The Russian alphabet is different to the one used in English. Derived from the Cyrillic alphabet it has 33 letters, some that look and sound like those used in English and others that look and/or sound different.

Whether or not your kid is taking primary school Russian or studying it at uni, getting practice speaking it is one of the hardest aspects. Russian tutoring is an excellent way to gain this experience whilst being corrected and encouraged by an expert.

How to revise for a Russian exam

There will be four components to any Russian exam: writing, speaking, reading, and listening. Some of these will be easier for your kid to study in their own time. Let’s look at each and how to revise for a Russian exam. ✨

Russian revision: writing

The written element is easy enough to practise at home but it’s harder for your child to correct any errors. However, it’s still worthwhile suggesting they write a little every day in Russian. This could be making shopping lists, keeping a journal in Russian, or pretending to write an article on a topic they find interesting.

For additional support in writing, Russian tuition is the way to go. A Russian tutor will be able to assign written tasks for homework and correct any errors so your child knows what to do differently in the future and learn from their mistakes rather than keep repeating them.

Russian revision: speaking

As we mentioned, the speaking element is the hardest to practise at home alone. There are pronunciation apps you can find but they can’t replace holding a conversation. To practise for this Russian exam, your kid should partner with another student or even form a small study group so they can talk in Russian together.

Russian tutoring is the other way to not only get practice but additional Russian lessons on speaking. This will help them perfect their accent and is a great step towards fluency.

Russian revision: reading

Your kid should dedicate as much time as they can (and appropriate for their level) reading Russian literature, news, articles, etc. Their teacher should assign or suggest some reading material for them. If not, a Russian tutor can always help and recommend material at your kid’s level and based on their interests.

Russian revision: listening

We’re so lucky to live in this technological era where we have podcasts at our disposal. Your kid should make the most of this and enjoy listening to podcasts in Russian whenever they can. It’s particularly useful if they can find podcasts with transcripts so they can read along at the same time as listening.

Whatever level your child is at in their Russian course, they should find as much material outside of class and practice opportunities for all of these important components of the Russian language. This is something that Russian tuition can help with because a professional Russian tutor already has interesting material to share that’s suitable for your kid’s level.

Where to find Russian tutoring

You can find good Russian tutoring online or by finding an individual that lives close by who is a Russian tutor. Online Russian tutoring has a lot of benefits, number one being you can choose from so many more Russian tutors than you can via the traditional face-to-face approach. 💻

Online Russian lessons are great because they are interactive and all of the homework and notes from class will be stored in one convenient location. An online Russian tutor can share links and files much easier and without having to mess around with sending emails. That means your kid can refer back to a document or video or audio file whenever they want to.

At GoStudent, we offer online Russian tutoring for every level from primary school Russian to researcher level. Our qualified Russian tutors would be thrilled to get to know your kid and expand their knowledge about Russia and its history, all while your child develops their Russian language skills so they can ace their Russian exam.