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Turkey’s links to the UK are strong and many Brits love visiting the country, and for good reason. If your kid is taking Turkish lessons they may get to use their Turkish in the UK with native speakers or if they go abroad. In order to prepare for a Turkish exam, you can help your child by finding top-rated Turkish tutoring and helping them plan for their Turkish revision - we’ll look at both today.

Why Turkish lessons are so interesting and relevant

It’s difficult to pinpoint the exact number of Turkish people living in the UK and figures vary but it’s widely agreed there are at least 500,000. The influence can be seen particularly in food, with restaurants and takeaway venues selling doner kebabs and other varieties just about everywhere, although Turkey is also famous for other grilled meat dishes and plenty more food and drink offerings including their teas. 🇹🇷

Taking a Turkish course will allow your kid to explore the cultural nuances of Turkey while learning the language. Whether your child is taking primary school Turkish or incorporating it into their degree, they should find it fascinating even though it may also pose a formidable challenge to some students. Let’s look at how your kid can build their confidence and skills ahead of a Turkish exam.

How to do well in a Turkish exam

A Turkish exam (like any foreign language) is often daunting for students. Turkish has a different grammatical structure but the good news is that it’s phonetic so every learner has the potential to do well in their Turkish exam if they apply themself. Once your kid understands the grammar they’ll find everything falls into place and it’s a matter of increasing their vocabulary and practising. ✨

Turkish revision tips

First off, your child needs to have understood everything in their Turkish course book and go over this as much as necessary. In order to boost their vocabulary, your kid should read and listen to Turkish material as much as possible. They should note down any unfamiliar terms that keep coming up and turn these into flashcards (including words from their Turkish course book that just don’t stick in their memory).

Turkish revision should be ongoing and not left until the last minute. The rules and vocab need to become second nature to them and this only happens with spaced repetition and when appreciated in context.

Do sample Turkish exams and exercises

A great way to prepare for the nerves that are inevitable before a Turkish exam is to practise timed exams. Your child will be tested on the following skills: listening, reading, speaking, and writing. Most students (if not all!) find they have stronger areas than others. Practising Turkish exams and different exercises will flesh these out even further and illuminate those areas to focus on.

Make the most of Turkish tuition

Taking private Turkish lessons will help your kid get a better grasp on what they are learning in Turkish lessons at school or uni and build their confidence up. A good Turkish tutor will make Turkish lessons fun and adapt them to your child’s level and interests.

They could focus on describing the famous mosques dotted around Istanbul like the Hagia Sophia, discuss some of the popular Turkish soap operas, or look at the different basketball teams there. Turkish culture offers something for everyone and a great Turkish tutor will know how to pique your kid’s interest.

Where to find top-rated Turkish tutoring

You have many options when it comes to Turkish tutoring but opting for an online Turkish tutor allows you to pick from a much larger pool of candidates. You can find a great Turkish tutor living in the UK or 3,000 kilometres away. The important thing is you find the perfect match for your child so that they are engaged in their private Turkish lessons and learn more as a result. 👏

Even if your little student is an excellent student, you can still help them get better grades with Turkish tutoring. The extra practice they get will be hugely beneficial and you will see the results. At GoStudent, we have a 95% success rate and work hard to keep that high standard up.

If you would like to try a lesson we offer the first 50-minute class for free so you can see how everything works. We understand how supportive you are of your child and for that reason, we will always keep you up to date with their progress. Everything is kept on our online platform so you will be able to schedule future Turkish classes and make any changes you need there.

Your child will also find all of their Turkish revision there and recorded classes to replay (if they choose to do so). We wish your child all of the best in their Turkish course and we’re positive that they will do well in their Turkish exam.