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Josh Jamieson
GCSE: Physics, Chemistry (any exam board) A-Level: Physics (I did AQA but can do others) I am looking to teach GCSE and A-Level Physics and Chemistry Hi! My name is Josh and I'm a 3rd year student at the University of Leeds. I have been studying BSc Physics since 2019, so I have had the full range of in-person and online learning. Starting in September, I am going to be starting my Initial Teacher Training in the North East and am looking to be in this career for a long time! Outside of studying, I had a part time job at KFC for 3.5 years and am soon starting a new one alongside tutoring. My main hobbies are PC gaming, which I have played competitively for my university for over a year now, and Dungeons & Dragons!
Chemistry, Physics
Spandana Kottamasu
I am a Medical intern with previous experience of being a teaching assistant for 11+ preparation. I have a keen interest in helping students achieve their highest potential, using interactive and online education to engage and improve their abilities in the desired subject.
Biology, Chemistry, Maths (lower level)
Aasim Mansoor Ahmed
Hello, my name is Aasim. I am currently a 4th year medical student aspiring to one day become an orthopaedic surgeon. I attended Trinity School of John Whitgift in London, after which I took a gap year and started Medicine at university afterwards. During my gap year I spent time working as an HCA at the Royal London Hospital as well as tutoring some of my family friends' children for chemistry and maths. I also spent a fair amount of time pursuing my own hobbies and interests such as drawing, reading and football which I try to play once a week with my friends. I like to incorporate visual aids in my lessons as I, myself, am a very visual learner. I also like to maintain a light-hearted environment when teaching my students, often employing humour during my lessons as I feel that it can make the student more relaxed and enables them to learn and absorb concepts in a stress-free environment. After covering a particular topic, I often go through questions together with students so that they can apply their knowledge in a practical setting which is what they will have to do in their exams after all.
Biology, Chemistry, Maths (lower level)
Julia-Maria Lupu
Hello, my name is Julia and I am from Romania. I am a fourth year medical student currently studying in Italy and I am greatly passionate about medicine, learning languages and traveling. I have one year of teaching experience. I helped students to pass their admission test into med school and I also participated actively in events and conferences regarding medicine, and I managed to publish two of my own researches. I am welcoming everyone who wants to learn biology and any medicine related subject in a relaxed, good atmosphere whilst focusing on personal goals and achievements.
Biology, Chemistry, Physics
Oliver Jones-Thomas
KS3 Chemistry and Physics GCSE Chemistry and Physics: All Exam Boards (prefer AQA, OCR) A-Level Chemistry: All Exam Boards (prefer OCR, AQA) Hi, I'm Ollie, a 19-year-old musician. I play the piano, flute, and guitar, and I'm in a band. My current musical challenge is to learn the saxophone! I have also written a few musical compositions. I'm always up for an adventure and I love hiking and exploring new places, and I've even climbed a mountain. I'm also a big fan of tennis, running, and cycling. I'm always looking for new ways to challenge myself and learn new skills. I am confident that I can provide effective and tailored tutoring to students of all ages and abilities. I am a patient and enthusiastic tutor who is passionate about helping students to succeed. I am also a great listener and I am always happy to go the extra mile to support my students.
Chemistry, Physics
Aaliya Ibrahim
Primary: maths, science, English GCSE: Biology, Chemistry, English language and literature A-Level: Biology Exam board experience: AQA, UCAT Language: English Student age group: Any but preferably primary + GCSE Hello! I’m Aaliya and I’m a medical student. Growing up my favourite subjects have always been science and English. I love understanding how the world around me works and relaxing with a piece of fiction. My hobbies include reading manga, baking cookies and, as strange as it sounds, studying. Learning and teaching are genuine passions of mine so I look forward to tutoring you soon!
Biology, Chemistry, English, Primary

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