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Adchaya Apputhurai
LEVELS AND SUBJECTS I TEACH: Lower Level: 11+, English, Maths, Science GCSEs: all 3 Sciences, Geography A - Levels: Biology, Chemistry, Geography EXAM BOARD EXPERIENCE: I am familiar with AQA, EDEXCEL (A & B), OCR (A & B), 11+ (CEM) ABOUT ME: I am an aspiring biology student who values tutoring as I myself have been able to exceed my personal goals with a tutor guiding me through my entire GCSE and A-level course. I am punctual and dedicated to my work, so high quality lessons and consistency are something that will always be delivered. I love swimming and travelling, alongside watching shows like anime and K-dramas. I also love reading and doing exercise by going to the gym :)
Biology, Chemistry, Geography
Fariya Imran
**SSH** GCSE - English literature, English language , Maths , Biology , Chemistry, Physics, RE, History , Geography , Urdu and Graphic Design. A level - English literature , Chemistry , Biology, Maths. Degree - Currently studying medicine at Imperial College London . Exam board experience- AQA, Edexcel, OCR and WJEC Preferred student age group - any Hi. I’m Fariya a 4th year medical student studying at Imperial. I have a massive passion for teaching and I love to help students excel in all subjects. Even though English isn’t a large part of my degree , it is a subject I hold close to my heart and would love to impart my knowledge and techniques to other students to help them achieve those top grades. I also love science and believe I can help students excel academically in biology and chemistry.My main hobbies include reading , baking and I love to baby sit family members when I have the time ! I am super approachable and empathetic and this caters well to teaching alongside medicine. My main goal is to help students to obtain the best grades possible and provide them with the tools to smash exams 😊
Biology, Chemistry, English, Geography, Maths (lower level), Maths (upper level)
Eve Leach
I have always been active and I really enjoy dance and other sports, I currently go to the gym a lot and do weightlifting. I also do art in my spare time as it is a fun escape from the hustle and bustle of the everyday! I enjoy going for walks in nature and listening to bird song, I am currently in a big city for uni so I do enjoy the little moments of peace the most.
English, Geography, Maths (Primary), Primary
Chloe Lusandu
**TSH** I work as a TSH due to my years of experience as a teacher and my ability to empathise with students of all ages, including primary school students. My strength lies in the Sciences to GCSE level; especially Biology which I can teach to A Level. I can make the student feel at ease and motivate them to learn more. I break down content which enables students to feel in control of their learning and responsible for it. I adapt to students needs and manipulate my teaching style to empower and engage the student. This makes the sessions fun and knowledgeable. Hi everyone! My name is Chloé Lusandu. I was born in Paris France and grew up on London UK. I speak French and English fluently. I Graduated with Honours in Biomedical Science in 2018. Since then, I have been teaching Advanced Biology in English to students who are learning English as a second language. It been a great experience learning from students while they learn from me! In my free time I enjoy reading, playing sports, learning new languages. I have recently been starting to learn Arabic, its quiet fun, but challenging pronouncing the letters. I also really love animals, some of my free time is spent entertaining my cat. I also play the piano (not very well :D), but it is something I learnt by myself and practiced in high school. The sports I have been enjoying lately are solo sports like roller skating, going to the gym in the mornings, swimming. However, I also like playing team sports. I was on a few sport teams when I was younger, like rounders and netball. I also spend a lot of my time catching up with family and friends, either on the phone/video call or watching something through Netflix party. Tutoring wise I am confident that I can support your learning in most subjects till GCSE at any age group. Subjects I specialize in till A Levels would be Biology, Psychology, and Sociology. Whatever support you would require, whether that be content reviewing, help with your homework, or prepping for assignments/exams, or just improving your confidence in a subject I am here to support you!
Biology, Chemistry, French, Geography, Other, Physics
Junaid Saleem
I am a Law graduate training to become a barrister, with a particular persuasion to Human Rights Law. My commitments to social justice and contributing to the tangible progress of my community, mark my aspirations as both a tutor and barrister-to-be. As a conscientious tutor, I seek to inspire an interest in the education I deliver. Through carefully tailored and creative teaching, I aim to empower student development. Perhaps as a by-product of my legal profession, I like to play devil's advocate by challenging and pushing students to grow confidence in their independent skills whilst simultaneously nurturing their understanding with warm guidance and friendly support. More an advocate and less a devil!
English, Geography, History, Law
Helen Ferry
Hello, my name is Helen and I have a BA degree in Criminal Justice Studies from Bradford University. The degree's main subjects were Criminal Law, Psychology, and Forensic Science. My hobbies include watching football, playing tennis, reading, and walking my dog. I have been an online tutor for 3 years. I have taught as an ESL tutor. During this time I have taught people of various ages and abilities. I create a positive learning environment. I personalize learning and create lessons that respond to students' interests. I equip students with the confidence and skills needed to incorporate technology into English language classrooms and for future jobs and life in general. I regularly assess the progress, strengths, and weaknesses of my students and by doing this, I help them fill gaps in their knowledge and learn best.
11+, English, Geography, History, Law

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Definition of geography: what exactly is geography?

Geography is the study of the Earth. It is an ancient science which is interested in all aspects of the planet: its shape, its relief and its natural or built landscapes; its climate; its fauna (living animals) and its flora (living plants); its mineral resources such as precious stones, oil or coal; its peoples, their culture; the great movements of the population. If one does not know this science, it is difficult to understand the world around us.

What is the use of geography today?

Geography allows us to understand our planet and its resources better to protect them. In particular, it allows us to identify areas at risk (seismic, volcanic, forestry or erosion problems) and to prevent them.

Geography also helps to better understand the environment by testing the effects of different projects (building a motorway, a dam, etc.) on maps before carrying them out.

Thanks to all these discoveries, scientists and researchers can predict, more or less accurately, depending on the area, the impact of a disaster on our planet (floods, droughts, hurricanes, etc.) and inform us better in advance.

Therefore, it is essential to know the geography of our planet well and teach it to our children and teenagers.

How is geography taught?

Geography is one of the subjects taught in primary school. It is part of the common core of subjects necessary for the proper development of children, for the understanding of the world around them.

In the UK, geography is taught from primary school to secondary school and even at university.

Geography in primary school

Geography classes in primary school deal with comprehensive concepts. The aim is to learn and understand the structure of the Earth (continent, country, region, etc.), islands and oceans. At this time, the child will also acquire their first map reading, skills: finding their bearings on a map, understanding the compass rose and the cardinal points, reading the altitude of peaks, etc.

Geography in secondary school

Geography lessons in secondary school aim to gradually and explicitly build up the relationship to time and space. Your child can study Geography at GCSE or A level. Our GoStudent tutors can help students with coursework, homework or exam preparation for that important Geography GCSE and Geography A level exams.

Ensure success in geography with online tutoring

Whether it's at-home geography tutoring or online geography tutoring, geography homework help or even geography tutoring, GoStudent not only helps your child get better grades but also increases your child's overall ability to organise and learn skills.

We choose the best geography tutor for your child from a community of over 1000 teachers.

This way, the student and tutor are a perfect match, and the child is well supported and will learn better. With tailor-made worksheets, exercises, and tests, our geography tutors can complement the school's teaching material and help the child improve their performance in geography or geography, and thus their grades.